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The FT8870 LED Driver Family is Announced by Fremont Micro Devices

2014-09-15 | The FT8870 is a High Performance Non-Isolated Buck LED Driver for DC/DC or AC/DC LED Lighting Applications. The Integrated 500V Power MOSFET Enables Constant Current Control Designs without a Secondary Sense and Feedback Circuit.

Fremont Micro Devices Announces Alkon as Distributor in Russia

2014-08-27 | Alkon Company Inc. is a top ten broad line distributor with headquarters in St. Petersburg Russia.

'Enzyme-Search Engine' Reveals Hidden Possibilities of Nature

2014-08-12 | A new search engine, including a database with more than 100.000 proteins, opens up new possibilities in the search for industrial usable enzymes or for alternatives to patented biocatalysts. The method was published in Nature Communications.

Idaho Society of Clinical Oncology To Promote Personalized Cancer Therapy

2014-08-05 | Multidisciplinary physician teams review and discuss cutting edge molecular techniques to assist in personalized cancer therapy for patients.

Fremont Micro Devices Announces a New FT8260 LED Driver Design Kit

2014-07-17 | The FT8260B-7S700mA reference design speeds time to market for 7W LED driver applications.

Fremont Micro Devices Announces the FT8260 LED Driver Design Kit

2014-07-11 | The FT8260-12S450mA reference designs speed time to market for 18W LED driver applications.

Fremont Micro Devices Announces the FT8260 LED Driver Family

2014-07-10 | The FT8260 is a primary side single stage AC/DC LED driver for isolated LED lighting applications. The integrated 650V power MOSFET eliminates the need for a secondary sense and feedback circuit.

Fremont Micro Devices Announces Advanced Creative China-Weimu Electronic as Distributor in China

2014-07-09 | Advanced Creative China Ltd. Hong Kong is a broad line distributor previously known as William Technology Co Ltd. They have four sales offices in China.

Microparticles for Superefficient Protein Purification

2014-06-12 | Today most medicines are produced biotechnologically. A new cleaning method developed at ACIB combines five purification steps and leads to an extremely facilitated, more economical and ecological manufacturing process.

SpaceX-3 Mission To Return Dragon's Share of Space Station Science

2014-05-18 | The splashdown of SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft on May 18 concludes the company's third contracted resupply mission to the International Space Station, assisting scientists who have investigations returning to Earth complete their analyses.

Rounding Up the BCATs on the Space Station

2014-05-14 | The Binary Colloidal Alloy Tests (BCAT) series of investigations aims to understand fluids and the physics behind their movement. This research might help in designing new stable products for consumers.

Ka-Band Represents the Future of Space Communications

2014-05-07 | NASA saw a trend in the burden of the world's communications bands years ago and started opening up a new part of the electromagnetic spectrum called Ka-band, which is now considered the spectrum of the future for NASA communications.

CASIS-Sponsored Research Heads to Space Station Aboard SpaceX-3

2014-03-27 | The final investigations of the Advancing Research Knowledge 1 series of research payloads will launch to the space station with the SpaceX-3 mission, joining the initial portion of the suite that launched aboard Orbital 1.

CMicrotek Announces Line of Ultra-Low Current Probes Optimized for Battery-Powered Product Development

2014-03-26 | CMicrotek delivers accurate low current measurements, producing better product performance data and enabling predictable product development cycles.

Spacing Out a New Generation on Mission Discovery

2014-03-20 | The Mission Discovery program seeks to inspire interest in careers within the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines and develop leadership potential by immersing students in space science and exploration.

Project MERCCURI "Crowdsourced" Space Station Samples Take Flight

2014-03-14 | The Microbial Ecology Research Combining Citizen and University Researchers on the International Space Station project (Project MERCCURI) is a crowdsourced effort to send a litany of microbes to the space station for research.

International Space Station to Beam Video via Laser Back to Earth

2014-03-11 | A team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, Calif. led the development of the Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science investigation, NASA's first optical communication experiment from the space station, which launches March 16 aboard SpaceX-3.

NASA Launches New Research, Seeks the Subtle in Parallel Ways

2014-03-08 | NASA announces twin study investigations.

Space Station Working to Solve the Puzzle of Orbiting Satellite Repair

2014-03-07 | NASA is building new technologies to refuel and repair existing satellites in orbit. After concluding a successful ground-based test of robotic satellite refueling technology, NASA is preparing for a new round of demonstrations on the space station.

Space Station Sensor to Capture 'Striking' Lightning Data

2014-03-05 | Researchers at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., developed a sophisticated piece of flight hardware called a Lightning Imaging Sensor to detect and locate lightning over the tropical region of the globe.