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4357 total news stories found. Plans on Expanding Product Range To Enrich Customer Experience

2008-11-19 | Online perfume retailer ( is to expand its product coverage to encompass a wider range of designer fragrances, adding to the overall customer experience and providing more choice for consumers buying perfumes and colognes online.

Boots Creates the Very First Fragrance in Aid of BBC Children in Need

2008-11-15 | Boots has created two fragrances as part of its support of this years BBC Children in Need campaign

OXY Launches Young Male Skincare Range - a UK First

2008-11-12 | OXY has launched a totally new advanced skincare range that is designed just for teenage boys

"Best Dentist" Dr. Jason Fligor Celebrates Year #2 on Top

2008-11-09 | Dr. Jason Fligor, DDS at new32 Aesthetic and Family Dentistry earned 2nd place "best dentist" honors in King 5's 2008 Evening Magazine's Best of Western Washington competition.

Mask Your Problem Teeth With Beautiful Porcelain Veneers

2008-11-09 | People who have visible dental issues can lack self-confidence and become withdrawn. Large gaps or crowded teeth, as well as chipped, broken, misshaped, crooked and even discolored teeth can make a person want to avoid smiling in social situations.

Getting the Best Breast Enhancement

2008-11-05 | Size is only one part of the formula for great-looking breasts. Women think breast enhancement is the same as breast enlargement, but if you are considering breast enhancement surgery, it's important not to get too caught up in mere size.

Dr. Michael Koczarski Voted Top Eastside Dentist

2008-11-02 | Dr. Michael Koczarski has been voted "Best Eastside Dentist" and a top five placeholder in King 5's 2008 Evening Magazine's Best of Western Washington competition.

What Problems Do Porcelain Veneers Correct?

2008-11-02 | Porcelain veneers are the most advanced and easiest method for cosmetic dentists to restore, improve and enhance the smiles of their patients.

Boots Joins Pampers and UNICEF in 2008 Tetanus Vaccine Initiative

2008-11-01 | Boots is joining the Pampers and UNICEF tetanus vaccine initiative for one month during the forthcoming campaign.

Cutting Age Advances in Anti-Aging Skin Care

2008-11-01 | An honest look at how we can all save our skin from EARLY signs of AGING! This article was written by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Friedman of San Francisco. Dr. Friedman explains what's just around the corner for anti-aging skin care solutions.

SurgiCare Hails the Gastric Balloon as the Golden Hope for Weight Loss Patients

2008-10-31 | SurgiCare, one of the leading UK cosmetic and weight loss surgery providers, has announced that the gastric balloon will be the next procedure to be added to its weight loss treatments

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Arthur Shektman Joins

2008-10-31 | CosmeticBoston now features Dr. Arthur Shektman. This Boston area plastic surgeon provides reliable cosmetic surgery options.

The Harley Medical Group Reveal Rise of Dosh n Pecks

2008-10-30 | The Harley Medical Group has revealed the Dosh 'n' Pecks phenomenon where increasing numbers of cosmetic surgery couples are going under the knife in Britain's cosmetic surgery boom

L.W. Gatz Develops Online Calculator To Help Women Choose Their Breast Implant Size

2008-10-30 | The Purlz Breast Sizing System helps women make the right breast implant size choice by wearing various breast implant sizes over a period of time.

What is the LVI Smile?

2008-10-30 | All dentists are not created - or trained - equally. While it is true that dental schools give their graduates an excellent foundation to pursue highly satisfactory and rewarding dental careers, an increasing number of dentists are seeking continuing education training to fill out their practices.

Boots Becomes Exclusive Stockist of Celebrity Makeup Artist Cosmetics Brand

2008-10-26 | gain exclusive stockist status for myface.cosmetics the new cosmetics brand from renowned makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury

Clinique launch new Skin Supplies for Men Age Defense Hydrator SPF15

2008-10-24 | Clinique has launched Skin Supplies for Men Age Defense Hydrator SPF15 which is a multi tasking three in one moisturiser that delivers effective anti-ageing

Anastasia Savva Honored by Cambridge Who's Who for Excellence in Cosmetic Laser Treatments

2008-10-24 | Mrs. Savva specializes in performing cosmetic laser treatments. Utilizing the Ultrawave II Laser along with the Zimmer cooling method, she specializes in laser hair removal for women and men.


2008-10-24 | While collagen is still frequently used, non-collagen fillers are becoming more popular.

Karen Jacobson Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-10-23 | Ms. Jacobson excels in coaching, and is responsible for interacting with people to develop business strategies