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New Diet Helps People Break Bad Eating Habits Over Time

2009-03-12 | Since The Pen and Paper Diet focuses entirely on energy consumption, a person can control their weight by eating unhealthy foods. Later, they can focus on eating more healthy after they have reached a healthy weight.

LighterLife Succeeds With Healthy Clients, Healthy Attitude And Healthy Company

2009-03-04 | LighterLife achieves First Class Star Status from the Best Companies Accreditation 2009 project for healthy work practices and high levels of employee care

Health Freedom Groups Join in Launch of Grassroots Health Revolution Petition at

2009-02-27 | A new petition calling for revolutionary health care reforms and health freedoms was launched today at

Intensive Outpatient Eating Disorder Recovery Center in San Diego, California

2009-02-24 | New Realities of Southern California is a multifaceted Healing Center that treats eating disorders and restores healthy mind and body connections.

Want to Manage Your Diabetes Naturally and Affordably?

2009-02-23 | For most people with diabetes, living a vibrant and healthy life can be a daunting task. Eating healthier foods, leading more active lifestyles, and keeping track of your blood glucose levels are all great ways to take control of your diabetes.

The Hole In The Ozone Layer: The Secret To The World's Most Powerful All Natural Anti Inflammatory Supplement

2009-02-22 | The effect on the Green Lipped Mussels that are indigenous to the area is a unique profile of Omega-3 fatty acids found ONLY in New Zealand

LighterLife Clients Shed Weight in 2008

2009-02-21 | LighterLife helps clients shed almost 94,000 stone in 2008

Cal NutraSciences (CNI) Develops Core4 Weight Loss System & Announces The Release Of Mr. G As The Famous Paul Gravette & Mr. X As The Well Known Paul Grimm. Together With Their Own Team Of Doctors & Scientist, They Have Masterminded The Science Of Nutrient Fusion & A Never Seen Before Diet Program

2009-02-10 | Cal Nutrasciences (CNI) Introduces the Core4 Weight Loss System where YOU can Lose Weight without changing your Eating Habits. The New Diet Program also comes complete with a business opportunity where you can actually make money by telling others about this incredible way to Lose Weight.

Best Selling Health Author Offers Affordable Dieting Tips In The Maker's Diet For Weight Loss

2009-01-31 | NYT Best Selling Author Jordan Rubin Says You Don't Have To Drain Your Wallet Or Depend On Pricey Programs To Lose Weight

PruHealth Research Shows Britons Need To Walk The Walk

2009-01-29 | PruHealth reports millions of Brits are intend to walk more to improve their health but three quarters have no idea how much they actually need to do

YoNaturals Vending Machines now at Keesler Air Force Base, Biloxi, Mississippi

2009-01-11 | YoNaturals recently introduced its "organic vending" concept to Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi and the innovative program has already experienced extraordinary success in what is regarded as a somewhat nontraditional location.

A Young Man's Courageous Battle to Survive

2008-12-20 | "Waiting for My Real Life" an independent, award-winning feature documentary is scheduled to screen in the Beverly Hills Hi-Def Film Festival, on Monday, December 29, at 7:30pm, at the Fine Arts Theater, 8556 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills.

Natural Solution To Stress and Increased Energy

2008-12-15 | Through the daily use of VIV you will be relieved of all forms of stress and your natural energy will return, leaving you feeling more calm and youthful, better able to deal with the many stressors of a busy lifestyle.

Hanna's Herb Shop Celebrates Preferred Customer Center Launch with FREE Holiday Offers

2008-12-13 | Now until 12/23/08, all Preferred Customers who spend more than $30 will receive FREE Shipping and a FREE copy of Hanna Kroeger's popular book: The New Book on Healing.

Best Selling Author Tosca Reno Releases Her Newest Book "The Eat-Clean Diet for Family & Kids: Simple Strategies for Lasting Health & Fitness"

2008-12-10 | Desperate Housewife Turned Celebrity Fitness Cover Model/Columnist Turned Bestselling Cookbook Author Tosca Reno, Helps Fight Childhood Obesity With Her Newest Book "Eat-Clean Diet For Family And Kids: Simple Strategies For Lasting Health & Fitness With Over 60 Recipes (Robert Kennedy Publishing)

Eat Fit, LLC - Healthy and Delicious Meals Cooked at Home

2008-12-10 | Eat Fit provides Personal Fitness Chef services, creating Healthy and Delicious meals in your home in support of your health and fitness goals.

Super Food For The New Year

2008-11-01 | The website states facts, testimonials, latest news articles concerning the berry as well as a free trial for the acai berry. Relaunches Their Free E-book, Your Secret Path To Vibrant Health

2008-10-26 |, retailers of FreeLife's goji juice products, announced today that they have updated and relaunched their free report titled "Your Secret Path To Vibrant Health". This free e-book covers the history, benefits and scientific research on goji.

Finding Balance is the Key to Healthy Living During These Tough Economic Times

2008-10-21 | The 'Finding Balance Boot Camp' is a unique challenge that offers information, motivation, support and feedback to better manage stress and find balance. The website encourages members to use SMART Goals to improve their nutrition, physical well-being and ability to relax.

James D. Kuznik Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-10-15 | He is responsible for marketing and business development of Candurin, a new "pearlescent pigment," which is used in foods and pharmaceuticals.