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Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance Now Accepting Personal Injury Claims from Clients Harmed by Exploding E-Cigarettes

2017-01-13 | Defective electronic cigarettes can cause severe burn injury, disfigurement

Leah VanProoyen Named 2016 Drug Lawsuit Source College Scholarship Winner

2016-11-17 | Drug Lawsuit Source College Scholarship awards $1,000 to one student.

Medic-CE and Code3 CME to Host Webinar on How Narcan, the "Save Shot," Can Help Fight Opiate Overdoses

2016-11-09 | Medic-CE, a Career Step company and provider of the Code3 CME VILT Solution, will host a free, live webinar on how Narcan, the "save shot," can help fight the sudden increase in opiate related overdoses in the U.S.

Farewell Sale for Three Blends Leaving Black Note Lineup

2016-10-18 | Black Note is offering discounted prices on vaping liquids in honor of three blends being discontinued in the wake of new vaping regulations.

Truth According To Michael - New Book About Man Addicted To Love

2016-10-01 | Based on the true events, just published novel TRUTH ACCORDING TO MICHAEL by Stevan V. Nikolic tells us the story about homeless men in New York, their addictions, and the road to recovery.

"Cravings? Overweight? Blame the Brain," Says Researcher and Author

2016-09-27 | Book offers innovative solution to long-term weight loss and optimum health

The Danger of Alchohol and Cardiomyopathy

2016-09-23 | Renowned Interventional Cardiologist, Dr. Alfred Sparman, Evaluates the Connection Between Alcoholism and Heart Disease

Medical Marijuana Driving Deaths in California are Increasing. 252 Persons were Killed in 2015, and 1,332 Have Died Over the Past 5 Years (2011 - 2015) in Fatal Crashes Where the Driver Used Marijuana

2016-09-22 | Marijuana was found in 21% of fatal crashes in CA in 2015, up from 18% in 2014. Both CO and WA at 24%, with Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries open for two years, have a higher percentage of marijuana driving fatalities than California.

SaliCue Saliva Sampler

2016-09-22 | A better way to collect, preserve and transport saliva samples

DecisionPoint Wellness Alumni Joe DiFabio To Speak at North Fulton Spotlight Recovery On September 29th

2016-09-21 | Speech Will Highlight His Victory in Overcoming a Heroin Addiction

Woodbury University Partnership with Sober College Expands to Serve Greater San Diego

2016-09-17 | Unique Program Offers Young Adults Opportunity To Earn Transferable College Credits During Outpatient Addiction Treatment

NAMED's Dr. Keith Kantor Named National Spokesperson For Optimal Harmony Water Company (AQUA-OH!)

2016-09-16 | Dr. Kantor Will Appear In All Online, Print, and Broadcast Promotional Material For Company

One Woman's Journey through Life, Love, and Recovery Told in New Book

2016-09-15 | Smell the Raindrops, a compelling story about relationships and the challenges of being a Southern Belle baby-boomer born into significant wealth

Treating Pain Responsibly in the Greater Washington Area

2016-09-13 | Addressing the Surgeon General's letter to physicians.

Active For Recovery Bike Ride Raises Awareness of Addiction Recovery and Mental Illnesses in Our Community!

2016-08-28 | The second annual 2016 Active For Recovery Bike Ride event is now open for registration! The ride benefits Metamorphosis of Alachua County, a long-term, community-bases, residential treatment program for adult chronic substance abuse clients.

Recovery Month Brings a Circle of Gratitude, Old Shoes, and the Overdose Epidemic to Colorado's Capitol

2016-08-27 | Denver, Co | Colorado State Capitol Saturday, September 17, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM MDT

NAMED Founder and CEO Dr. Keith Kantor Named To an Exclusive Position on The Expert Panel For

2016-08-12 | Is Premier Source For Health Information

Nicopure Labs Dramatically Expands its Robust Vaping Hardware Arsenal with New Devices

2016-08-01 | Nicopure Labs' latest product offerings are now available.

Recovery Squared Changes Lives and Empowers Recovering Individuals Through Transformational Coaching and Content

2016-07-26 | Steve Wofford's Transformational Coaching, Inspirational Blogs, and Podcasts Strengthen the Resolve of Those in Recovery