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7787 total news stories found. Offers an Alternative to FAFSA GOV College Funding

2009-06-10 | Stephanie Robey, author and creator of and President of Pivot Positive, LLC., announced today that the company would place considerable focus on assisting parents looking to fund their children's college education.

Metrix Webinar Highlights Strategies to Increase Service Profits

2009-06-10 | Learn not only what successful companies do to drive revenues and streamline costs, but how they do it.

Atlantic Link's Rapid E-learning Authoring Tools Chosen as Capital City Bank Brings E-learning Development In-House

2009-06-09 | "Atlantic Link's set of tools were not only comprehensive, but they were easy to use and allowed my team to get up and running after just a minimal amount of training," said Denise Wilson, VP of Corporate Development.

Thanks to Houston's Bayou City Art Festival, Capital One Bank & SPARK Park Program Donate Mosaic Benches and $3,000 Toward SPARK Park at Eastwood Academy Charter School

2009-06-07 | Houston's Capital One Bank donated two mosaic tile benches and SPARK School Parks contributed $3,000 to Eastwood Academy Charter School for its proposed SPARK Park, thanks to Bayou City Art Festival and SPARK's Non-Profit Partnership.

Microsoft Master Instructor Guest Speaker At Upcoming Georgia Society Of CPAs Technology Conference

2009-06-05 | Chris Menard, Microsoft Master & Certified Trainer, shares latest tips & tricks using Microsoft Office 2007

Estefania Viana Furr Honored for Excellence in Special Education

2009-06-04 | Special Needs Educator Estefania Viana Furr is the Recipient of Numerous Awards for her Efforts

Kay C. Gallinger-Crofoot Honored for Excellence in Elementary Education

2009-06-04 | Michigan-Based Educator and Recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award in 2006 and 2007

Kimberly A. Bunch Honored for Excellence in Elementary Mathematics

2009-06-04 | Cambridge VIP Helps Other Teachers Align with State Standards

Charlene E. McSwain Honored for Excellence in Pharmaceutical and Educational Research

2009-06-04 | Veteran Researcher Monitors Studies on New Drugs

7 Year Old Entrepreneur Calls Sasha And Malia Obama To Action With The No Spill Straw

2009-06-04 | Emily Stribling the 7 year old Entrepreneur from Atlanta Georgia want's the help of the Obama Children to help her with distributing over 90,000 Juice boxes to the needy kids in the Washington DC inner city areas sponsored by the No Spill Straw.

Susan J. Perillo to Be Profiled in Exclusive Registry

2009-06-04 | Susan J. Perillo turned her admiration for her own teachers into a career in education

Jennifer Meller Named to Exclusive Membership Organization

2009-06-04 | Cambridge Who's Who honors Jennifer Meller for 13 years of accomplishment in women's health

Terence K. Smith Named to Exclusive Membership Organization

2009-06-04 | Cambridge Who's Who honors Terence K. Smith for committed excellence in medical education

Carol A. Jasperson Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who

2009-06-04 | Carol A. Jasperson celebrated for 20 years of professional success

Hottest Kid Product of 2009- Magic Wishing Bracelets Unlock the Online Princess Kingdom

2009-06-03 | Trend in Interactive Products: Zorbitz releases Magic Wishing Bracelets - a bracelet that unlocks the online Princess World. Princess Video Games, educational games, prizes, create and dress your Princess, hrs of fun.

Thomas W. Ogletree, Ph.D. Honored for Excellence in Theological Education

2009-06-03 | Yale Professor Emeritus is a Widely Published Author

Ronnie L. Jowers, MBA Honored for Excellence in Financial Management

2009-06-03 | Cambridge VIP Helped Save Emory University School of Nursing

Reed Learning Introduce The Only Search Marketing Courses In The UK Accredited By Google

2009-06-03 | For the first time Google has partnered with a training provider to help teach marketing executives how to get the most from the Google marketing applications.

Zeno's Paradoxes Undeniably Solved For The First Time Ever

2009-06-03 | For more than two millennia, the paradoxes conceived by the Sophist Zeno (Zenon) of Elea were considered unsolvable: Impeccably logical arguments that lead to false conclusions.

Free Warehouse Management Series -- Informative Two-part Series On How To Increase Your Profits By Focusing On Your Warehouse

2009-06-02 | Increase Your Profits -- Informative two-part series on how to increase your profits by focusing on your warehouse.