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Maryland man receives emergency help from JK Harris

2008-06-22 | JK Harris and Company, LLC, and its Emergency Management Team help lift Maryland man's wage levy and set up monthly Installment Agreement with IRS.

JK Harris helps Washington man ground tax problems

2008-05-18 | Washington man gets the help he needed from JK Harris and Company to resolve his IRS issues.

JK Harris Small Business Services applauds newest IRS campaign

2008-05-11 | JK Harris is happy the IRS is giving new small business owners some needed help and advice.

Texas man gets his "life back" thanks to JK Harris

2008-05-01 | Texas warehouse worker finds JK Harris and company on the internet, and the nation's largest tax resolution firm helps him settle his IRS debt with an Offer in Compromise.

JK Harris helps Massachusetts man out of dire situation with IRS

2008-04-20 | Self-employed carpenter from Massachusetts gets big help from JK Harris and Company in regards to his IRS tax debt.

JK Harris recommends answering IRS correspondence promptly

2008-04-18 | JK Harris and Company says it's a good idea to respond to any IRS notices sent to taxpayers.

JK Harris helps retired truckers take the road away from tax troubles

2008-03-27 | JK Harris and Company puts Texas couple on the road to tax freedom by placing them in "Currently Non Collectible" status with the IRS.

JK Harris offers advice to misclassified employees

2008-03-20 | JK Harris and Company advises that IRS has a new form for employees who were misclassified as independent contractors.

JK Harris' Rivera speaks out on child and dependent care credit

2008-03-16 | JK Harris and Company Enrolled Agent reminds taxpayers they may be eligible for the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit.

JK Harris' Bauman Calls Debt Relief Act "a lifesaver"

2008-03-14 | JK Harris and Company sees Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act as a lifesaver for taxpayers with foreclosures.

JK Harris helps Florida woman through audit representation

2008-03-09 | JK Harris and Company helps Florida woman with her IRS audit.

Maine couple takes right turn to JK Harris and Company

2008-03-02 | JK Harris helps Maine couple settle IRS debt with Offer in Compromise.

JK Harris puts California man's tax problems to rest

2008-03-02 | JK Harris and Company helps California man negotiate his IRS debt with an Offer in Compromise.

JK Harris keeps food salesman's financial future from being spoiled

2008-02-17 | JK Harris and Company, LLC, help food salesman settle IRS issues with Offer in Compromise.

JK Harris spells relief for California woman

2008-02-10 | JK Harris and Company helps California woman get relief with student loan rehabilitation program.

JK Harris ends tension, tax troubles for Georgia man

2008-02-03 | JK Harris and Company helps Georgia man out of tense, stressful tax situations with IRS and State of Georgia.