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Hepatitis B Foundation Welcomes Two New Board Members

2015-01-29 | Pharmaceutical industry executive Wayne Yetter and engineering industry executive Craig Esterly to serve on board of national nonprofit research and disease advocacy organization.

TPF Receives Funding To Continue Fight Against Ebola

2015-01-28 | Taia Peace Foundation has received much needed funding for five community based projects empowering local communities to fight the impact of Ebola

Robert J. Roland, DO, FACOI Recognized for Excellence in Medicine

2015-01-22 | Dr. Roland specializes in infectious diseases, wound care, and hyperbaric medicine

Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center Hires New Chief Operating Officer

2014-12-18 | A 20-year veteran of behavioral health and social service sectors, Lou Kassa will direct daily operations at the Biotech Center, the Hepatitis B Foundation, and the Baruch S. Blumberg Institute

Microgravity Helping Us Understand Immune System's Tiny Warriors

2014-12-09 | InSPACE experiments in space help to understand the fundamental science around directed self-assembly. Researchers hope to better define new methods of manufacturing materials composed of small colloidal or nano-particle building blocks.

UltraTape Announces Latex-Free, Lead-Free Autoclave Sterilization Indicator Tape

2014-12-04 | UltraTape Industries, a division of Delphon and leading manufacturer of cleanroom tape and label products, announced today its new latex-Free, lead-Free autoclave sterilization indicator tape.

A Major Step Forward in Fight Against Chikungunya Fever: Themis Bioscience's Vaccine Against Chikungunya Successful in Phase 1

2014-11-22 | Results presented at international conferences in Philadelphia and New Orleans.

Dr. Kathleen M. Mullane Noted for Her Work in Health Care

2014-11-19 | Kathleen M. Mullane, DO, Pharm.D. FIDSA, specializes in transplantation related infectious diseases.

Oxfam Launches Ebola Appeal to Stop Disease's Deadly Advance

2014-10-31 | Oxfam Australia has launched an appeal to raise funds to help stop the spread of the deadly Ebola virus inWest Africa, warning the outbreak will not be contained unless more is done to prevent new infections.

Killing The Deadly Enterovirus On Surfaces: ProKure Safely Kills Dangerous Pathogens in Seconds

2014-10-29 | Reducing the threat of infectious diseases in schools, ProKure V is a powerful disinfectant recommended by the CDC, to use on viruses such as common cold and flu, and even EV-D68 and Ebola.

EV-68, Ebola, STAPH Outbreaks Causing Increased Concern Among Parents - New Technology Can Help

2014-10-16 | GermLogic Provides schools and medical facilities with a New Defense for eliminating microbes, including STAPH & EV-68; with a new high-intensity UV Light technology to sanitize risk-prone areas.

Lisa Elliott Honored for Excelllence in Biotechnology

2014-10-03 | Dr. Elliott is a guest speaker at conventions for her expertise in bacteriophage.

Aquagenx is Sponsor of 2014 Water and Health Conference Attended by Global Leaders in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

2014-09-24 | Aquagenx will be exhibiting its Compartment Bag Test (CBT), a leading method for water quality monitoring that helps to ensure clean drinking water and improved public health throughout the world.

Everything in Moderation: Micro-8 to Study Regulating Pathogens in Space

2014-09-19 | Scientists want to address controlling outbreaks of Candida albicans, an opportunistic yeast pathogen, with the next round of cellular growth experiments on the International Space Station -- Micro-8.

Aerobiology Laboratory Associates, Inc. Appoints Mandy Palm as Senior Account Manager for the Western Region

2014-08-27 | Supporting clients in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

Virginia Sanchez, RN: "Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Advocate"

2014-08-23 | A Nursing Educator that serves as a Catalyst for Change

Fruit Fly Immunity Fails with Fungus After (Space) Flight

2014-07-04 | A study led by Deborah Kimbrell, Ph.D., at the University of California, Davis and her collaborators, suggests that normal gravity or hypergravity on the space station may help mitigate some of the biological problems in organisms living in space.

Biting Back at Malaria Mosquitoes

2014-05-13 | A novel delivery system for an anti-mosquito drug.

Buzz and Bite Highlighted In New Malaria Museum

2014-04-25 | Animated PSAs help combat disease.

Space-tested Fluid Flow Concept Advances Infectious Disease Diagnoses

2014-04-21 | A new medical-testing device is being prepped to improve diagnosis of certain diseases in remote areas, thanks in part to knowledge gained from a series of investigations aboard the International Space Station on the behavior of liquids.