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Paris Pups Score Points For Astrology

2015-12-14 | French scientist's research with pedigreed canines delivers convincing results

Quickly Track, Locate and Recover Pets and Loved Ones with the Newest Wearable GPS Pet and People Tracker from GearUp Industries LLC Featuring SOS Two-Way Talk and Tracking on Smartphones or Web

2015-11-23 | GearUp's 2in1 GPS tracker with SOS two-way voice communication enters the wearable GPS tracking market with innovation and dual functionality allowing pets and loved ones to be located and connected 24/7 on Smartphones or web base platform.

Should We Ban Dog Breeding until Every Dog Shelter Empties?

2015-10-22 | National Alliance for Dog Breeding Reform Founder Ron Sturgeon Looks at Dog Breeding Bans

National Dog Breeding Reform Group Names Rita Rice Director of Research

2015-07-30 | National Alliance for Dog Breeding Reform Thanks Beth Palmer for Outstanding Service

PetCura Animal Hospital Opens in Livermore, CA

2015-07-29 | Livermore pet owners can now access state-of-the-art veterinary facility.

Denver Plastic Surgeon Dr. Christopher Williams Discusses Rise in Gynecomastia

2015-07-20 | Dr. Christopher Williams discusses the rise of gynecomastia surgeries

Medical Lead Management CRM Launches New Website

2015-07-07 | LeadAlign, offering secure medical lead tracking and management, launches an expanded website for national sales.

Alicyn Roy of Merchant Services Company SBGA Finish Reserve Champion in the Alumni Equitation Over Fences

2015-06-24 | Alicyn Roy developed a life-long passion for horses at an early age. Alicyn Roy was a top Open rider and Cachione participant for the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association.

Dog Breeding Reformers to Create Public Wiki of Current Laws

2015-06-18 | National Alliance for Dog Breeding Reform Volunteers to Fact-Check Submissions

UK Dog Breeder Site Asks Tough Questions of NADBR

2015-06-11 | Q&A with National Alliance for Dog Breeding Reform on

Dog Breeding Reform Group to Be Source to Find Breeding Laws

2015-05-29 | Beth Palmer, NADBR Director of Researcher, Outlines Group's Goals

National Dog Breeding Reform Group Sets Goal to Become Go-To Resource to Find Current Legislation & Regulations

2015-05-28 | NADBR's Director of Research Beth Palmer Outlines Research Goals

Ten-Year-Old Boy Accused of Beating Neighbor's Dog to Death

2015-05-26 | Signatures Needed on Online Petition urging Tarrant County District Attorney to pursue charges against the boy

National Dog Breeding Reform Group Launches New Facebook Page

2015-05-17 | NADBR Brings Together Rescue and Responsible Breeders to Make Dog Breeding Better for the Dogs

National Alliance for Dog Breeding Reform Invites Those Committed to Better Dog Breeding to Like and Share New Facebook Page

2015-05-14 | Focused, Business-Oriented Group Looking for News of Effective Reforms and Breeder Best Practices

NADBR Research Team Member Calls for Platinum Standard for Dog Breeders

2015-05-09 | Kim Colacchio poses "seal of approval" for breeders who meet right standards

New National Business-Oriented Group Seeking to Improve Dog Breeding for the Dogs

2015-04-30 | National Alliance for Dog Breeding Reform (NADBR) Seeks Volunteers to Ensure Dogs are Shown Kindness, Treated Humanely, and Bred Using Only Medically Sound Practices

Breeder of Champion Borzoi Rita Rice to Serve as VP of National Alliance for Dog Breeding Reform (NADBR)

2015-04-16 | Passionate Advocate for Pure Bred and Purpose Bred Canines and AKC Breeder of Merit Joins NADBR Leadership Team

RCBA's Senior VP Ron Sturgeon Issues Whitepaper about Improving Current System for Auctioning Dogs Retired by Breeders

2015-04-02 | Whitepaper Intended to Spark Discussion of Sensible Rules to Govern Breeders Who Retire More than 6 Dogs per Year