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Why are Google rebranding to Alphabet? Asks McKenzie Holland

2015-09-13 | Looking at the incredible success Google has had over the past 17 years, sales firm McKenzie Holland explore why the company is rebranding to Alphabet.

CauseNetwork Launches Free Fundraising Mobile App For All Non-Profits

2015-08-07 | CauseNetwork puts fundraising into the palms of peoples' hands by introducing their Mobile App, custom branded and free for every non-profit and their supporters.

UBL and Advice Interactive Combine Local Search Technologies to Simplify and Automate the Claiming of Business Listings

2015-03-25 | The merged companies will offer an automated global API syndication network as well as a pioneering white labeled mobile claiming solution. Launches Latest Website Update And Design, Empowering Consumers to Find the Best Service Provider

2015-03-22 | Growing Southern California based website unveils a new look and site upgrades, making it easier for Southern California customers to find the best service provider for their project

Your Flyers Delivered Announces New Efforts to Promote Local Businesses

2015-03-14 | Introducing The New Promoter, a monthly direct to the door magazine.

Radaris Releases New People Search and Background Check Apps

2015-03-12 | Detailed public profiles, contact information, background check information, and reverse phone lookups available from anywhere.

YouTube's Channel Search Just Got Easier With Like Subscribe

2015-01-23 | An online YouTube directory wants to help viewers and brands find YouTube channels in a more effective way.

Bridge Patient Portal Announces Partnership with PrognoCIS EHR

2014-11-17 | Leading patient portal technology company Bridge Patient Portal joins Bizmatics Referral Partner Program, develops interface with PrognoCIS EHR.

alligatortek Named 2014 Chicago Innovation Award People's Choice Winner

2014-11-13 | alligatortek is recognized for their project with Feeding America - the Produce Offer and Vetting Portal.

How Hotels Are Combatting Shrinking Booking Lead Times With nSight Travel Intelligence

2014-10-03 | Forward-looking analytics enable hotel revenue managers to manage by need period, marketers to segment by arrival date

New Directories Help ERP Software Buyers Find Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partners Based on Industry Experience

2014-09-12 | ERP Software Blog launches directories listing Microsoft Dynamics ERP partners by industry focus.

The Interdex, The Index Handle System, and The Spoooon It Search Engine

2014-07-12 | A new architecture for the World Wide Web.

Softline Solutions Named Best PPC Company in Los Angeles

2014-04-09 | Premiere Los Angeles online marketing company Softline Solutions is ranked #1 PPC Company in Los Angeles by Best SEOs.

Globalization of Education Reaching All-Time High in Japan - "UNIV. IN JAPAN" Website Offers Detailed Look at English-Taught Degree Programs by Japanese Universities

2014-03-18 | Global30 project funded by the Japanese government has made studying abroad in Japan a viable option. UNIV. IN JAPAN website serves as a quick reference portal website for those seeking top level education while indulging in the rich culture of Japan

Used Cars Exchange Integrates Real-Time Used Cars Inventory from Auto Dealers

2014-03-18 | Used car buyers can now search for used cars from dealers nationwide.

Domain Name Could Be Yours

2014-03-18 | We are talking about the domain name We asked the domain name expert Paul Wilson what figure he sees on this domain name and this is what he said: "I think that I can convince the owners to sell for US $500,000."

Respage Partners with Renter's Voice to Offer Broader Review Management

2014-02-27 | Leading multifamily social media platform enhances reputation management service by adding Renter's Voice reviews.

A Call to All Amateur Journalists Globally to be a Part of

2013-12-26 | Before a shining and prosperous career an amateur journalist has to face a lot of difficulties in finding a right place to write where can get good responses about their articles. We provide this chance in a popular internet newspaper for amateurs.

Was Jesus a Gemini?

2013-12-10 | Evidence suggests an earlier birth date for the Christ child, astrologer says.

Mugshots and Social Responsibility

2013-11-21 | "A responsible press is an undoubtedly desirable goal, but press responsibility is not mandated by the Constitution and like many other virtues it cannot be legislated." - Miami Herald Publishing Co., Knight Newspapers, Inc. v. Tornillo