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How Personal Is Your Bedding?

2007-08-15 | Brand New "Picture" bedding Put any design or image on your bedspread or duvet! or Choose from over 100 Photographic Bedding Designs! Only 1 company offers -

Pass the Tostones Rellenos, por favor. Or the Toston w/caramelized apples and whipped cream. Or the Plantain Pita. Celebrate with Chef DonClark, Ambassador of Plantains, and the 44 million Hispanics living in the US during Hispanic Heritage Month starting Sept. 15th

2007-08-14 | Chef DonClark, has taken the plantain, a staple in everyday Hispanic cooking, and reinvented the fruit, in a fashion that has opened the eyes of Plantain lovers everywhere to possibilities beyond the toston, but first ... there had to be a first!

Insulated Garage Doors Now Eligible for Homeowner Tax Credit

2007-08-09 | THe IRS has declared insulated garage doors an energy saving home improvement worth up to $500 tax credit provided they are installed by December 31, 2007.

GIFTYBOX - The Experience Gift - introduces its national "Spa & Well-Being Giftybox", the first all-inclusive Spa Guidebook & Gift Pass combo.

2007-08-03 | Gifts are generally given with the hope of making someone happy. When the gift is the new Spa & Well-Being Giftybox, making them happy also means making them feel good. This new spa package will be released this September by Giftybox, the leader in experiential gift-giving.


2007-07-21 | PERIOD® a Rick Livingston Design Firm Participates in Showhouse for First Time

Residential Contractors Profiting With New Tool

2007-07-09 | Web Presence Brings New Customers

Underfloor Heating Online Shop Now Offers Next Day Delivery Service

2007-07-08 | FloorHeating Ltd announces next day delivery service of their underfloor heating products to UK mainland customers, for all orders received before 2pm.

Gardening Thoughts Adds Garden Bridges to its Range of Garden Buildings & Furniture

2007-07-06 | Gardening Thoughts announce the addition of garden bridges to their selection of garden buildings and furniture. Garden bridges are ideal for any garden with a stream or pond and make a distinctive eye catching feature.

Iceland stands out as a location for Data Centers

2007-06-28 | According to a benchmarking study, by Price Waterhouse Coopers in Belgium for Invest in Iceland Agency in association with Teymi, Hitaveita Suðurnesja, Orkuveita Reykjavíkur, Farice, Siminn, and Landsvirkjun, Iceland stands out as a location for Data Centers.

Coral Springs Parents find more time for fun

2007-06-23 | Busy parents often sacrifice hot meals & relaxed family time in lieu of more work, soccer practice & the daily grind. Home just in time to throw in a load of wash, bed and begin again. Weekends are left to finish all that was missed during the week. Where is the time for fun?

Amcor Portable Air Conditioners: New to

2007-06-20 | Independent UK portable air conditioner guide is pleased to announce it is now featuring profiles of two of the most stylish and best performing cooling units on the market: the PLM Series Amcor Portable Air Conditioners.

Incoming Freshman Students Move beyond Collegiate Licenses, Demand Style and Access to Dorm Room Products

2007-06-11 | Room It Up continues to expand it's presence in college campus bookstores as students demand more access to stylish dorm room decor & accessories, launching to cater to students "always connected" lifestyle.

Improve Your Power Factor, Environment and Your Pocket Book

2007-06-07 | Green Choice was formed to distribute the PU-1200 which uses capacitor technology to decrease power consumption and thus carbon emissions within the residential or commercial market.

Innovation Drives Research Drives Innovation

2007-06-07 | Rob Tannen has joined Bresslergroup as Director of Research. Bresslergroup is an award winning product definition, design and development firm. Clients include Black & Decker, Becton Dickinson, Air Products, & Motorola. He focuses on optimizing the fit between people and technology.

Recipes For the True Cookie Lover

2007-06-07 | We've all seen the web sites with hundreds of cookie recipes; is only about the best cookie recipes.

PharmaTropic, Ltd., Manufacturer of The Nano O2 Announces, "Try, Before You Buy" promotion, which is now available to potential Customers in the USA, who are considering the purchase of an Air Purifier.

2007-06-06 | The Nano O2 is one of the most advanced air purifiers' available today using patented leading edge Photocatalytic Oxidation and nanotechnology to clean the air inside of living spaces.

StoutKart Adds 2nd Man to its One Man Auger.

2007-06-05 | StoutKart SK500 BackSaver Auger makes room for 2.

Under Floor Heating Online Shop Announce New Delivery Options

2007-05-31 | Floor Heating Ltd announces a new customer delivery option to their unique online webshop, allowing the customer to select a date and delivery time of their own choosing.

Gardening Thoughts Now Offers Garden Building Base Preparation Guide

2007-05-30 | Gardening Thoughts announces its new base preparation guidelines, hints and tips for garden buildings. The guide also offers advice on planning permission and building regulations.