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Partner Ronald Gilbert Selected for Membership in American Board of Trial Advocates

2016-01-27 | Partner Melvin Wright appointed secretary of Central Florida Chapter for 2016-2017

Orlando Attorney Melvin Wright Appointed to Florida Supreme Court Committee on Standard Jury Instructions in Civil Cases

2015-11-12 | Committee provides recommendations to Florida Supreme Court for revising, improving standard jury instructions

California Based Rock Band Magellan Calls on Major U.S. Presidential Candidates to Quit - Now

2015-09-09 | War Drum (This Ain't America) - Magellan's Plea for Reason - in a brand new song.

How Donald Trump Thinks: Rosalene Glickman, Ph.D., International Best-selling Author of "Optimal Thinking" Announces Her Analysis of Mr. Trump's Recent Pronouncements

2015-07-24 | Trump's presidential campaign has rocked the political world. Having studied the thinking styles of thousands of key executives, Dr. Glickman analyzes two of his most critical speeches to determine how he thinks and issues him a worthy challenge.

Platform Promotions: Will a Tory Government Look after UK Small Businesses?

2015-06-01 | Liverpool based small business, Platform Promotions, question whether a Tory government will look after the UK's small businesses.

New Author Starts Movement To Change The Conversation To Restore The Nation

2015-04-28 | Jason Kraus, Author of Late Bird, Establishes Platform for America on a Foundation of Leadership Instead of Politics

Author Andayi Mushenye Releases 'OBAMA AGAINST ALL ODDS -- 2nd Edition'

2015-03-09 | The boldest and finest Obama inspirational story since Dreams from My Father and Audacity of Hope

Columbus Shines in Light of Democratic National Convention Bid

2015-02-13 | Columbus to become an epicenter for political journalists and pundits covering the 2016 election

Inventures : iVote - Getting Positive Results

2015-02-11 |, a world renowned online magazine, features an interview with the founders of iVote, a Macedonian company specialized in election modernization, e-commerce and e-learning systems.

An Average Jane As President Of The United States? It Could Happen

2015-02-03 | New series shakes up the Oval Office ahead of the 2016 Presidential Election

One Child Left Behind By Obama's Executive Action

2014-11-24 | One little boy doesn't it know it yet, but he's been left out of the monumental executive decision on immigration made last week, which only affects a fraction of the estimated 11 million undocumented and excludes all of last year's "border children"

The 4th R Foundation is Honored to Endorse Senator Booker for the Senate

2014-10-30 | He is presidential material. The least we can do is give him a full senate term.

Carson Wins First in the Nation Straw Poll

2014-01-23 | Carson takes 87% of the vote.

Sandra Heckman of South Carolina Wins Dinner with Dr. Benjamin Carson Contest

2014-01-21 | She and her husband Robert won airfare for two, a night at the Arizona Biltmore and a seat at the dinner table with Dr. Carson at a charitable fundraising dinner.

Carson for President Billboards Go Up In Iowa and in Baltimore

2014-01-17 | America needs strong medicine.

Dr. Ben Carson Re-Affirms Position on Running for President--Door is Still Open

2014-01-09 | Dr. Carson is waiting for a groundswell of support for his incipient candidacy.

Ben Carson Draft Effort Proceeding Full Speed Ahead!

2013-12-17 | John Philip Sousa, IV responded today to some confusion in regard to a story about the National Draft Ben Carson Committee and its relationship with Dr. Ben Carson.

$35 Gift Puts Dr. Ben Carson Draft Committee Over the $1 Million Mark

2013-12-04 | John Philip Sousa, IV announced today that the fundraising program of the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee has topped the $1 million mark.

Tmart Offers 12%-85% OFF On the Christmas Shopping Season Up To The Nov.26

2013-11-25 | Buying holiday gifts is exciting especially when you can get them at low prices. offers a wide variety of products at up to 85% off.

Aso Global News - Nigeria's Online Outlook On The World Has Arrived

2013-11-12 | World-Wide-Web Platform Promotes Interactivity and Spotlights Citizen Journalism as Tenets of True Media Freedom