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New Voiceover Talent for Radio Ads at

2007-04-13 | The online voice talent marketplace features the voices of new voiceover professionals for radio commercials and ads.

GhostHunting for Beginners Seminar to Be Held

2007-04-11 | Interest in ghosts, paranormal experiences, and more has alway stirred our imagination. Our upcoming seminar will provide access to over 50 years of ghost hunting experience. The seminar will conclude with a tour and investigation.

Rodeo Drive's Real Nip & Tuck Artist

2007-04-10 | The characters on the hit television show may be moving to Rodeo Drive, but in real life there is only one plastic surgery center on the world's most glamorous street.

Jacko's Giant Robot Escapes from ZANESVILLE

2007-04-02 | Did Michael Jackson read ZANESVILLE by celebrated author Kris Saknussemm? It appears so!

Make Those Special Moments More Memorable With Help from DFW Elite Auto

2007-03-31 | Celebrate Wedding, Prom or Graduation in Style With a Luxury Car Rental Or Add Four-Wheeled Flair to Senior Pictures!

Talking Celebrity Fiction Web Site Now Gives You A Virtual Look into the Minds and Bedrooms of Celebs

2007-03-30 | Puzzlekiller Talking E-Novel enters the CelebWeb to address the insatiable curiosity of the public for everything Celebrity.

New Book, "Spointra and the Secret of Business Success," Proves That Fun and Business Theory Can Coexist Harmoniously

2007-03-29 | Cristian Mitreanu's book "Spointra and the Secret of Business Success," which will be released on April 3rd at, brings the graphic novel format into the business book realm.

A Killer of a Whale Launch - Assisted Suicide Novel Hits Shelves

2007-03-23 | It will be "a killer whale of a launch party" on Saturday, April 7, as author Cheryl Kaye Tardif's highly anticipated assisted suicide novel Whale Song hits the shelves.

Here Comes the Bride - Check Out Her Ride!

2007-03-22 | Make the Day of Her Dreams Complete With a Luxury Car From DFW Elite Auto

Porsche Boxster, Dodge Viper, and Lotus Elise Add Spark to DFW Elite Auto's Cool Drive Your Dream Tour

2007-03-20 | 'Every Mile a Memory' Tour Makes Driving Dreams Surprisingly Affordable

Real Estate Market Slow-Down Puts Buyers in the Driver's Seat

2007-03-18 | Local Real Estate Agent Offers Trolley Tour of Historic Annapolis Homes for Sale. Makes Your Car Dreams Come True - With a Little Help From DFW Elite Auto

2007-03-17 | Online marketplace puts you behind the wheel of a Ferrari F430 Coupe

Free Product Give Away helps launch Instant Guitarist

2007-03-16 | Instant Guitarist is gaining momentum after giving away one of their signature products, Instant Guitarist Starter Pack (RRP $17.99), It includes 4 online lessons and the chance to learn one of today's most versatile songs, Green Day - Time of Your Life. The response has been phenomenal...

What's Better Than A Drive Your Dream Car Tour? Getting One Free

2007-03-15 | New Incentive Rewards New Car Club Members with Free Drive Your Dream Tour Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, or A Rolls Royce for Two

EQUILIBRIA LLC Announces Research Resource Website

2007-03-14 | Equilibria LLC, has launched its research web site, [url=], which provide personalized research on almost any topic - including education, travel, business and current events.

Is There a Ferrari In Your Perfect Bachelor Party Fantasy?

2007-03-01 | 'Drive Your Dream' Tours Introduce a Unique Alternative to a Predictable Boys' Night Out

"Edges, O Israel, O Palestine" by Leora Skolkin-Smith, edited by Grace Paley will be featured at this year's Northern Arizona Book Festival, 2007 and the LA Time Festival of the Book.

2007-02-27 | The author will be appearing at the Orpheum Theater on April 21, from noon to 1:30. Book-signing at the LA Times Festival of the Book is on the UCLA Campus on April 28th, sponsored by he Author's Coalition, Booth #610 Zone F

It Doesn't Mow, Trim, or Mulch But Corvette Z06 Still Stars at Home and Garden Show

2007-02-22 | DFW Elite Auto Brings 'Drive Your Dream' Tour Car to 2007 Dallas Home and Garden Show

Red 1986 Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible Glides into DFW Elite Car

2007-02-21 | Cheeky British Throwback Has Hidden Mini Bar

DFW Elite Car Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Ford GT

2007-02-17 | Limited Production Ford Supercar Wheels into Elite Fleet