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Celebrities Go the Extra Mile for Sport Relief 2006 Launch

2006-05-06 | Celebrities from the worlds of sport and entertainment will today launch the Sport Relief 2006 campaign at The Albannach, WC2 and in Trafalgar Square.

Acoustical Solutions, Inc. Introduces Their New Line of Designer Acoustical Wall Panels

2006-04-26 | The Commonwealth Collection offers a combination of sound control and decorative accents that will enhance both the look and sound quality of any room.

Indian American film ARYA reaching places

2006-03-19 | It is not common for Indian movies or Indian American movies to get the kind of worldwide distribution that this film is getting. Brings Back the Fun as Listings Surge to Over 400,000

2006-03-16 | Just after midnight on March 14, 2006, a few days into the second week of's Listing Contest, listings soared to an all time high of 409,226. Up from 186,867 less than two weeks ago. Announces $1,000 Cash GIVEAWAY

2006-03-02 |'s first Listing Contest begins Sunday, March 5, 2006 at 11:00pm ET and runs through Saturday, April 1, 2006 at 10:59pm ET. Passes Overstock and Sets Sights on Industry Leader

2006-02-23 | is wrestling for position with, for the first time since opening their doors, a little over a year ago. Launches Comprehensive C. S. Lewis Audio and Video Resource Page

2005-11-21 |, an online resource for audio and video educational products, presents the C. S. Lewis Audio and Video Resource Page (

Buzz-Worthy: the new stand-out in online comedy

2005-11-16 | With its Weekly Updates in Entertainment news and it's Daily Update in funny pictures and media, is making itself known as the new stand-out in online comedy.

Prescription:suicide? Premieres November 10th, 2005 at the 20th Annual Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival

2005-10-15 | Prescription:suicide? Is a documentary that takes an intimate look at the personal impact of anti-depressant drugs on children and teenagers. It premieres Nov 10, 2005 at 5:30PM at the Coral Ridge AMC 10 Theater, 26th Ave. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306.


2005-09-22 | Indie Teen Comedy Gets International Flavor in Belgium

Televisa Pictures set to release "The Movie" this fall

2005-08-22 | "El Vacilon-The Movie" Coming to a theatre near you this fall written and produced by Luis Jimenez a young and talented Latin radio host with a hugely successful radio show in New York City


2005-08-21 | NHT's Big Screen Appearance Provides Ample Opportunity for Consumer Contest

New Web Site for Home Theater and Movie Reviews Celebrates Film in Theaters and at Home

2005-07-22 | Launch of "Big Picture Big Sound" brings together home theater guru Chris Boylan and film fanatic Joe Lozito for the first time online.

VJ Sound Brew Creates a 3D Music Video for The G-Man's 'Squealorama' Song

2005-07-18 | Extrasolar planets, binary stars, cosmic rays, dark energy, neutron stars, alternate planetary systems, pulsars, quasars, star clusters, and supergiant stars are part of the amazing imagery in the new 3D music video performed by VJ Sound Brew for the trance track from The G-Man's SONIC TONIC album.


2005-07-12 | Eighty Market Radio Campaign Kicks off July 11, 2005

Exciting new novel set in the ancient Roman Republic - adventure, fights, thrills, romance and plenty of action (for 18+ audiences)

2005-07-03 | First novel in a series titled "Barbarians in the Republic" is now available as an ebook!(ebooks on and This is not a dry history book but an exciting, adventurous work of fiction that will be certain to enthrall readers throughout its 400+ pg length.

Are Arabs in America Terrorists-In-Waiting? A New Film "The Arabian Dream" Paints another Picture

2005-06-28 | Recent polls show that more Americans favor greater surveillance of Arabs in America. A new film to be released on September 11, 2005, gives America an opportunity to scrutinize them more closely.

Film Wins Award And Television Series Concepts Are Optioned

2005-05-27 | Our film The Victim wins the award for best professional short. Also, production companies are seeking funding, distribution, and attachments for our television series concepts.