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Long Island Private Investigators, ICORP Investigations is Offering Free Consultation on All Private Investigation Services Including Employee Background Checks

2009-12-12 | ICORP Investigations, a private investigation team, is providing comprehensive background checks for small business owners and large corporations on Long Island and New York City.

New Christmas Tree Design Will Not Be Mistaken For A "Holiday" Tree

2009-12-08 | This new "CHRIST-mas" Tree design leaves no doubt as to the symbolism of the season.

Knowing What a "Right" Is in the United States Can Help You

2009-12-05 | Most people use the term "Rights" incorrectly and the misconceptions do more to hurt us than to help us.

Powerful tips from for fighting Ripoff Report

2009-11-11 | Have you or your company been listed on Ripoff Report? We have some very powerful tips to help you fight back.

The Irish Troubles and the Assassination of the First Minister of Northern Ireland

2009-09-24 | "The Bleeding Hills", a new novel by Wilfried F. Voss, tells the story of Finnean Whelan, an IRA veteran of almost forty years, who is being accused of planning the assassination of the First Minister of Northern Ireland.

Liongold: A Stunning New Memoir Deals with Issues of Race Relations, Human Rights and African History

2009-08-29 | Liongold is Bea Alden's personal account of daily life in South Africa in the era of apartheid. Readers will be riveted by Alden's faithful descriptions of what it was really like to live under this coldly deliberate experiment in total segregation.

Punch Out Publishing Announces Release of The Eighth Round by Zeke Wilson

2009-07-24 | Punch Out Publishing announces the release of an inspirational true story about a boxer whose biggest fight happened outside of the ring! Now, his inspirational true-life story will be available to help encourage citizens everywhere to do the same.

The Stewart Law Firm Honored for Crime Victim Service

2009-07-02 | The Stewart Law Firm, P.L.L.C. has received an Outstanding Service Award in recognition for the firm's service and commitment to victims of crime from Crime Victims First.

New User-Friendly Lawyers Data Base is Launched to the Web

2009-06-27 | ATATL is pleased to announce the launch of , a website devoted to legal information seekers. It intends to provide next-generation, full-featured, powerful, flexible, modular on-page searches.

Personal Injury by Police Brutality

2009-06-22 | Police brutality and false arrest cases are common in Phoenix. While sometimes difficult to prove, with the right Arizona personal injury attorney, your case could result in compensation and bringing corrupt officers to justice.

First Major Figure In Iraq Theater To Call For Accountability For War Crimes: Retired General Ricardo Sanchez Calls For Truth Commission At Culture Project's New Series Launch

2009-06-05 | Culture Project's "Blueprint for Accountability" launch on 5/31, has generated breaking news: General Sanchez, the former top coalition commander in Iraq, called for a truth commission to investigate abusive interrogation techniques.

Patricia Walsh Helped Students Achieve Success

2009-05-19 | Patricia Walsh is a retired special education teacher who attributes her success to her love for working with special needs children.

Catholic Bishop Calls For Priests To Marry

2009-05-15 | Advocates for a change in the Catholic Church's stance on celibacy have found support in a bishop recently appointed to the diocese of Bozen-Brixen in Italy.

Is Obscenitease Apparel Too Offensive?

2009-04-07 | Obscenitease Apparel is a New Clothing Line proclaiming to 'Redefine the Edge of Offensive Apparel' with their funny offensive t-shirts and stickers that display blasphemous phrases such as 'Abort Christ' and 'Atheists F**k Better.' Have they gone too far?

The Crowd Dreams of Love - and Justice; New Novel Paints "Terrifying Portrait" of Citizen Outrage over Corruption and Greed

2009-03-27 | The Crowd Dreams of Love, a new and - viewed by some in Hollywood and literary circles -prophetic novel foresees ordinary citizens pulled into an underground revolution to fight a corrupt government that curtails civil rights, manipulates the media, imprisons the innocent and rewards the greedy.

Yes We Did: LifeWay Launches National "I Matter" Movement

2009-02-20 | LifeWay announces the launch of their national "I Matter" movement, which intends to initiate a positive dialogue about the worth in all of God's people.

New Free Reverse Phone Directory Empowers Consumers Tired of Unwanted Calls

2009-02-20 | provides a free reverse phone directory and valuable information to assist consumers in identifying the source of their unwanted and harassing phone calls.

Missouri State Senate Bill May Create Illegal Monopoly If Passed

2009-02-09 | State of Missouri has a bill up for a committee hearing Tuesday, Feb, 10. 2009 which if passes will create an illegal monopoly. Animal owners, sanctuaries, and zoos are concerned that forcing them to get accreditted by only one private orginization should be illegal.

National Civil Rights Museum and Ford Motor Company Fund Announce Freedom's Sisters Exhibition and unveil Renamed Museum Theater

2009-02-01 | Freedom's Sisters Traveling Exhibition Honors 20 Extraordinary African American Women, Ford Motor Company Fund, Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES) and Cincinnati Museum Center Partner with National Civil Rights Museum to present Groundbreaking Exhibition

Paniotto Law Firm - - Adds a Retired Immigration Officer to Their Team of Professionals in Los Angeles

2008-12-17 | After 20 years of service with the Department of Homeland Security, Mr. Martinez, a recently retired immigration officer with an impressive and extensive experience has joined the team of professionals at Paniotto Law Firm in Los Angeles.