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765 total news stories found. Sets Out to Bring J-Pop Fans Together Nationwide

2017-08-01 | There are still numerous JPop fans seeking an online place to meet other like-minded singles who share their love for everything Japanese.

New Countrywide Dating Service Understands What Makes Singles Want to Date a Veterinarian

2017-08-01 | Singles all over the country have opted for online dating to maximize their chances of meeting suitable veterinarians in order to settle down with a patient, respectful and caring person interested in starting a family.

New Emo Dating Site Offers a Place for Emo Singles to Chat, Connect and Meet Up Online

2017-08-01 | It seems that the emo subculture finally resurges in 2017, to the utmost joy of numerous fans. And now, there is also a new emo dating site on the horizon, coming as a perfect addition to this emo renaissance.

Single Horse Lovers Finally Have a Place to Meet Other Singles into the Equestrian Lifestyle at

2017-08-01 | Single horse lovers looking for compatible matches have been increasingly turning towards the internet to meet their romantic needs despite their community being vast in the offline world.

Workout Fanatics Establish Fitness Dating as the Premiere Dating Site for Gym Rats

2017-08-01 | Fit men and women across the country can now easily find partners both for workout and dating, all thanks to

Vampire Dating Finally Brought to Daylight with the Help of

2017-08-01 | finally gives countless vampires a place to congregate and date online, in an atmosphere that treats the vampire lifestyle seriously. Solely dedicated to vampire enthusiasts, opens a door to a whole new other-world of dating.

Silicon Valley Singles Convention Keynoted by The Donald Trump Syndrome: Why Women Choose the Wrong Men to Love

2017-07-22 | The 2017 Silicon Valley Singles Convention takes place on August 5, 2017 at the Hilton Hotel in Mountain View, California.

When Should I Get Dressed Before My Wedding?

2017-07-16 | Tampa Wedding Photographer discusses an issue affecting the wedding photos & video of brides waiting later and later before getting dressed.

Big Men Finally Have a Place Online to Date Without Being Shamed

2017-06-29 | Due to discrimination and stigma faced by big men on a daily basis, members of this group are seeking a safe haven where they can prosper on the Internet.

Cat Lovers Can Now Meet and Connect in a Brand New Cat Dating Community

2017-06-29 | Cat lovers finally get a platform where they can connect with thousands of like-minded individuals living all over the country.

Divorce Rate In The US Still Disturbingly High, Divorced Dating Club Helps Them Find Love after Divorce

2017-06-29 | The experts agree that divorce belongs to the group of life-changing events that leave deep emotional scars. Divorce dating club is a new dating site that offers divorcees a new chance at finding love by speeding up the process of emotional healing.

Facts Show that Native American Women are at Higher Risk of Sexual Assaults, Native American Personals Might be the Safest Dating Option

2017-06-29 | is a completely safe platform that specializes in connecting all eligible Native Americans in the United States. Aims To Pair Up Brainiac Singles Nationally

2017-06-29 | Face to face dating has always been too awkward and stressful for nerds, so these days they're trying their luck via online dating.

Punk Rock Lifestyle Offers a Platform for Fans of Punk Rock to Connect Online

2017-06-29 | Punk rockers have given into the digital age, and are increasingly turning towards the internet to connect to the other members of their punk subculture.

Religion Doesn't Have to be a Moot Point When Finding Love, According to Pagan Dating Service

2017-06-29 | Pagans are increasingly turning to the Internet to connect with like-minded people and avoid stigma related to certain religious and nonreligious practices. Brings Together Sci-Fi Fans Online

2017-06-29 | From Star Wars franchise to Doctor Who, it seems that undying cinematic achievements both from small and large screen keep attracting new fans constantly. And now there is Sci Fi Dating, a handy platform that allows Sci-Fi fans to connect online.

Wealthy Singles Are Not Seeking Financially Equal Matches, According to

2017-06-29 | According to, men who are Black and financially well off to the point of being multi-millionaires, prefer that their female companions and future wives come from a much more humble financial background.

Wine Dating Club Sets Out to Match Single Wine Connoisseurs Nationwide

2017-06-29 | Mixing two enjoyable activities like dating and wine tasting is exactly what has set out to do. This new phenomenon called 'wine dating' aims to get people to 'clink'.

Designers Deliver More than New Interiors for Freshly Single Men

2017-06-22 | Style, happiness & freedom for healing mind, body, soul, & surroundings, redefining the shift to singlehood into a new and thriving adventure

Critically Acclaimed Drama/Romance Film Seven Lovers Now Available for Rent or Purchase on Multiple Digital Platforms

2017-06-16 | Seven Lovers, an independent film written and directed by Keith Boynton, is now available for rent or purchase on multiple digital platforms including Amazon, iTunes, Microsoft, VUDU, Vubiquity, Dish, Google and Comcast.