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2008-09-18 | Effe Leven Gallery invites artists to submit their work for an opportunity to exhibit in the gallery. The gallery offers free wall space to emerging artists, students and hobbyists. Effe Leven also features an online gallery, managed by a digital curator. Located in Chicago's River North district.

Clarke Auction Celebrates Tenth Anniversary with Live Traditional Irish Music, Saturday October 11th.

2008-09-18 | Founded in 1998 in Larchmont by transplanted Dubliners Ronan Clarke and Brian Corcoran, Clarke Auction remains Westchester's Premier Auction and an excellent alternative to Manhattan firms. A Tenth Anniversary is reached by fewer than 30% of small business startups per the U.S. Census.

Clarke Auction Heads into Fall with Strong Sale, Monday, September 22.

2008-09-18 | 1st Auction of Season features 4 antique Neoclassical Busts, 19th C. Art Bronzes, Period Furniture, Antique Estate Oriental Carpets, 36" Antler Chandelier, Stickley, Boulle, Midcentury Modern, Sterling, a large Acoma pot, early 19th C paintings - an important, diverse and highly decorative sale.

Hottest Trends in Bedding: VisionBedding's Latest Design "Crystal Ball"

2008-09-16 | This crystal ball design is groovin' with its modern and cool style...Making it a great teen, cool bedding design and completely customizable to YOUR room!

New Web Site,, Provides Interactive, Online Tools to Make Gratitude a Daily Practice

2008-09-12 | is a heartfelt, creative web site that provides tools for living an intentional life and a wealth of resources for personal growth, transformation and healing. It focuses on the art of practicing gratitude.

Hot New Trends in Bedding: VisionBedding's Latest Design "Southwest Skull"

2008-09-09 | For the cowboy at heart or the love of rich southwestern art, this photographic new bedding design is one-of-a-kind. The design is the latest, greatest thing in Southwestern style bedroom decor and perfect for all ages!

UEI releases ZeptoPad 1.5 ;the handwritten note-taking application for the iPhone and iPod touch Copy / paste of multiple figures and texts, as well as a grid display function, are now available. This product will show at AppleExpo 2008 in Paris, 17th-20th September.

2008-09-08 | ZeptoPad 1.5 will allow users to choose from a total of three different display modes: plain, ruler, and grid. Thanks to this newly added function, users will now be able to copy and paste multiple figures and texts using the editing tool.


2008-09-08 | Judy Sue Kushner transforms her boldly expressive modern art into a colorful and inspiring App that celebrates the feminine mystique and the power of positive thinking.

Great Resource Emerges for Fashion Design Start-ups

2008-09-07 | The East Bay Fashion Resource announces their fashion business seminars for October 2008.

New, Award-winning Roof Tile Design Takes The Ugly Out Of Rooftop Solar Energy

2008-09-06 | Bresslergroup wins an International Design Excellence Award from the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) and Businessweek magazine. The SRS Energy product is an aesthetically integrated solar roof that generates electricity while looking like a premium tile roof.

Sports Writer Launches New Chicago Cubs Video Poem Titled "Cubby Dare Bear"

2008-08-29 | Matt Ballard had done it again, combining his love for sports, his poetic rhymes, and his love for motorcross to debut yet another action video poem

Ankh Ra, Vocal Coach from MTV's Making the Band 4 Kicks Off The Ultimate Voice Tour in New Jersey

2008-08-28 | Mainstage Center for the Arts is sponsoring Ankh Ra, the Vocal Guru and Making the Band 4 vocal coach, on the opening tour date with a 4-hour vocal intensive workshop for the public at Camden County College in Blackwood New Jersey.

THE PRESIDENTS COLLECTION From the Award-Winning American Experience Series Comes the Fascinating Biographies of ten of the Diverse and Influential Men Who Served as President of the United States

2008-08-27 | A perfect back-story relating to the DNC and GOP conventions from PBS. The road to the White House highlighting 10 presidents. See whats new...

From Harlem to Harem, Clarke's Fifth Annual Fine Art Auction, October 27, 2008

2008-08-27 | The Harlem Renaissance to a Matisse Odalisque and the Orientalism of Fabio Fabbi and A.T. Millar, Larry Rivers and Mary Cassatt, Martin Lewis and Yasuo Kunioshi, Jane Freilicher and Robert Motherwell, Thomas Rowlandson and John Sloan, Miro and Picasso, Gladys Bates and Alexander Clarke.

Alice Cooper Guitarist Keri Kelli Announces Endorsement Deal: Painted Axe Faceplates for Guitar Hero Videogame

2008-08-20 | Alice Cooper guitarist Keri Kelli is pleased to announce he is offering four new custom Guitar Hero faceplates by Painted Axe, on his Web site

Boston Interactive Announces New Website for The Art Connection

2008-08-20 | New Website Created Just In Time to Promote The Art Connection's 13th Anniversary Event. The Art Connection is a not-for-profit organization that expands public access to visual art through a unique art donation and placement program to other not-for-profits in the Greater Boston area.

With Airlines Charging For Bags Consider Shipping Luggage

2008-07-31 | The Pak Mail Luggage Advantage program gives travelers the peace of mind that their luggage will be delivered door-to-door to their destination on time and without the airline hassle.

Hot and Cool Double Auction at Clarke as Mid-Nineteenth Century Firefighting Collection meets Midcentury Modern Sunday July 27, 2008

2008-07-25 | Clarke to auction 150 year old collection of historic firefighting memorabilia direct from the firefighters themselves followed immediately by another great midcentury modern, antiques and fine auction Sunday July 27th at 4:00 and 6:00 E.T.

Claude Monet he is not.

2008-07-21 | Authentic Cajun Abstract Artwork


2008-07-21 | Keira is best known for her colorful simplistic depictions of life in our multi-cultural world which she creates by hand from bits of painted cut paper.