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Logicopolis Technology Releases Whiteboard for iPhone -- Jail Breakers Taking Over?

2009-04-20 | Hidden in a plethora of over 20,0000 iPhone apps... the newly released Whiteboard app still hopes to see some "Apple Love". Just 5 days after being released though, Whiteboard was cracked and made available for free on Jail broken iPhones.

Cellhut Releases the Latest Unlocked Phone Savings Including Free Headsets And Pouches

2009-04-16 | One of the internet's leading sellers of unlocked phones is hosing a special sale on quad-band devices along with accessories. With every order, pouches will be given away.

Spring Your Company Ahead Using an Affordable Press Release Service

2009-04-13 | 24-7 Press Release announces a spring promotion to help companies keep pace in their marketing efforts during a weakened global economy. is Offering Remote Unlocking Services for AT&T, CINGULAR Blackberry, Motorola, T-Mobile, Google G1, HTC, Verizon Blackberry, Vodaphone UK Rogers/Fido Canada, LG, Nokia and Soon Cell2Get will Support Unlocking for Alot More Networks and Carriers

2009-04-03 | Cell2Get's remote unlocking services allows for flexibility when on vacation. When in Europe a user can buy a temporary pay-as-you-go SIM for their unlocked phone. With the new SIM, a European phone number will be issued, and calls made would be local.

Cellhut Is Offering Free Pouches And Headset With Orders Through The Drive Safe Campaign

2009-04-03 | One of the internet's leading sellers of unlocked phones is offering free leather pouches while supplies last

GBP250 To Download A 5 Minute Video Clip Abroad

2009-03-28 | UK mobile broadband contract customers could be charged as much as GBP250 for downloading a 5 minute video clip whilst on holiday outside of the EU this summer and up to GBP150 within the EU.

Drive Safe Campaign From Cellhut Begins in April With Cell Phone Discounts

2009-03-27 | One of the internet's leading sellers of unlocked phones is gearing up for a Drive Safe Campaign and very special Unlocked Cell Phone discounts.

CraigsHarvest, Multi-Location Craigslist Search for iPhone

2009-03-27 | Another Roadside Attraction, LLC has released CraigsHarvest, the first multi-location search app for the iPhone.

Cell Phones and Automobile Accidents

2009-03-26 | The Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association reports that 15 years ago approximately four million people had wireless communication devices, such as cell phones; however, in May 2007, that number was a staggering 236 million.

WiMAX, The Future of the Internet Revolution

2009-03-25 | Long website load times and slow buffering has long been a thorn in the side of WiFi users everywhere. What benefits does WiFi provide if your capacity for work is stymied by bandwidth and connectivity issues?

The Magnifico Plus Portable Screen Magnifier From Maxi-Aids Makes PDA's & GPS's Accessible to Those with Low Vision

2009-03-25 | Maxi-Aids Products for Independent Living today presented the updated Magnifico Plus Portable Small Screen Magnifier. With 2X-plus magnifying power to enlarge the screens of PDA's and GPS units, the Magnifico already has fans in the aviation and boating worlds and is ideal for those with low vision.

Go Mobile During Recession: Increase Sales with Text Campaigns 70% of Mobile Phone Users Respond to Marketing Text Messages ClearVision Entertainment Marketing First Integrated Firm to Offer Solution

2009-03-23 | ClearVision Entertainment Marketing, a division of ClearVision Strategic Marketing, is the first integrated PR/Marketing firm within the Midwest and Southeast to unveil nationwide mobile text programs that enable clients to improve sales via this affordable and personalized option.

Mobile Broadband Users Should Be Wary Of Large Bills For Exceeding Download Limits

2009-03-14 | Mobile broadband users are being warned that they could face huge bills if they exceed their download limits according to broadband comparison site

AppTOKYO Creates iPhone Applications for the U.S. Market

2009-03-14 | AppTOKYO, a collaboration between three of Japan's most influential entertainment and software companies, has begun developing iPhone applications for the English-speaking market.

Vodafone Live! New Services with ARX.NET in Iceland

2009-03-13 | Vodafone Iceland has enriched the Vodafone live! menu by choosing ARX.NET's content management and delivery platform as a turnkey solution. The new offering includes a wide range of music and image services, presented to the end user via the ARX.NET Redcognition content management system.

Life Record Inc. Releases iWonder Surf Parental Controls for the iPhone and iPod Touch

2009-03-12 | iWonder Surf allows parents to have total control and knowledge of exactly WHERE their children are going on the web, exactly WHEN they are going there, and exactly WHAT they are looking at.

Cell2Get Announces They Will Have the New Nokia N97 Available and Unlocked. The Nokia N97, Known as the Flagship of Nokia Cell2Get has a Large Inventory of Unlocked Cell Phones Which Can Help You On Your Travels

2009-03-07 | Cell2Get has a large inventory of unlocked cell phones which can help you on your travels. First, understand that an unlocked phone is a phone that is not restricted by the service carrier.

The Carphone Warehouse Launches Phone Trade-In Service

2009-03-06 | The Carphone Warehouse launches exclusive new Trade-In Calculator service online and through over 800 stores across the UK

Metaphor Launches SayNFind: A Voice Search Application for Navigation and Locating Businesses on Mobile Phones

2009-03-05 | Say an Address and Get Directions or Say any Business Category to Search for Businesses on the iPhone

Metaphor Launches SayMedia Voice Recognition Application for the iPhone

2009-03-04 | SayMedia Allows Voice Search Of Any Movie Or Any Current TV Show