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Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorneys, Clark & Washington, Address Gary Coleman's Bankruptcy

2012-12-18 | A series of costly medical troubles and recurring legal battles with his adoptive parents led Gary Coleman to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 1999. Clark & Washington addresses some applicable lessons to take away from his case.

7 Steps to Enrolling in a 529 Plan

2012-12-10 | This is the time of year many parents consider enrolling in a 529 college savings plan, but how exactly do you go about it? offers these seven helpful steps to start saving for college in a 529 plan.

HouseNow.Us Releases First Exclusive Buyers Reward Program and Exclusive Zip Code Assignments for Real Estate Agents

2012-11-17 | New website launches with hopes, of changing the home buying experience by offering Buyer Rewards, and connecting buyers with experienced agents.

Blue Tax Complaints - Don't Get Robbed by These People of the IRS! Call Blue Tax Today to Even the Fight!

2012-11-08 | Once again the attorneys of Blue Tax show why they are the pound for pound champ of tax solutions!

EP Wealth Advisors Ranks High in Top Financial Advisor Lists

2012-10-29 | EP Wealth Advisors has been named among the top financial advisory and wealth management firms by two of the leading financial industry publications.

Complaints Bored - Blue Tax Inc. - Complaint Review: 867530

2012-10-15 | Clients of Blue Tax are adamant that they have no complaints with the tax attorneys of Blue Tax!

Blue Tax - Authorities Invade Blue Tax and Tell Them What a Great Job They Are Doing For Clients!

2012-10-08 | Once again, the tax attorneys of Blue Tax show why they are the nation's first choice for tax solutions.

SCAM Research Alert - Blue Tax is Reviewed and Passes with Flying Colors!

2012-10-01 | Once again, Blue Tax proves why they are number one in the industry!

Brightworth President and COO Ray Padron Joins Board of Directors of Junior Achievement of Georgia

2012-09-14 | The Atlanta financial advisors at Brightworth are pleased to announce that Ray Padron, President and COO of Brightworth, has joined the Board of Directors of Junior Achievement of Georgia.

Woodland Hills Bankruptcy Lawyers See Spike in Filings

2012-09-11 | The bankruptcy attorneys at Hughes & Dunstan, LLP have noticed a sharp increase in the number of bankruptcy filings from 2007 to today, and are on a mission to help debtors.

Blue Tax Review - Complaints - Jesus Has No Complaints with His Heavenly Resolution!

2012-09-10 | Divine intervention not needed for the attorneys of Blue Tax.

Austin Real Estate Agent Warns - First Time Home Buyer $8000 Federal Tax Credit Is Set To Expire

2012-08-28 | Austin real estate broker and author. Kenn Renner, with Buy Austin ( reminds first time homebuyers of the impending deadline for the $8000 Federal Tax Credit, which is due to expire on Monday November 30th, 2009.

Thinking About Walking Away from Your Home? Columbus, Ohio Attorneys at Jump Legal Group Urge You to Look At All Your Options; Learn About Strategic Mortgage Default and Other Solutions

2012-08-27 | Many homeowners are trapped in a home they can't afford and can't sell. Columbus, Ohio attorneys at Jump Legal Group provide options to make the home affordable, eliminate the mortgage, or allow you to "strategically" walk-away.

A Review of Tax Results Proves Their Commitment to Outstanding Service and Resolution for IRS Problems

2012-08-23 | It can be difficult to locate a local experience professional to handle matters with the IRS, similarly it can be difficult to find a reliable and trustworthy tax relief company. Tax Results checks out with a long list of satisfied clients.

Consumer Spending Power Growth Flattens Out in July According to Lloyds TSB's Monthly Spending Power Report

2012-08-22 | The Lloyds TSB Spending Power Report examines trends in consumers' spending power, defined as income left after essential spending.

Orlando Bankruptcy Attorneys Separate Chapter 7 Fact from Fiction

2012-08-15 | Orlando bankruptcy firm Clark & Washington clears up some common false beliefs concerning chapter 7 bankruptcy.