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Dr. Armin Tehrany, Orthopaedic Surgery, is Named a Top Doctor: New York Metro Area

2017-03-15 | Dr. Armin Tehrany, Orthopaedic Surgery, is named a Top Doctor: New York Metro Area.

Plasticity Brain Centers Joins Efforts To Build Public Awareness and Provide Facts

2017-03-09 | During March Brain Injury Awareness Month

Sleep Group Solutions and SomnoMed Join Forces To Battle Obstructive Sleep Apnea

2017-03-08 | This ground breaking partnership of the two largest organizations in Sleep Breathing Dysfunction (SBD) represents a huge step forward in industry cooperation.

Staz DeStout and Rude American Bats- A Great Small Business and Baseball Success Story

2017-03-07 | The Bat Rocking The Internet and Baseball Diamonds Across the US

Women's Hockey Superstar & Olympic Medalist Erika Holst To Visit The Plasticity Brain Centers: An Innovative Treatment Facility For Traumatic Brain Injuries

2017-02-28 | Cutting-edge technology combined with a proprietary diagnostic and treatment model delivers exceptional outcomes

Dr. Constantine Frantzides, Surgery, is Named One of America's Top Doctors

2017-02-23 | Dr. Constantine Frantzides , a Skokie,IL physician who is Board Certified in Surgery, has been selected by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. for inclusion in its prestigious guide of the nation's top 1% of medical specialists, America's Top Doctors.

Study of NFL Coaches Supports Astrology

2017-02-14 | Sports astrologer identifies celestial patterns successful pro football coaches share

Regenerative Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Physician Brings Advanced Treatment to Fairfield County

2017-02-01 | "As a non-operative orthopedic physician for over 20 years, I focus on ways to get dancers and athletes back to their game, workers back to work, and everyday folks back to daily activities with better function and less pain," explained Dr. Southern

Scientists and Students Tackle Omics at NASA Workshop

2017-01-26 | Astronaut Kate Rubins awards students for artwork portraying Omics. The Sports Gene author David Epstein and Twins Study investigator Chris Mason host "Omics of Sports & Space". Twins Study investigators release preliminary results.

How To Get Muscle Knots Out Of The Spinal Column Muscles

2017-01-09 | A Very Special Gift to Mankind

Chicago Pain Relief! Patients with TMJ Disorders, Headaches and Migraines are Finding A Better Quality of Life! SPG Blocks Can Give Patients Control of Pain

2016-12-26 | Find Relief of Severe and Chronic Pain. Dr Shapira has been improving Quality of Life for patients for over 35 years and he utilizes the amazing SPG Block featured in the book "MIRACLES ON PARK AVENUE".

What is Neuroplasticity?

2016-12-13 | The new buzzword in science these days is Neuroplasticity, but what is it exactly?

Doctor in Search of the Holy Grail of Health

2016-12-06 | Doctor launches health podcast through interviewing experts in health and fitness

Baseball Superstar Albert Pujols a Huge Fan of Shalva

2016-11-23 | Shalva is renowned all over the world for providing state-of-the-art care and community outreach services to thousands of families with special needs children in Israel.

One Leg Physio Tips Global Balance

2016-11-17 | The average person can balance on one leg for 33.4 seconds. How about you?

Tommy John Surgery Is Dead

2016-10-26 | Group that has eliminated more cases of Tommy John Surgery than any other facility in North America, has merged with ABZ Performance to launch The Arm Clinic, the ONLY clinic dedicated to the successful elimination of Tommy John Surgery.

What It Takes To Get Rid of Osteoporosis

2016-10-13 | From the Woman Who Solved the Mystery of the Human Back

The Bad Back Company Publishes Back Pain Advice in Support of National Back Care Awareness Week

2016-10-07 | The leading online pain resource has published an insightful blog to support and promote the UK's National Back Care Awareness Week, which runs from 3rd - 8th October.

A Unique Approach To Treating Knee Pain

2016-10-06 | Genicular nerve treatments offer new hope for patients with knee pain.