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ARA Calls on "New" GM to Continue Partnership in ELVS Program

2009-08-13 | GM's Withdraw Could Jeopardize Program & Environment

Did You Know Most Environmental Awards Are Not Made With Environmentally Friendly Materials?

2009-08-07 | The amazing thing is most environmental awards given today are not made of environmentally friendly products. The presenters are not doing it intentionally, but it happens all the time. A little education can overcome the problem

Insights with host Hugh Downs collaborates with the North American Association for Environmental Education

2009-08-05 | Story collaboration with the NAAEE as Content Advisor on Environmental Issues for Consumer and Expert Awareness

WorkBoat Environmental Awards Open Nominations to Honor Innovative Maritime Businesses and Government Agencies; Application Deadline is September 14, 2009, Awards during International WorkBoat Show

2009-08-01 | Nominations are being accepted for the Second Annual WorkBoat Environmental Awards, which recognize businesses and government agencies operating in the U.S. maritime industry that have successfully incorporated environmentally sustainable practices.

With CARS in Effect, Where Do The Cars Go?

2009-07-13 | Professional Automotive Recyclers Stand Ready to Process "CARS" Trade-in Vehicles

As Food Inc's Aggressive Campaign Reflects, Organic and Animal Advocates Often Dominate Food Debate: Skewed Visibility and Influence Leave Big Brands Facing Credibility, Reputation Challenges Online

2009-06-23 | New research by v-Fluence shows most content consumers see when they search online for information about food production comes from advocacy groups, not producers or brands. Result? Debate is slanted, and key questions go unasked.

All You Want To Know About Polystyrene Insulation

2009-06-19 | A high performance polystyrene insulation board which provides an insulated storage deck in your loft. Find more at

Npower Volunteers Care For Coastline In Beach Clean Up

2009-06-18 | npower graduates volunteer support for local community projects across the UK, including helping to protect wildlife in Aberthaw

Government To Regulate Conservatory Building In UK

2009-05-18 | The United Kingdom Government is focusing on conservatories and home extensions to help reach its carbon reduction target by 2020.

Better, Faster, Stronger: Cryptocloud VPN

2009-05-12 | Keeping up with the latest surveillance exploits unleashed against citizens worldwide, let alone staying one step ahead, is virtually impossible. Orwell's vision came and went; we're into a whole new game now. There's really no hypothetical "worst-case scenarios" left to imagine anymore.

Npower Reports CO2 Reduction Not A Business Priority In Current Economic Climate

2009-05-09 | Npower has revealed that more than eight out of ten businesses say Government targets to reduce CO2 emissions are unrealistic

Marketing in Difficult Times: A Golden Opportunity with a Press Release Service

2009-05-07 | When the Going Gets Tough, the Smart Get Marketing!

New Online Tool Takes the Guesswork Out of Measuring and Managing Vehicle Fleet Emissions

2009-04-23 | The EDF-NAFA Fleet Greenhouse Gas Calculator uses fuel consumption data to help fleet managers cut costs while "greening" their fleets

San Diego Earth Week.Com Rolls Out New Jobs, Policy And "Earth Bash" Events During Earth Week 2009

2009-04-08 | San Diego Earth Week.Com Green Advocates have created three new events taking place during Earth Week 2009. In addition to a green jobs and career event, Mayor Jerry Sanders will speak at the Leadership Forum. An Earth Bash is a "must" Green event.

Intrinsically Safe Liquid Level Alarm is Battery Powered

2009-04-06 | Intrinsically Safe liquid level alarm for tanks is easy to install. Also works well in drums or IBC tote tanks. Battery powered lasts for years. Loud alarm for noisy environments.

Diva Limousine Joins EPA Climate Leaders Program

2009-03-25 | By participating in Climate Leaders, Diva Limousine has pledged to reduce its corporate-wide greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Npower Host The Climate Cops Programme In Worcester

2009-02-18 | Npower is hosting the Climate Cops programme which recently visited a school in Worcester to encourage the school to become greener and more sustainable.

Environmental Systems Has Developed Cost Effective Bioremediation Technology for Remediation of Petroleum/Chlorinated Solvent Contaminated Residential and Commercial Sites. The Use of this Product Greatly Reduces Remediation Costs and Along with the Time Needed to the Project

2009-01-08 | Environmental Systems ( is a full service environmental co. which provides site investigation, due diligence, geoprobe/drilling, phase I property services for commercial and homeowner sites. As a NJDEP approved clean-up star contractor, Environmental Systems can provide a total remediation package.

Oregon State Records Show Pesticide Exposure Risks to Children at Schools

2008-11-11 | A preliminary review of pesticide poisoning complaint records kept at the State Department of Agriculture and Department of Human Services reveals that children participating in school activities have been exposed to pesticides dozens of times in the past ten years.

Clear Water Compliance Services Created a New Industry and Set the Standard for Stormwater Treatment Solutions; Company Celebrates 10th Anniversary

2008-10-10 | It began as a vision - take innovative stormwater treatment technologies and match it with a passion for customer service to help growing economies while protecting the natural environment. Today global industry leader Clear Water Compliance Services is celebrating its 10th Anniversary of service.