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Attorney Malcolm M. Crosland of Steinberg Law Firm Elected to the Board of Directors for Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic

2017-02-16 | Free clinic provides primary medical care to uninsured patients living below the poverty line on Johns, Wadmalaw and James islands, South Carolina

Elite Chiropractic Center of Clayton Supports Patient's Spinal Health in their Weight Loss Journey

2017-02-16 | Overweight people suffer from back pain partially because of the height of their spinal discs.

Taking Care Of Your Heart Should Be A Year-Round Commitment

2017-02-14 | Annual Stats Update on heart disease should motivate you

Acclaimed San Diego OB/GYN Releases 5-Week Women's Body Boost Weight Loss Program

2017-02-10 | Dr. Diana Hoppe's Body Boost weight-loss program, designed specifically for women, includes fat-burning injections, recipes, tips, affirmations, weekly weigh-ins, and more

UltraPur Forskolin Board Members Prepare for Rebranding

2017-02-02 | Phenom Health gets aggressive with market share grab, plans upcoming holiday rebranding for sales boosts.

The Workout Bar that Pulls Away from the Competition... Literally

2017-02-01 | Tension Toner is an innovative workout bar that adds another dimension of resistance to your workouts so you can get the most out of your workout.

Are You Ready for a Healthier Tomorrow, Today?

2017-01-30 | Small Changes That Have a Big Impact.

Metro MediSpa Helps Patients Achieve Their New Year Weight Loss Goal

2017-01-07 | January is known for making resolutions. Metro MediSpa offers 5 weight loss tips to help you meet your goals.

I Heart Keenwah Launches the First Toasted Quinoa Hot Cereal on the Market

2017-01-01 | The ease of instant oatmeal with superior nutrition.

Women of Distinction Magazine Selects Alley Bell as a Distinguished Professional in Her Field

2016-12-21 | Alley Bell was recently featured in a 2016 edition of the Women of Distinction Magazine.

Fusion Burn, A Natural Weight Loss Dietary Supplement, Officially Launches on Amazon

2016-12-19 | Start the New Year Right Losing Weight Naturally!

Weight Loss Surgery Benefits: Women Have Slight Edge Says Dr. Nicholson

2016-12-15 | The Nicholson Clinic for Weight Loss Surgery's founder talks about the possible difference.

Dr. Nick Nicholson Talks About Bariatric Surgery and Pregnancy: What Women Need to Know

2016-12-15 | The Nicholson Clinic for Weight Loss Surgery's founder talks about the benefits of weight loss before conception.

AJG Direct Outlines Why a Healthy Diet is Critical for Entrepreneurs

2016-12-14 | London-based firm AJG Direct has revealed why eating healthily and looking after yourself is particularly important for entrepreneurs.

From Heart Attack to Marathon Runner: Weight Loss Success

2016-12-14 | A Nicholson Clinic for Weight Loss Surgery patient talks about the dramatic changes in his life and health.

Dr. Nick Nicholson Talks About the Benefits Bariatric Surgery and Heart Health

2016-12-14 | Research has shown that bariatric surgery can be especially beneficial in helping those with serious weight concerns shed pounds while improving their overall heart health.

Olga Depenbrock Launches Pole Fitness Blog

2016-12-04 | Olga Depenbrock, a health enthusiast and pole fitness competitor has launched her own blog on pole fitness.

Garcinia Cambogia Fusion Burn Fat Burner is Officially Launched on A Weight-Loss Formula that's Natural, Safe, and Sustainable

2016-11-27 | People often buys products with either Raspberry Ketone, Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Bean or Green Tea Extract for weight loss. Why not try this product with all 4 in 1?

From Personal and Professional Lows to Reaching New Heights of Happy

2016-11-24 | "I woke up one day at the hospital and didn't know what was wrong. My entire body was left paralyzed. I didn't even have the strength to crush a Styrofoam cup."