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National Healthcare Reformer, Gerry Purcell, Announces Campaign For Georgia Insurance Commissioner

2009-04-03 | Gerry Purcell of Alpharetta, Georgia announced today that he is running for the office of Georgia Insurance Commissioner. Gerry is a fresh new face and voice in the Republican Party. He is known as a dynamic speaker and is exactly the kind of communicator and leader the Republican Party needs now.

Senior Citizens on Obama

2009-01-23 | Survey Shows Senior Population is Concerned about Tough Economic Times but Remain Hopeful about Obama's Future as President

The Two Hottest Things in America: Cupcakes & Obama T-shirts Released

2009-01-14 | launches Cupcakes and Politics apparel line & releases limited edition inauguration t-shirts

Washington D.C. Inaugural Services Firm Offers Block of 19 Hotel Suites for the January 20, 2009 Inauguration of President Elect Barack Obama to Visitors to the Historic Event

2008-11-18 | Inaugural Services Team, a division of Global AHJ Group of Bethesda Maryland, outside of Washington D.C. is offering 19 Hotel Suites in Arlington Virgina to visitors planning to attend the January Inauguration of the First African American elected President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Internet Impact of 2008 Election Results for Obama

2008-11-06 | Spartan Internet Consulting has released the final week of the Internet Political Performance Index results quantifying the Impact of the Internet on the 2008 Presidential election results.

Award-winning Author Releases Results of Independent Presidential Poll

2008-11-01 | Award-winning historical fiction author Jessica James has released the results of an independent Presidential Poll she conducted, calling the results 'very revealing.'

McCain Backed By Criminals, Claims Congressional Staffer

2008-10-25 | As John McCain continues his run for the White House, a former Capitol Hill insider is making public an explosive revelation: John McCain is in league with a transnational, Israeli-backed criminal syndicate.

Obama and McCain Tied Among Wealthy in New Survey; Obama's Support Among Women and Independents Offsets McCain's Strength with Men

2008-10-02 | Contrary to conventional wisdom that the wealthy are staunch Republican voters, Obama and McCain each received 48% of the votes among likely voters in a new survey of the wealthiest 10% of US households.

Homeowners request Senators Obama and Biden to quickly prepare legislation to rollback bankruptcy laws to a point just before George W. Bush pushed through bankruptcy legislation to aid the credit card companies.

2008-09-18 | This will make up for actions of an arrogant Congress, President, mortgage lenders and Wall Street speculators that were all instrumental in causing the problems. It's time they did something for the citizens they've greatly affected with pain and suffering and finally give them some relief.

U.S. Voters Can and MUST Achieve Congressional Term Limits on November 4, 2008 just by Casting Their Votes for an Honest and More Efficient Government. The Voters problems do not lie with the Presidential Candidates but solely with a corrupt Congress.

2008-09-12 | Many have tried to petition for and pass legislation for Congressional Term Limits but have failed to get enough votes in the House and Senate. The votes of the people in November will accomplish what they haven't.

Clinton Speeches send T-shirt Designers on CafePress into Overdrive

2008-08-30 | The dynamic speeches of Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton at the 2008 Democratic Convention send T-shirt Designers on CafePress into Overdrive. One website turned two phrases "No way, no how, no McCain" and "Thanks but, no thanks" into T-shirt slogans within minutes!

Presidential election comments wanted, says William Hill

2008-05-08 | Free 100 pound bet on offer in bookie's US election website discussion

Voting for peace in Lebanon with a Displaysense ballot box

2008-04-24 | Displaysense was approached by Lebanese officials to order secure, clear plastic ballot boxes to assist in a highly transparent and open presidential election


2008-03-10 | Astrologer Alex Miller-Mignone's unique "Black Hole Astrology" predicts election outcomes with amazing accuracy in the online astrology magazine Look at these predictions from early 2007, over a year ago.

The New "N" Word in the 2008 Political Debates Are you guilty of using or feeding into the "N" words in used by politicians?

2008-02-03 | With the deciding ballots yet to be cast, 60% of voters are still undecided. Wouldn't it be nice to have a place where you can exchange information and ideas about the 2008 presidential election issues? Well there is a website that is an open forum to debate and discuss the issues.