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Amaal Singh Releases New Single "Need It Too"

2017-11-09 | Debut single forecasts the rise of an emerging pop artist

Atlanta Artist Corey Barksdale - Elevating Art to a Brand New Level

2017-11-07 | The Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs has decided to expand ELEVATE, turning it from a seasonal temporary public art program, to a regularly occurring arts program for all Atlantans.

Duraline Introduces Superior Stage Pin Connectors For More Durable, Efficient, Weather Resistant Stage Pins Than Are Currently Available On The Market. Eliminating Shock Hazards

2017-11-07 | Duraline Molded Stage Pin Connectors are integrally molded directly to cable in solid rubber. Eliminate potential shock hazards and will deliver safe, reliable & long-lived service at an affordable price.

Indian American Pop Singer SuriLee Releases New Music Video for Single "Don't Know"

2017-11-07 | "Don't Know" is from SuriLee's new album "Wild Lily"

MONEY News: Canadian Money News - NOVEMBER is Financial Literacy Month

2017-11-04 | Celebrating Canada's 150th Anniversary with promotion of Canadian Financial Literacy Program, site and new "Poverty Sucks" Campaign

Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos, What is the Origin of the Grinning Skull with the Feathery Flowery Hat Called La Catrina?

2017-11-02 | La Catrina is considered by many to be Mexican artist Jose Guadalupe Posada's masterpiece and most iconic image.

Make Your Way Down The Rabbit Hole to California's Most Whimsical Holiday Event "The Mad Hatter Holiday Festival" that Recreates an Alice in Wonderland Enchantment for All in the City of Vallejo

2017-11-02 | The Mad Hatter Holiday Festival attracts thousands to the historic downtown district with its Mad Hatter Parade and fire-shooting Wonderland recreations that turns the city into a fantasy world for children and adults alike!

It's Soon Christmas - Keep Your Wish Lists on the Web this Year

2017-11-01 | It's soon Christmas and then we must all do it again: Write, send and receive wish lists. Who gives what? What size does the aunt Anna wear in shoes? Does uncle Arne likes to read Ken Follett?

Calgary Singer/Songwriter Ann Taylor Releases New Single "Sober"

2017-10-31 | Poignant lyrics combine with compelling pop beats in original single

Iris Content Agency Launches Content Packages to Help Spread Holiday Cheer

2017-10-30 | The new content packages are designed to enhance a business' marketing and PR, and will include keyword research, content calendar, blog posts, and more.

Rapper VIP The Messiah's Mixtape "VIP vs The State" Available Now

2017-10-28 | "VIP vs The State" is VIP's announcement that he's ready to represent

ZALI Releases New Single "Girls Like Us" November 10th

2017-10-27 | Single is a celebration of strength in the face of heartbreak

Posh Seven Magazine Turns 10 Years Old

2017-10-26 | Posh Seven Magazine for women living in Loudoun County, Great Falls and Reston celebrated turning 10 years old in a beautiful party hosted by Eddie Merlot's in One Loudoun.

Innovative Distance Calculator for US Cities from

2017-10-26 | Traveling is an integral part of our modern society. Driving across the country is still a dream of many. Sometimes we don't want to overwhelm ourselves will a lot of information. The best way to travel is to make spontaneous decisions.

Ryan K Announces the Release of "Higher"

2017-10-25 | New single and music video weaves spellbinding narrative

Antherius Releases "Distant Christmas" Album For The Holidays

2017-10-24 | "Progressive New Age Artist Antherius Releases Distant Christmas Album For The Upcoming Holiday Season"

Stranger Things: What was the Cost of Living in 1983 Hawkins, Indiana?

2017-10-23 | Fintech firm OppLoans dives deep into the Upside Down in the name of financial research!

Food Matters TV Hosts 7-Day Cleanse

2017-10-21 | Join Food Matters and an online community of participants in a guided 7-day body cleanse Oct. 23 - 29, 2017

Critically Acclaimed Blues-Rock Guitarist, Songwriter and Vocalist Jim Allchin's LP Decisions Reaches Charting Milestones and is placed on the Ballot for a 2018 Grammy Nomination

2017-10-17 | Decisions is receiving notable mention in the Blues community and is active on terrestrial and internet radio, Spotify and consistently topping the Roots Music Report Charts

Illegitimate President to Master Mason and Back Again

2017-10-17 | "Our Governments been bought and sold... Over five hundred people were shot in Vegas and all the hell they had to give you was their thoughts and prayers... Trump took $30 million from the N.R.A., so what he gone help do? Not a not a goddamn thing.."