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Orlando Airport Marriott Now a Designated Member of the Florida Green Lodging Program

2008-02-08 | Orlando Airport Marriott has recently been designated as a member of the Florida Green Lodging Program.

Visage Marks 5 Year Company Anniversary

2008-02-06 | Visage Solutions, LLC is proud to announce that it has achieved a significant milestone by marking the 5th anniversary of its founding.

Texans Take a Shine to Supersize Rental Cars in Dallas

2008-02-05 | RXT Pickup, Hummer H2, and Cadillac Escalade Remain Popular Rentals at DFW Elite Auto Despite Green Trend

Renaissance Houston Hotel Earns Prestigious ENERGY STAR Label from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

2008-02-01 | For its efforts to protect the environment through conserving water and energy, the Renaissance Houston Hotel has earned the prestigious ENERGY STAR label from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

RT Cotter and Associates adds Paul Armas as Senior Vice President, Consulting Services.

2008-02-01 | Senior staff addition reinforces leadership role assisting healthcare organizations in Joint Commission Compliance

Wild About Australia Zoo's Bindi Irwin

2008-01-25 | Wild Republic will debut a range of products inspired by Australia Zoo's Bindi Irwin at the 2008 International Toy Fair in New York, February 17-20.

UtopiaBirdHouses Adds Purple Martin Gourds to Product Line

2008-01-23 | extends its wild bird product line with purple martin gourds. These attractive, durable birdhouses add an element diversity to the retailer's ecologically-minded online store, while providing a stimulus for responsible stewardship of nature.


2008-01-22 | Eco Texas, a charity started by area teenagers, was successful in removing a large amount of bamboo and other invasive plant species at its workday on January 19th. The effort was designed to help preserve the local environment and was coordinated with park officials.

"In Most Mountain Counties, Developers Answer to No One."

2008-01-17 | The Risks of Buying Homes and Land in Western North Carolina. Real estate in Western North Carolina is offered as safe and secure property, but in reality the region's mountain slope acreage is dangerous and financially risky.

Florida Electric Auto Association Hosts Battery Beach Burnout to Promote 'Green' Electric Vehicle Technologies

2008-01-16 | The Florida Electric Auto Association (FLEAA), in conjunction with Vectrix and AC Propulsion, will be hosting the 3rd Annual "Battery Beach Burnout", an alternative fuel / electric vehicle competition, in Miami, FL at Countyline Dragway January 25th and 26th.


2008-01-16 | A new clean tech industry based on guayule is producing a commercial source for bio-based rubber, latex, alternative energy, and other consumer and industrial products

"Buyers Simply Don't Know to Beware"

2008-01-05 | Western North Carolina Realtors Fail to Disclose Material Risk. It is not in the news and most people have forgotten that landslides devastated Western North Carolina in September 2004, lives were lost and homes and roads were pushed down mountain slopes.

Paul Rodgers' NYE Webcast; Sponsorships to be Auctioned on eBay to Benefit The Equilibrium Institute: Auction Closes 12/29/2007

2007-12-28 | EQ.TV HOSTS FREE NEW YEAR'S WEBCAST OF PAUL RODGERS, Sponsorships to Benefit Equilibrium Institute.

North Allegheny High School Students to Raise Funds to Help the Residents of Rwanda

2007-12-16 | Thirteen years after the genocide, a large number of the population of Rwanda is still living in villages that lack basic amenities such as a fresh water supply and a reliable energy source.

ADMARCO Launches Super Shopping Site www.365BUYING.COM

2007-11-22 | ADMARCO, Venice, CA, launches A Super Shopping Site featuring national & international news, sports & weather and political, marketing & shopping blogs featuring "A Girl Must Shop" blogs in an Super Shopping Mall with over 150 globally known companies and vendors.

Being Eco Friendly Has Never Been This Sexy

2007-11-19 | 2008 Habana Girls Calendar on Sale Now


2007-11-17 | A Professional Assessment of Landslides in Western North Carolina. Landslides in the counties of Western North Carolina are frequent, but not publicized, geologic events.

The Ecostrip Wins 2007 Green Product Award for Eliminating "Vampire Electronics"

2007-11-12 | The USB Ecostrip, the long-awaited solution to the plague that is "Vampire Electronics," has been recognized as the most innovative new energy-saving product of 2007 by Carlyle Associates.

Homes on Mountain Slopes are Accidents Waiting to Happen

2007-11-10 | Western North Carolina Landslides, an Expensive Reality. So you have fallen in love with our beautiful mountains, and you're ready to buy your Western North Carolina dream home. How do you choose? The answer is: carefully., World's First Video and Blog Promotion System, Goes Green

2007-11-08 | (Los Angeles, CA - November 6, 2007) Logical eXtensionS, Inc.'s, the world's first consumer driven advertising system where consumers participate in both the creation and communication of advertising, today is launching the second phase of the Thinking Green Promotion.