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New U.S. Patent Allowance Granted to Mastix LLC for a New Chewing Gum Manufacturing Method Incorporating Cannabinoids

2017-07-25 | Allows Unique Manufacturing Process for Chewing Gum Products Used to Deliver Active Ingredients Including CBD and THC

A Mission Without Borders

2017-07-20 | NASA's Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut Project

Nutritional Brands Products Now Available in GNC Stores

2017-07-11 | Nutritional Brands is excited to announce that their products will now be sold in GNC Stores

Hackettstown Health Clinic Gives Back to the Community

2017-06-14 | Village Family Clinic, a Multi-Disciplinary Health Center, gives back to the community by delivering complimentary health and wellness workshops.

Peek Into Your Genes: NASA One-Year Mission Investigators Identify Links to Vision Problems

2017-05-31 | Genes, Vitamins and Fluid Shifts May Impact Vision of Astronauts

New Survey Points to Nutrition as Principal Factor in Liver Health

2017-05-24 | Amsety Bars Provide the Best Nutritional Support According to Liver Health Experts

Nutritional Brands is Excited to Celebrate All Moms This Mother's Day with a Special Giveaway!

2017-05-15 | Every Mom Deserves a BIG High Five Every Day, But for Mother's Day We Want to Go a Little further by giving away A Bottle Of MagO7!

Sanus Biotech Launches Sales of Synaptamine on Amazon

2017-05-05 | Additional channel offers wider distribution of popular dopamine boosting supplement

Neometrx Announces a More User-Friendly, Secure Website for Pure Detox Products

2017-04-30 | Neometrx, the maker of cleansing products like Pure Detox drinks, now offer a simpler, more secure shopping experience with its new website.

Pet Supplement Company Celebrates 20th Year Making High Quality Supplements For Companion Pets

2017-04-21 | Demand for NuVet Labs pet supplements continues to grow in its 20th year as pet owners post glowing NuVet reviews.

Speedee Trim LLC to Attend and Demonstrate Superior Plant Trimmer at Cannabis Business Expo- April 12-13th Phoenix Convention Center

2017-04-06 | Four Independent Lab Tests Showed No Difference in Trichome Content vs. Scissor Trimming

Sustainable Omega-3 EPA Cultivated by PlanktonHolland

2017-04-04 | Our Omega-3 phospholipid isn't found in any other vegetarian source and contains a very high level of the essential fatty acid EPA.

New Patent-Pending Water Soluble CBD Hemp Oil Formulation Significantly Increases Absorption

2017-03-23 | Introducing a brand new micro emulsion technology based water soluble platform to greatly enhance the bioavailability of their entire line of industry leading bulk and wholesale products.

Introducing A Brand New $5,000 College Scholarship and Paid Internship Program for Students Looking to Enter the Cannabis Industry

2017-03-21 | Entourage Nutritional Distributors in partnership with Colorado Springs, CO based Folium Biosciences Inc., is pleased to announce a new college scholarship and paid internship program for those students looking to enter the legal cannabis industry.

Dr. Stephane Schneider Recognized by Marquis Who's Who for Achievements in Gastroenterology & Nutrition

2017-03-16 | Dr. Schneider uses his extensive background and wealth of knowledge to educate others

New Book Provides Novel Solutions for Insomnia

2017-03-15 | A new book, Beyond a Glass of Milk and a Hot Bath: Advanced Sleep Solutions for People with Chronic Insomnia, provides problem-specific sleep solutions for the chronic insomniac.

Aerobic Life Mag07 Receives a Fun Facelift in the Form of New Packaging And a Fresh Label

2017-03-08 | Over the next 18 months, Aerobic Life will be changing the look of their packaging to accentuate their growth.

Empowering Women with PCOS to Transform Their Lives

2017-03-08 | Insulite Health Partners with MindPT, Mindpower Technology, to help women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and hormone imbalance make positive health change more quickly.

Sleep Group Solutions and SomnoMed Join Forces To Battle Obstructive Sleep Apnea

2017-03-08 | This ground breaking partnership of the two largest organizations in Sleep Breathing Dysfunction (SBD) represents a huge step forward in industry cooperation.