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P&H Construction Celebrates With Prestigious Top Award - 2008 HOBI Award

2008-11-15 | P&H Construction was honored with a HOBI 2008 award for the Best New Commercial Under $5MM- for the building of Long Ridge School Arts & Athletics wing in Stamford, CT.

International Conference and 2008 Community Advancement Awards Gala Once More Places the Developers and Builders Alliance at the Forefront of the Industry

2008-11-13 | Developers, builders, architects and all other industry related professionals worldwide gathered at Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach Florida in an unprecedented conference to address global issues, and to recognize the most outstanding projects and professionals in the real estate Industry.

New Green Solution Launched by Alen Corp. Eliminates Indoor Air Pollution

2008-11-13 | Alen Corporation will launch nationwide on November 28 the only electronic eco-friendly solution to indoor air pollution ever available to U.S. consumers.

Baja Fractional Beach House Meets the Needs of the Green Consumer

2008-11-13 | Casa Del Sol on the Southern Baja East Cape to be constructed as a self-sustaining property with small carbon footprint for the second home vacation buyer

Internet Christmas Tree Farm Introduces Exciting 'Adopt a Christmas Tree' Program, Allows Families to Watch Their Christmas Tree Grow Year After Year

2008-11-12 | Santa's Forest Fresh Christmas Tree Farm unveils its Adopt a Christmas Tree program, allowing families to purchase a newly planted Christmas tree and watch it grow, year after year.

Oregon State Records Show Pesticide Exposure Risks to Children at Schools

2008-11-11 | A preliminary review of pesticide poisoning complaint records kept at the State Department of Agriculture and Department of Human Services reveals that children participating in school activities have been exposed to pesticides dozens of times in the past ten years.

ECOcal Brings the Natural World to the iPhone

2008-11-07 | From the makers of the ECOlogical Calendar. Access the natural world every time you turn on your iPhone with ECOcal, one of the most feature rich mobile applications ever, designed for the environmentalist in all of us.

Embassy Suites Los Angeles-Downey Renovates and Recycles in Partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Greater L.A.

2008-11-03 | Embassy Suites Los Angeles-Downey is partnering with Habitat for Humanity to donate furnishings from its 219 suites, restaurant and lounge to be sold at the organization's Home Improvement Store in Gardena. All items available to public at half off retail and 100% proceeds help build more homes.

Eco-Cheap is In - A Green Frugality is Sweeping the Country

2008-10-29 | The era of mindless prosperity is over and a time of thrift is upon us. Times are tough and people need to budget but where do they start? Eco-chic is out and eco-cheap is in. Living a green lifestyle could be the answer to saving money and the planet.

More Natural Light Used in Green Remodeling - Utilizing Natural Light Helps Reduce Energy Costs

2008-10-29 | The green building boom isn't just a new construction phenomenon. Consumers also want their remodeling projects green according to research by the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) Remodelers.

Passive Light Gaining Ground in Green Building - Easily Installed, Inexpensive Tubular Skylights Provide Free Passive Light

2008-10-29 | Easily Installed, Inexpensive Tubular Skylights Provide Free Passive Light

Handy Homeowners Can Add Natural Light Quickly - Easily Installed, Inexpensive Tubular Skylights Make Homes Greener

2008-10-28 | Easily Installed, Inexpensive Tubular Skylights Make Homes Greener

Cambridge Who's Who Names Wilfredo Muniz Executive of the Year in Safety Consultancy

2008-10-24 | With over 20 years of professional experience, Mr. Muniz specializes in consulting on safety management.

Lab Report Examines New Ideas for Parks and Public Landscapes

2008-10-24 | Latest volume from Phoenix Urban Research Laboratory investigates the role of public landscapes within contemporary cities across the United States and Mexico

World Premiere of a High-Realist Portrait of the Cross River Gorilla

2008-10-23 | The first ever painting of a Cross River gorilla, Africa's most endangered primate, has been created by Canadian artist Daniel Taylor, who traveled with the African Conservation Foundation to the jungle of south-west Cameroon's Lebialem Highlands to save this unique great ape species.

EIN News Introduces Free News Alerts for Online Newsrooms

2008-10-22 | EIN News Introduces Free News Alerts for Online Newsrooms

EIN News and Energy Industry Today Announce Advertising Agreement with Turret Middle East

2008-10-22 | EIN News and Energy Industry Today Announce Advertising Agreement with Turret Middle East

Brian Heinbaugh Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-10-19 | Mr. Heinbaugh specializes in power plant management and is responsible for managing operations, budgeting and supervising 21 employees.

Newtechbio Offers WHITECAP(TM) SC Aquatic Herbicide with Fluridone

2008-10-19 | Newtechbio, Inc. announced today that it has expanded its product offering line with the addition of WHITECAP SC herbicide with Fluridone for the control of aquatic weeds in fresh water ponds, lakes, reservoirs, potable water sources, drainage canals and irrigation canals.

The Service Program Continues to Grow with a New Appointment

2008-10-18 | Service and Routing Software Company Expands to Meet Demand for Service and Routing Solutions