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Foreign Investors Use Immigration as a Vehicle While Economy is Weak

2008-11-03 | Foreign investors and pouring money into the United States during these difficult times. For many, it provides an opportunity to obtain an investment visa such as the E, L, or Eb-5.

Will U.S. Banks Be Allowed to Use Billions of Government Money on Dividends? EIN News' Banking Industry Today Offers Extended News Coverage

2008-10-31 | The stated purpose being to increase lending and inject capital into Main Street, the U.S. bank bailout plan may end up channeling government money into shareholders' pockets.

Obama and McCain Tied Among Wealthy in New Survey; Obama's Support Among Women and Independents Offsets McCain's Strength with Men

2008-10-02 | Contrary to conventional wisdom that the wealthy are staunch Republican voters, Obama and McCain each received 48% of the votes among likely voters in a new survey of the wealthiest 10% of US households.

Surprising Lessons From a Day in the Life of Sarah Palin

2008-09-27 | Sarah Palin's method of addressing her qualifications gap provides a lesson for everyone seeking a higher position.

National Lien and Bond Claim Systems States Without A National Lien Verification Process The Efficiency of A Mortgage Bail Out Is At Risk

2008-09-24 | The last government bail out failed to protect the employees and owners of the construction companies collaterally damaged by the banking industry's bad lending practices. Will the proposed bail out repeat the same mistakes or create the mechanisms needed to flow down dollars to the trades?

Homeowners request Senators Obama and Biden to quickly prepare legislation to rollback bankruptcy laws to a point just before George W. Bush pushed through bankruptcy legislation to aid the credit card companies.

2008-09-18 | This will make up for actions of an arrogant Congress, President, mortgage lenders and Wall Street speculators that were all instrumental in causing the problems. It's time they did something for the citizens they've greatly affected with pain and suffering and finally give them some relief.

Timbercon Receives AS9100B Certification

2008-08-18 | Timbercon has received their AS9100B certification after their final audit by TUV Rheinland of North America. Timbercon now holds both AS9100B and ISO 9001:2000 certifications as well as being ITAR registered.

JK Harris helps Texas family get back on track after IRS levy

2008-06-29 | JK Harris and Company negotiates a levy release with the IRS to help Texas family get out of tax a bind.

Maryland man receives emergency help from JK Harris

2008-06-22 | JK Harris and Company, LLC, and its Emergency Management Team help lift Maryland man's wage levy and set up monthly Installment Agreement with IRS.

A Simple Weight Loss Diet: Scientific, Safe and Basically Free

2008-06-18 | The Pen and Paper Diet, a new book by Michael Dow, provides a simple solution for weight loss and a way for a person to maintain their ideal weight. As the title implies, all one needs is pen and paper to control their weight.

Intelligent Transportation Society of America Advisory Group Adopts Name Change

2008-06-04 | Public Safety Advisory Group to become Transportation Safety Advancement Group

Artificial Turf Installer Association Encouraged By Demands for CPSC & EPA to Study Lead Concerns

2008-05-11 | The CPSC & EPA announced their participation in assessments of the claims of risks using artificial turf yarns due to high lead content. To spite what appears to be negative attention from federal agencies, the market is confident & business is good!

Foreign Translations, Inc., Launches New Website

2008-05-07 | After a year in the making, Foreign Translations, Inc., has launched its new website. The address is still the same ( but everything else has changed.

Texas man gets his "life back" thanks to JK Harris

2008-05-01 | Texas warehouse worker finds JK Harris and company on the internet, and the nation's largest tax resolution firm helps him settle his IRS debt with an Offer in Compromise.

JK Harris helps Massachusetts man out of dire situation with IRS

2008-04-20 | Self-employed carpenter from Massachusetts gets big help from JK Harris and Company in regards to his IRS tax debt.

JK Harris helps retired truckers take the road away from tax troubles

2008-03-27 | JK Harris and Company puts Texas couple on the road to tax freedom by placing them in "Currently Non Collectible" status with the IRS.

JK Harris helps Florida woman through audit representation

2008-03-09 | JK Harris and Company helps Florida woman with her IRS audit. launch: New web site puts democracy into Americans' hands

2008-03-05 | New web site 'creates' democracy by allowing citizens to literally 'vote' on any piece of legislation being considered by Congress.'s database then submits 'election results' to Congress and the President.

Maine couple takes right turn to JK Harris and Company

2008-03-02 | JK Harris helps Maine couple settle IRS debt with Offer in Compromise.

JK Harris puts California man's tax problems to rest

2008-03-02 | JK Harris and Company helps California man negotiate his IRS debt with an Offer in Compromise.