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Flourishing in Tough Economic Times - Spunky Handbag Company Introduces New Product Line

2008-11-05 | As the at home party industry continues to flourish, so does a new direst sales company. Bagolitas by Janice, a spunky handbag company takes a step into the future with bringing the Boutique to your home.

L.W. Gatz Develops Online Calculator To Help Women Choose Their Breast Implant Size

2008-10-30 | The Purlz Breast Sizing System helps women make the right breast implant size choice by wearing various breast implant sizes over a period of time.

A New Range of Functional Fashion is Blitzing the Market - Nursing Fashion.

2008-10-29 | Nursing mothers are seeking tops that are not obviously a nursing garment.

Maternity Wear Revolution

2008-10-28 | A clever idea from Australia will revolutionize maternity wear in the US.

Time is Ticking For Eternity Rings

2008-10-27 | Diamond eternity rings involve craftmanship and dedication to make them perfect which means the whole process takes time. If you are thinking of buying an eternity ring as an Xmas gift, The Diamond advised to plan early to make sure there´s no tears on Christmas Day.

Stella Maternity Clothes Boutique Offers Shop By Style Feature

2008-10-26 | Stella Maternity Clothes now offers a shop by style feature that allows customers to quickly find maternity and baby clothes that fit their sense of style.

Little Aussie Company That's Going Places!

2008-10-26 | Fertile Mind began as a one product company back in 1998 when founder Christine Kininmonth invented the Belly Belt for her own pregnancy.

O2BME to Host Community Fashion Show at Grand Opening

2008-10-24 | Los Angeles Area Children's Boutique Makes Community Involvement Top Priority and will be showcasing top fall fashion styles from some of the highly sought after lines, for both boys and girls, available at the boutique such as Roxy, Ed Hardy, Harajuku Lovers and Paul Frank among others.

Pregnant Tummy is Oh-So-Sensitive

2008-10-24 | Many women find pregnancy is full of niggling complications.

A New Range of Functional Fashion is Blitzing the Market - Nursing Fashion

2008-10-23 | Nursing mothers are seeking tops that are not obviously a nursing garment. Featured in TV Segment "Using the Internet to Save Families Money"

2008-10-22 | The producers of Today's Family, an innovative, educational television series, are pleased to announce that they will feature GoGoShopper in a segment on "Using the Internet to Save Families Money" as part of the show's series on "Focus on Business Series".

Freshwater Pearl Jewelry of Bridal Occasion Launched at Topearl Jewelry Store

2008-10-22 | introduces the newest pearl jewelry products at affordable wholesale prices, including bridal line, birthday jewelry, anniversary jewelry, jewelry for mothers, informal party etc. International models show stylish pearl jewelry collections.

Superbra Goes Up, Out and Away!

2008-10-22 | When does a bra become a Superbra? When it does what this super-stretchy bra from Fertile Mind does.

Christopher Flach, Filmmaker and Photographer is Featured in The New York Times Style Magazine

2008-10-20 | Featured in The New York Times Style Magazine, Christopher's new documentary deconstructs the designers lasting legacy.

Jewellery Offers To Beat the Credit Crunch From The Diamond

2008-10-18 | Few people have been left unaffected by the curse of the credit crunch & as Christmas approaches people will feel the pinch even more. With this in mind, The Diamond are helping their customers out by not only offering jewellery at low prices but giving them money off deals each week. Offers Top Quality Fashion Apparel from Hundreds of Los Angeles Area Manufacturers and Importers

2008-10-17 | offers the best prices and the best selection of styles when it comes to wholesale clothing.

Burton to Feature in New BBC Series

2008-10-15 | Burton is set to feature in the BBC's brand new series "British Style Genius".

Littlewoods Direct Relaunch Ravel Footwear Collection for Autumn Winter 2008

2008-10-12 | Littlewoods Direct is re-launching the Ravel footwear collection just in time for the 2008 autumn and winter seasons, Inc. Appoints New CEO and Announces Key Corporate Changes

2008-10-09 |, Inc. Appoints New CEO and Announces Key Corporate Changes

Coco de Mer Opens New South Kensington Erotic Boutique

2008-10-01 | Coco de Mer has announced the opening of the newest addition to its chain of luxury erotic boutiques, located in South Kensington