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Business Man To Help Recover National Debt Using Sandwiches

2009-02-12 | Deli Announces Economic Stimulus Package Designed To Help Families Save Their Homes And Businesses. "Yes We Can"

Breakthrough Management Group International Adds More 1-Day Innovation Workshops for Executives in Washington D.C.

2009-02-04 | Innovation Executive Overview targets senior leaders in the government sector looking to enhance organizational innovation efforts

Dataline Presents on Federal Cloud Computing at SYS-CON's 2nd International Cloud Computing Conference and Expo 2009 East in New York City

2009-01-26 | Dataline cloud computing thought leader, Kevin Jackson, will be presenting at SYS-CON's 2nd International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo in New York City this coming March 30-April 1, 2009. Mr. Jackson will present the results of a new survey of government views on cloud computing.

ISW Releases Latest Iraq Report: The Fragmentation Of The Sadrist Movement - Report Finds New Evidence Linking Iranian-backed Special Groups to the Asaib Ahl al-Haq (AAH) Terrorist Network

2009-01-17 | This groundbreaking report explains the causes of the Sadrists fade from prominence. It also offers new evidence that links Iranian-backed Special Groups with the Asaib Ahl al-Haq (AAH) terrorist network, led by formerly close associates of Muqtada al-Sadr.

Effective January 12th US Immigration Has More Regulations for Visitors from Visa Waiver Countries

2009-01-10 | Effective January 12th US Immigration Has More Regulations for Visitors from Visa Waiver Countries

Dataline Expert Weighs in on White House Cloud Computing

2008-12-26 | Dataline's expert on Cloud Computing Security lent his knowledge to the highly discussed topic of Cloud Computing in the White House for NPR's top rated show "All Things Considered"

JK Harris Applauds IRS' Two New Appeals Programs

2008-12-21 | JK Harris gives IRS thumbs up for two new Appeals programs, which many feel are long overdue.

Enable Microsoft Single View Platform with Visual Fusion Suite

2008-12-15 | IDV Solutions and Microsoft announce Visual Fusion Suite as an important extension for government customers that adopt Microsoft's new Single View Platform

The Makena Group Sustainability Consultants: Preserve Wild Hawaii From Developers

2008-12-14 | The Makena area on Maui is home to one of the most pristine beaches in the world. It is threatened by a ultra luxury home development. The Makena Group proposes Maui County, State of Hawaii, foundations and private organizations work together to preserve the last of wild Hawaii.

Flags to Fly Half-Staff in Commemoration of Pearl Harbor Attack

2008-12-05 | On December 7th, American Flags ( will be flown at half-staff in commemoration of Pearl Harbor Day

JK Harris Advises Taxpayers Looking for Refund to Tell IRS of Address Changes

2008-11-20 | JK Harris and Company strongly advises taxpayers who have recently moved to tell the IRS or they may not receive their due refund and/or stimulus checks.

Washington D.C. Inaugural Services Firm Offers Block of 19 Hotel Suites for the January 20, 2009 Inauguration of President Elect Barack Obama to Visitors to the Historic Event

2008-11-18 | Inaugural Services Team, a division of Global AHJ Group of Bethesda Maryland, outside of Washington D.C. is offering 19 Hotel Suites in Arlington Virgina to visitors planning to attend the January Inauguration of the First African American elected President of the United States, Barack Obama.

International Conference and 2008 Community Advancement Awards Gala Once More Places the Developers and Builders Alliance at the Forefront of the Industry

2008-11-13 | Developers, builders, architects and all other industry related professionals worldwide gathered at Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach Florida in an unprecedented conference to address global issues, and to recognize the most outstanding projects and professionals in the real estate Industry.

Financial Translation Services for the FDIC completed by Foreign Translations, Inc.

2008-11-13 | Foreign Translations, Inc. through its General Services Administration (GSA) contract with the federal government, was awarded and recently completed a financial translation services contract with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

Internet Impact of 2008 Election Results for Obama

2008-11-06 | Spartan Internet Consulting has released the final week of the Internet Political Performance Index results quantifying the Impact of the Internet on the 2008 Presidential election results.

Foreign Investors Use Immigration as a Vehicle While Economy is Weak

2008-11-03 | Foreign investors and pouring money into the United States during these difficult times. For many, it provides an opportunity to obtain an investment visa such as the E, L, or Eb-5.

Will U.S. Banks Be Allowed to Use Billions of Government Money on Dividends? EIN News' Banking Industry Today Offers Extended News Coverage

2008-10-31 | The stated purpose being to increase lending and inject capital into Main Street, the U.S. bank bailout plan may end up channeling government money into shareholders' pockets.

Obama and McCain Tied Among Wealthy in New Survey; Obama's Support Among Women and Independents Offsets McCain's Strength with Men

2008-10-02 | Contrary to conventional wisdom that the wealthy are staunch Republican voters, Obama and McCain each received 48% of the votes among likely voters in a new survey of the wealthiest 10% of US households.

Surprising Lessons From a Day in the Life of Sarah Palin

2008-09-27 | Sarah Palin's method of addressing her qualifications gap provides a lesson for everyone seeking a higher position.

National Lien and Bond Claim Systems States Without A National Lien Verification Process The Efficiency of A Mortgage Bail Out Is At Risk

2008-09-24 | The last government bail out failed to protect the employees and owners of the construction companies collaterally damaged by the banking industry's bad lending practices. Will the proposed bail out repeat the same mistakes or create the mechanisms needed to flow down dollars to the trades?