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Major Unofficial Upgrade for Microsoft Windows Vista and XP Released

2008-09-05 | Extensions for Windows provides the 'missing link' by enhancing computer operating system's functionality through advanced features

FTP Enable Your Web Application in Seconds

2008-09-04 | Thin File (Pvt) Ltd. has announced the availability of a new version of their web based file transfer software ; Thin FTP Upload. A product which the company claims can be used to web enable your web application in 60 seconds. provides Free International Phone Calls to over 40 Countries, relaunches Website

2008-09-03 | Popular VoIP provider today launched its new website Registered Voipax users can make free phone calls to more than 40 countries. An additional 200 countries can be called at a fraction of the cost of regular calls.

Joe Turner named Executive Vice President of Marketing of TK Carsites

2008-09-03 | TK Carsites continues their commitment to marketing, training and customer service with this newest member of the executive team

Ventana Research Finds Disconnect with Business Analytics for Decision-Making

2008-09-03 | Benchmark research finds bad practices in use of information and technology undercut performance management

Global Cash Flow Network and Mary Gersten's Top Rated Certified Media Placement Specialist Program Committed to Excellence

2008-09-01 | Global Cash Flow Network's Certified Media Placement Program, is the top rated program by Industry Watchdog Mark Hodges, owner of...

Another happy ending...

2008-08-31 | If you like happy endings then you will be pleased to know that Lisa Starret and her father, Thomas Critchley, have been successfully reunited after 21 years apart. The pair, unified in conjunction with Tracesmart's Missing Person campaign, met for the first time yesterday in Blackpool.

Companies Take Advantage of Archive Systems' Accounts Payable Process Assessment Service

2008-08-31 | Archive Systems, a leading provider of accounts payable automation, announced that numerous companies have signed up for its new Accounts Payable Process Assessment service.

CentRealTech Names Dennis Evans as Chief Financial Officer

2008-08-30 | Former Computer Access Technology Corp. Executive Joins CentRealTech, Inc. Company

OPC Unified Architecture Myths Explained

2008-08-29 | OPC Unified Architecture is the latest OPC specification for universal industrial data connectivity released by the OPC Foundation. The OPC Training Institute is scheduled to explain how this standard will impact the manufacturing industry worldwide.


2008-08-27 | Jerry Riddle, a 25-year IT veteran, assumes the lead role as the Solution Architect for the Virtualization and Security business practice for Integrated Solutions Management, Inc.

Baneki offers freeware solution to Chinese government blocking of itunes

2008-08-26 | Censorship comes in all shapes and sizes, from trivial to momentous, and is hardly difficult to find in the world today. We generally look towards legislative and/or political solutions to this diseaseof institutional censorship, but we must also remember that, today, other solutions exist.

APAX Global Payment & Technologies AG a PCI certified processor meets highest standards in the payment card industry

2008-08-22 | A small portion of European credit card processors meet the standards set by the card networks

FHM - Exclusive Preview of Call of Duty 5: 'World at War'

2008-08-22 | has gained exclusive access to the year's most-anticipated console game: Call of Duty 5: 'World at War'. checks in with iomart

2008-08-22 | iomart accommodates managed hosting needs of online hotel search business


2008-08-22 | Software Complies with 100 Percent of Updated 2007 Certification Criteria

US Advertisers Extend PPC Reach to China Search Market

2008-08-22 | Advantix Media LLC and SinoTech form Strategic Relationship

Unique 2 Day course: Cloud Computing, Managing Services that are in the Cloud - The ITIL Service Management Way

2008-08-22 | One of a Kind Two day Course , First One Sells Out: Cloud Computing Best Practices for Managing and Measuring Processes for On-demand Computing, Applications and Data centres in the Cloud with SLAs


2008-08-21 | Digital Out-of-Home Giant Selects RMS Networks' Addressable Advertising Technology, Other Services for Existing Networks and Future Expansions into North America.

XDepth High Dynamic Range Video Compression Technology on the Market

2008-08-20 | Trellis Management Co. Ltd. presents the world's first commercially available and backward-compatible High Dynamic Range Video compression technology