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JK Harris puts California man's tax problems to rest

2008-03-02 | JK Harris and Company helps California man negotiate his IRS debt with an Offer in Compromise.

JK Harris keeps food salesman's financial future from being spoiled

2008-02-17 | JK Harris and Company, LLC, help food salesman settle IRS issues with Offer in Compromise.

The New "N" Word in the 2008 Political Debates Are you guilty of using or feeding into the "N" words in used by politicians?

2008-02-03 | With the deciding ballots yet to be cast, 60% of voters are still undecided. Wouldn't it be nice to have a place where you can exchange information and ideas about the 2008 presidential election issues? Well there is a website that is an open forum to debate and discuss the issues.

IDV Solutions Releases Visual Fusion Server 3.0 a Comprehensive Visual Composite Application Platform

2008-01-31 | VFS goes beyond typical enterprise mashups to integrate with and extend Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, connect to any data source or Web service, and empower users to create compelling, interactive, actionable composites of data and services focused on solving real business needs.

Jesse Goldberg Up to Task of Filling the Screen

2007-12-08 | Jesse Goldberg songwriter, makes a hit with his parodies on public figures.