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Corey Goldstein Provides Secrets to Improve Credit Scores in Just a Matter of Days

2013-06-17 | Homes loan rates are higher with low credit scores. Increasing your scores in days is possible.

Tax Payers Unite and Say That Blue Tax's SUCKS Program is a Refreshing New Approach to Owing Taxes

2013-06-02 | "So U Can Kick Start" program is making waves throughout the tax industry.

Blue Tax Prep Causes Clients to Cry with Tears of Joy After Savings Found On Tax Returns!

2013-05-29 | Clients are kicking themselves that they ever used anyone else to file their returns.

Online Pawn Shop Gets Accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

2013-05-07 | Online pawn shop,, has been recently accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in order to bring their customer support to an even higher level.

Search for the Best Life Insurance Quotes on

2013-05-01 | National Statistics suggest that Brits are now living six years longer. The press release explores the reason why the Great British public are living longer, and why life insurance is so important.

The deVere Group Ventures into the Cayman Islands

2013-04-27 | The deVere Group, the world leaders in international financial consultancy, is delighted to announce that it is to establish a new regional presence in the Cayman Islands.

1031 CLEARINGHOUSE Brings Together Tax Deferred Exchange Information and the Leading Bank Facilitators into One Website for Education and Comparison

2013-04-20 | 1031 Clearinghouse is the first information oriented website to provide the diligence and content which both educates a prospective Exchanger, but also empowers him by comparing the leading bank owned facilitators in the country.

Roe Taroff Taitz and Portman ID Eight Estate Planning Myths

2013-04-16 | Long Island Law Firm Warns about Common Misconceptions that can Cause Estate Errors

ExecPlan Express Financial Planning Software is One of the First Personal Finance Tools Available for Consumers and Financial Advisors to Incorporate All the New Tax Law Changes for 2012 and 2013

2013-03-08 | With 30 years of expertise in providing financial and retirement planning software for tax and financial advisors, the 2013 version of ExecPlan Express will include new enhancements and all of the changes in the newly adopted ATRA for 2012.

Top Bay Area CPA and Lawyers Team Up to Help Chinese Americans and Other Taxpayers With Unreported Foreign Accounts

2013-02-28 | CPA Gordon Lee and the Mahany & Ertl law firm join forces to help dual nationals, ex pats, green card holders and others with unreported foreign bank and financial accounts.

Bandele Oguntomilade Announces Top 5 Reasons Why California Home Owners Still Short Sell Their Homes Today

2013-02-20 | Bandele Oguntomilade of Bogun Realty and Luxury Homes is pleased to announce the top 5 reasons why California home-owners still short sell their homes today even in the face of successful modifications and rising home prices.

Hire DWK Tax Group a Firm with Tax Attorneys to Solve Your IRS Back Taxes and IRS Tax Debt - DWK Tax Group is Your Nationwide Internet IRS and State Tax Resolution Company

2013-02-20 | DWK Tax Group is your nationwide Internet tax resolution company, address the IRS tax issue before you experience an IRS bank levy or an IRS wage levy/wage garnishment. DWK Tax Group will release your wage levy in 24 to 48 hours. IRS Tax Help.

Fox Symes Providing Professional Budgeting Advice to Australians

2013-02-14 | Fox Symes acknowledges that Australians are becoming increasingly more in debt. A simple reason for this is because Australian consumers spend more money than they actually earn - often without realising.

Orlando Bankruptcy Attorney, Clark & Washington, Discusses the Late Anna Nicole Smith's Bankruptcy Case

2013-01-03 | Those living in the state of Florida who are currently mired in a significant amount of debt may feel alone and like a failure. Even celebrities, however, who earn huge sums of money find themselves in bankruptcy litigation, as did Anna Nicole Smith.

Orlando Bankruptcy Lawyers, Clark & Washington, Discuss Avoiding Losing Your Home by Filing Bankruptcy

2013-01-02 | Though never an easy choice, people file for personal bankruptcy for a number of reasons. Clark & Washington discusses how bankruptcy can provide a way to save your home if you are facing foreclosure this year.

Orlando Bankruptcy Attorneys, Clark & Washington, Take a Look at Charles Ponzi's Bankruptcy

2013-01-01 | If you are in need of a bankruptcy attorney, know there is no shame in getting help. Even some of the worst cases of financial fraud in history can be explained by people unintentionally digging themselves into holes and trying to get out.

Total Tax Solutions Leverages IRS Fresh Start Program to Assist Taxpayers Dealing with IRS Problems

2012-12-20 | Total Tax Solutions is leveraging new changes to the IRS's Fresh Start Program to assist individual taxpayers and small businesses to qualify for relief under the expanded program.

Spending Too Much this Holiday Season Can Lead to Bankruptcy, Notes Chattanooga Bankruptcy Attorneys

2012-12-19 | Clark & Washington warn Chattanooga shoppers to spend wisely this holiday season, to avoid financial troubles and possible bankruptcy.