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Former FBI Special Agent in Charge Michael Tabman, now a security consultant, discusses security breaches caused by the use of wireless video systems.

2008-09-06 | Wireless video systems may cause more security problems than they solve. Former FBI Special Agent in Charge Michael Tabman discussed those concerns with a local news station.

InTime Solutions Announces ISE Goes Live in Thunder Bay PD; Signs Saint John to ISE contract; Launches bilingual website and French language version of ISE

2008-08-22 | InTime Solutions, a provider of next-generation employee scheduling and deployment enterprise software solutions built specifically for managing public safety personnel, announces a number of news items in Canada.

InTime Solutions Announces ISE Goes Live with Six Customers in California and New York - San Bernardino County and Orange County Probation Departments, the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department, and the San Leandro, Santa Monica and Albany, NY Police Departments.

2008-07-30 | InTime Solutions is pleased to announce that six customers have gone live with ISE, InTime's next-generation employee scheduling and deployment enterprise software solution built specifically for managing public safety personnel.

6 dead in Kentucky plastics factory shooting rampage. As this troubling trend continues to grow, Retired FBI Agent Michael Tabman comments on recent workplace shooting tragedy.

2008-06-27 | Retired FBI Agent and current risk management consultant Michael Tabman states that more training is needed for employers to understand the growing threat of workplace violence.

Protect Yourself with a Personal Alarm

2008-06-23 | For the personal safety concious amongst us protecting yourself and your loved ones in today's society is a necessary requirement.

A Panic Button for the Information Age Can Save Lives With a Click of the Mouse

2008-04-06 | An electronic panic button is now available to summon support, send notification of emergencies and track incidents through emails, text messages and instant message alerts.

New Company Brings Over 100 former Federal Agents into the Fight Against Identity Theft

2008-03-27 | The field of personal identity theft solutions became more interesting this month with the announcement of iSekurity. The company offers a new system of identity theft prevention and detection that attacks the problem at its source.

Publication Date for Mercedes Lambert's Dogtown/Soultown Omnibus Nears -- First time complete Dogtown Trilogy will be in print

2008-03-18 | Mercedes Lambert's complete Dogtown trilogy will be in print for the first time, five years after the author's death. Her friend and literary executor worked since her death to find a publisher for Ghosttown and a reprint publisher from Dogtown and Soultown.

Day & Zimmermann Goes Live with InTime in its Security Services division Rolling out InTime ISE across all its Security Services locations, including the Los Alamos National Laboratory

2008-02-22 | Day & Zimmerman, one of America's largest private companies with more than 24,000 employees and a leading provider of high-end security forces, has gone live with the InTime Scheduling Engine in its Security Services Division. ISE is a next-generation employee scheduling and deployment solution.

New Web Portal Reveals Facts Every Citizen Should Know About U.S. Public Records.

2008-01-08 | Long, endless days spent at the local courthouse while searching for U.S. public documents such as titles, liens, arrest warrants, and other records might be a thing of the past.

Sylvia Bennett-Stone Discussion and Book Signing "MIND FIELDS A Healing Journey to Survive the MURDER of a CHILD" December 15, 2007 Phone Number: 205-298-0648 Location: Barnes& Noble 201-Summit Boulevard Suite 100 Birmingham, AL 35243 Time: 2:00

2007-12-08 | Local non-violence advocate Sylvia Bennett-Stone will read and sign discuss her book entitled,"Mind Field." A Healing Journey to Survive the MURDER of a CHILD. True story of survival, love, devotion and shear triumph after the murder of her daughter and the trial of the shooter.