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Altrua Health Share Reviews

2017-07-15 | I Life & Health to use Altrua Health Share

Altura Communication Solutions Ranks Again in the "Solution Provider 500" by CRN

2017-07-14 | Enterprise faces unified communication challenges... Does your call center need a tune-up?

Squeezing Innovation Out of the NASA Twins Study: Pipetting and Cell Isolation in Space

2017-07-12 | NASA is evaluating more efficient research techniques to prepare for the journey to Mars. Innovative thinking could improve the way biological samples are processed and transported from space back to research labs on Earth for future studies.

President Trump's Healthcare Plan To Replace Obamacare: American Truck Showrooms / National Truck Funding Implemented A Doctor VIP Care Program For Their Employees Years Ago

2017-07-08 | American Truck Showrooms and National Truck Funding have set up a great VIP Health Plan for their employees.

Synensys Completes Veteran Institute for Procurement GROW Program

2017-07-07 | Since its inception in 2009, VIP GROW has helped create almost 3,000 new jobs for service-disabled and veteran-owned small businesses.

Maxeler Technologies to Provide Supercomputer Performance to UK Government on the G-Cloud

2017-07-05 | Provision of supercomputer performance to UK Government on the G-Cloud

Marijuana, The No. 1 Killer Drug in Fatal Crashes, is Now Available for Recreational Use in Nevada. US DOT Data Shows Marijuana Crashes in Nevada Kills Over 50 Persons a Year

2017-07-02 | With the Nevada percentage of marijuana crashes at 21%, less than a percentage point from the percentage in the 3 recreational states of CO, WA, & OR, Nevada is poised to become the top state for marijuana fatal crashes.

American Truck Showrooms is Preparing For The Economic Impacts of President Trump's Infrastructure Plan

2017-06-29 | Predicted major increase in need for both trucks and drivers.

PSCA Snapshot Survey: Potential Impact of Tax Reform on Employees' Retirement Savings

2017-06-23 | PSCA surveyed 443 plan sponsors in May 2017 to gauge the impact of limiting or eliminating pre-tax contributions to qualified retirement plans under various tax code provisions including 401(k) and 403(b).

Marijuana Fatal Crashes Killed More than 3,000 Persons in 2015 with 1,000+ Innocent Victims. No Medical Drug in History of the U.S. has been Responsible for as Many Deaths and is Still Distributed

2017-06-16 | With 17% of the fatal crashes involving a marijuana driver it will soon equal DUI as the No.1 killer. Recreational Marijuana states are at 22%, Medical states, 19%, & No Use states, 16%. 13 states already higher use than Recreational states.

Make America Great Again Message Is Not Just A Slogan Says David Michael Palladino, Author Of Adriana Corderu Series Of Inspirational Books

2017-06-16 | David Michael Palladino writes inspirational fiction. His works address important ideals and values. He utilizes engaging works of fiction to accomplish that goal.

Cloudy with a Chance of Radiation: NASA Studies Simulated Radiation

2017-06-14 | NASA's Human Research Program (HRP) is simulating space radiation on Earth following upgrades to the NASA Space Radiation Laboratory (NSRL) at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory.

New Window Improves the View of Science on Orbiting Laboratory

2017-06-14 | One of the busiest work stations on the International Space Station got a major upgrade recently, and it already has saved dozens of hours on a variety of experiments for crew members aboard the orbiting laboratory.

Milestone: MedAllies Achieves 2015 ONC-ACB EHR 2015 Edition Certification from Drummond Group LLC

2017-06-06 | With an intense focus on interoperability, MedAllies, has achieved 2015 ONC-ACB EHR 2015 Edition Certification via Drummond Group

Engines of Twingenuity: NASA's Twin Study Investigators Have a Meeting of the Minds

2017-05-26 | Investigators Review Final Data Collections and Look for Synergies

WAWG Opposes The Administration's Proposed Budget Cuts To Crop Insurance and Other Trade Development Programs

2017-05-25 | Rural America could be devastated by weakening the farm bill and imposing restrictions on essential programs related to crop insurance, commodity, conservation, trade, nutrition, and economic development.

ShowingTime Showing Index Released for National and Regional Residential Real Estate Markets

2017-05-18 | Provides Key Industry Metrics and Leading Indicators for Predicting Market Activity, Sales and Pricing Trends Launches Ingenious Website for Americans to Quiz Politicians & Run for Office Themselves

2017-05-17 | The PolAccess, Inc. Not-For-Profit Platform is Disrupting the U.S. Political Scene by Allowing Ordinary Individuals to Run for Office on a Shoestring Budget & Question Elected Officials

Integration: Is It Only For Systems?

2017-05-17 | Sunflower Systems is proud to announce Adedamola Ademiluyi's article, Integration: Is It Only For Systems?, was published in the National Property Management Association's (NPMA) Property Professional magazine

Chevo Wins AWE Award Six Years Running!

2017-05-08 | Chevo becomes six-time winner of the annual Workplace Excellence Seal of Approval award by the Alliance for Workplace Excellence (AWE)!