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Punk Rock Lifestyle Offers a Platform for Fans of Punk Rock to Connect Online

2017-06-29 | Punk rockers have given into the digital age, and are increasingly turning towards the internet to connect to the other members of their punk subculture. Brings Together Sci-Fi Fans Online

2017-06-29 | From Star Wars franchise to Doctor Who, it seems that undying cinematic achievements both from small and large screen keep attracting new fans constantly. And now there is Sci Fi Dating, a handy platform that allows Sci-Fi fans to connect online.

Wealthy Singles Are Not Seeking Financially Equal Matches, According to

2017-06-29 | According to, men who are Black and financially well off to the point of being multi-millionaires, prefer that their female companions and future wives come from a much more humble financial background.

Wine Dating Club Sets Out to Match Single Wine Connoisseurs Nationwide

2017-06-29 | Mixing two enjoyable activities like dating and wine tasting is exactly what has set out to do. This new phenomenon called 'wine dating' aims to get people to 'clink'.

EDM Dating Takes Festival Love To New Heights

2017-05-31 | is a dating service that was created with the sole purpose of connecting electronic dance music enthusiasts with each other. EDM-lovers can easily find someone they can share their favorite tunes with on this dating website.

Free-Spirited Singles Make Waves on New Hippies Dating Site

2017-05-31 | is a fresh dating platform that is focused solely on fulfilling the needs of hippie lovers. This is a place for all those free-spirited people who are searching for the love of their life on the Internet.

Geek Dating Reinvents Nerd Passion

2017-05-31 | is a brand new dating service which provides geeks all around the world with a chance to date people with similar interests. Here, they can find a companion who will be eager to join them on a quest for love.

Rate of Women in the Military is Increasing, No Fraternizing Means Military Dating is Safest Option

2017-05-31 | With so many women opting for a career in the military, online military dating has proven to be the safest options given all the strict fraternizing rules.

Mixed Remixed Festival Honors Multiple Golden Globe and Emmy-Nominated Actor and Producer David Oyelowo

2017-05-28 | The Mixed Remixed Festival presents the annual Storyteller's Prize to multiple Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated actor and producer David Oyelowo 6/10/17 at 6:30pm in downtown LA for his work as an artist-activist who promotes racial connectedness.

New Social Marketplace Weedable Takes Cannabis Commerce to a Higher Level

2017-05-20 | Pot. Reefer. Grass. Mary Jane. No matter what people call it, they can now sell it, find it, review it, and share its attributes like never before.

Web Giant Trading Launches, Babies.Ph, An Online Community that Rewards Moms with Gifts for Speaking their Minds and Supporting Each Other

2017-05-19 | Babies.Ph is a new online community that rewards moms, parents, and families for interacting and supporting each other through forums, chat, and social media updates.

Festival Celebrating Mixed-Race Families Reveals 2017 Schedule

2017-05-08 | 4th Annual Mixed Remixed Festival, the largest nationwide gathering of mixed-race and multiracial families and people, celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Supreme Court case, Loving v. Virginia, which allowed people of different races to marry. - Unlimited Characters To Express Yourself On Twitter

2017-05-07 | The app for both iOS and Android will allow you to write tweets longer than Twitter's 140 character limit.

Local Business Organization Announces Call for Webinar Presenters

2017-05-04 | Westchester Networking for Professionals educational webinar series program offers an opportunity for business experts to engage and connect with a professional audience.

Charlie Gitto's Featured in St. Louis Homes + Lifestyles Magazine's May Issue

2017-05-01 | Charlie Gitto Jr. enters his family's restaurant business with as much gusto as ever as stated by St. Louis Homes Magazine

Trucker Personals Becomes Leading Online Dating Stop For Truck Drivers Across The Country

2017-04-28 | This community has become the go-to online dating website for truck drivers from all over the US thanks to its huge member base that is only expected to grow in the future.

Little People Date: A Big Game-Changer In The World Of Little People Dating

2017-04-28 | Little People Date has single-handedly revolutionized the world of online dating for little people by encouraging all users to accept them as persons prepared to give and receive love just like everyone else.

Dating Service Understands What Makes Vegetarian Love Sprout

2017-04-28 | Vegetarian Dating Service is here to help all veggie lovers find suitable partners without having to worry about any pork-induced Buddha bellies or total disregard for animal rights.

Republican Dating Helps Republican Singles Find A Mate With The Right Values

2017-04-28 | Republican Dating is a unique online dating site offering its matchmaking services to republicans living in all parts of the US.

Widower Dating Service Helps Those Ready For Love Transition Back Into Dating Again

2017-04-28 | Widower Dating Service is a discreet and charming online dating site for widowers that helps them start dating again once they're ready.