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How Do We Resolve Issues Of Cybercriminals Revolving Around The Society?

2009-05-21 | Security breaches continue to emerge plaguing organizations; today is the launch of our newly developed superior hardware & software security storage solution which protects your workstation from cybercriminals within and on the go via our product, called the Signature Pro.

LockLizard Flash Security Software Secures Flash Files Against Intellectual Property Theft

2009-05-18 | Unique flash protection product released to protect SWF files from IPR theft - LockLizard Flashguard Flash Security protects Adobe SWF flash files with strong encryption and DRM controls to stop IPR pirates in their tracks.

IT Network Breakdowns Can Paralyze Businesses: New "EMS Program" by EasyIT of Columbus Ohio, Fixes Problems Before They Start!

2009-05-18 | New solution by EasyIT Of Columbus, Ohio provides answer to the problem of how to cost-effectively prevent computer network issues before they interrupt an organization's business.

Better, Faster, Stronger: Cryptocloud VPN

2009-05-12 | Keeping up with the latest surveillance exploits unleashed against citizens worldwide, let alone staying one step ahead, is virtually impossible. Orwell's vision came and went; we're into a whole new game now. There's really no hypothetical "worst-case scenarios" left to imagine anymore.

Marketing in Difficult Times: A Golden Opportunity with a Press Release Service

2009-05-07 | When the Going Gets Tough, the Smart Get Marketing!

iLogon Partners With Merchants Information Solutions

2009-04-29 | iLogon Inc., an Internet Startup focused on aggregating and managing online subscriptions, announces partnership with Merchants Information Solutions Inc., to provide SmartIDentity to all iLogon users.

ISECOM Announces that d3 Services, Ltd. will be Providing OSSTMM Training and Certifications in the U.S. Market

2009-04-22 | Cyber security services firm, d3 Services, Ltd., to begin providing practical security training and ISECOM certifications in the United States, beginning in April 2009.

onShore Networks Successfully Completes Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS 70) Type I Audit

2009-04-17 | Independent Audit Assures onShore Customers that Operational Processes and Controls Meet High Standards of Security and Reliability

Spysure Software Enables SMBs to Monitor and Control Their Employees' Internet Use

2009-04-17 | New Software will help keep small businesses secure from insider threats.

SPIRIT Asset Protection, LLC Opens in the St. Louis Area

2009-04-15 | Workplace Violence Training and Fraud Investigations drive SPIRIT's growth into the St. Louis area.

Identity Verification Experts Launch New Service

2009-04-10 | Tracesmart launch new anti-money laundering facility

BIN Database V2.0 Now Available

2009-03-31 | has updated their database to include over 70,000 credit card records. A BIN system provides an extra line of defense against unwanted fraud.

New File Encryption Software Tackles Top Security Threat With One-Click Simplicity

2009-03-23 | SensiGuard puts personal information out of reach of data thieves

CogniSafe Announces Availability of Pitboss Online Cheating Solution

2009-03-10 | Program offers real time solution to cheating in online games including use of bots

Ranger American Security Systems of Houston Changes Name To ConnectOne Security

2009-03-06 | Ranger American Security Systems of Houston, Texas, is changing its name to ConnectOne. ConnectOne, an ADT Authorized Dealer, is being introduced in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Phoenix and Little Rock. ADT is the #1 security monitoring company in America.

New Low Cost Disaster Recovery Planning Products From Persson Associates - Any Site Without A Disaster Recovery Plan Can Get Started Now

2009-03-02 | Disaster recovery planning is critical in order to sustain the business in the event of an unplanned outage (disaster) such as a fire, flood, explosion, hurricane, tornado, crime, loss of power, etc. Persson Associates now offers an easy to use/do it yourself, low cost, plan development tool.

HS3 Technologies Inc. Monitors Animal Welfare

2009-03-02 | Denver-based company signs exclusive contract with the American Humane Association to provide video monitoring for its American Human Certified program

Bank Partners with InfoSight, Inc. to Streamline FDIC approval

2009-02-13 | Broward Bank of Commerce, a Broward County-based de novo bank, partners with InfoSight, Inc. to provide the IT infrastructure, information security and risk programs necessary for bank operations, as well as the IT regulatory compliance essential for FDIC approval.

Incorporating a Press Release Into Your Marketing Plan Can Help Boost Your Visibility During Tough Times

2009-02-03 | Press Release Distribution Service Advises the Advantage of a Press Release

Web Content Security Software Stops Printing and Copying of Confidential Web Pages

2009-01-25 | LockLizard release version 2 of Lizard Protector, web content security software that provides copy protection and secure web login for web pages. It protects your intellectual property against copying, modifying, screen grabbing, saving and distribution without the use of passwords.