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How to Manage the Florida Weather for your Wedding Day

2017-09-06 | Tampa Wedding Photographer reveals some tips to deal with the heat and rain for weddings in Florida

Special Needs Stress ... PEACE & JOY IN THE MIDST OF ADHD, DEAFNESS &, YEP, that word: LIFE

2017-08-30 | Jaime Vernon: managing a charity, special needs kids, marriage, coaching & whatever else I'm called to do...BRING IT.

World's First Scientifically Backed Dating Advice Website Launches

2017-08-29 | With an abundance of scientific research available in the field of psychology, relationships and dating, a website is putting it all together for men to consume.

Award Winning Romantic Fiction Author C L Hunter Takes Silver Medal For 'My Soul Belongs To You'

2017-08-19 | In the tradition of romance authors like Nicolas Sparks and Diana Gabaldon, Hunter's novels are breathtaking, stimulating and exquisite, taking the reader into a world of envisioning life where true love is a treasure we are all looking for.

Williams Family Law Partner Co-Authors Book on Divorce

2017-08-18 | Bucks County divorce attorney Robert J. Salzer discusses the importance of realistic expectations and qualified counsel from a divorce professional

News in Conception Diagnostics: Online Pregnancy Test

2017-07-21 | Now and then the body makes signals about changes in it literally at once after a conception occurred and a simple test can be a help in detecting the joyful event.

Karin E. Fried of Organizational Consulting Services Earns Certificate of Study in Interpersonal Intelligence

2017-07-21 | This certificate covers communication, the brain-body connection, psycho-social factors in organizing. Fried was required to take attend courses that explored topics such as empowering clients, non-verbal communication & coaching strategies.

An African Princess in Diaspora's Childhood Dream Comes to Pass with the Launch of Her Jetsetting On-demand Network~IDNTv

2017-07-20 | "Innovators Think Differently, See Things Differently, Interpret Differently, and Share Inspiring Stories Differently."

Attorneys at Whetstone Perkins & Fulda Secure $1 Million Settlement in Nursing Home Abuse Case

2017-07-18 | Care center resident with terminal cancer suffered 'unimaginable agony' after theft of pain meds

Cosmetic Injection Specialist Alecia Delaney Joins Medical Spa at North Texas Plastic Surgery

2017-07-18 | Master clinical aesthetician collaborates with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sacha Obaid to provide injectables, laser treatments to patients in Dallas area

Leave A Permanent Record Of Your Life Story - Acclaimed Author Sid Nachman Now Producing Memoirs For Those Who Hope To Leave A Legacy

2017-07-16 | Nachman own books relate a life story that is astounding. He is now providing ghostwriting services for those who would like to publish their own memoir.

When Should I Get Dressed Before My Wedding?

2017-07-16 | Tampa Wedding Photographer discusses an issue affecting the wedding photos & video of brides waiting later and later before getting dressed.

According to Surgeon General, 1 in 10 Teens Need Mental Health Assistance--Less Than Half Get Help

2017-07-14 | Over 20 percent Contemplate Suicide but Teen Expert Says This Can Be Changed

Author Delores Miles Announces Release Of Engaging New Romantic Fiction Novel, 'Never My Love'

2017-07-09 | In the tradition of writers like Danielle Steele, Delores Miles writes rich, attention-absorbing novels that fully engage all the senses, deftly transforming the reader into another character in the novel.

Designers Deliver More than New Interiors for Freshly Single Men

2017-06-22 | Style, happiness & freedom for healing mind, body, soul, & surroundings, redefining the shift to singlehood into a new and thriving adventure

Heartbreaking Alzheimer's Film to Take Internet By 'STORM'

2017-06-19 | Watch and share award-winning short film Fragile Storm on Wednesday, June 21st to raise awareness about the struggles that face Alzheimer's caregivers

Illinois Divorce Attorneys Stress Importance of Long-Term Planning During Divorce

2017-06-13 | Attorneys at Wolfe & Stec say that the challenges posed to parents by the summer months are a great example of how long-term planning makes a big difference in the divorce process.

Raleigh Law Firm Launches Petition Drive to Change Outdated North Carolina Rape Law

2017-05-20 | Younce & Vtipil advocates scrapping a little-known law that doesn't allow withdrawal of consent after sex starts. The firm's family law attorneys urge citizens to sign a petition on calling on lawmakers to hold rapists accountable.