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Oh La La! A French Maid Roomba Costume - myRoomBud Goes International

2006-03-09 | myRoomBud begins selling RoomBud costumes for the iRobot Roomba in Europe and jumps in with a French Maid RoomBud costume

Home Improvement Website Puts One-To-One Spin on Online Lead Generation for Local Contractors

2006-02-24 | A new home improvement directory seeks to take the frustration an inefficiency out of online estimate requests and lead generation in the home improvement industry by matching home improvement contractors and homeowners through one-to-one estimate requests.

"Immaginal's Spellbinding Dream Incubator mesmerizes Hollywood Dream Makers."

2006-02-21 | Immaginal is rapidly gaining recognition for impressive style, spellbinding scents, and dazzling products. Immaginal's Beyond Forever perfume in a $265 10 K gold icon premiered in Cannes and now Immaginal's Dream Incubator has stepped up to the red carpet for Hollywood's finest hour.

Martha Angus, Interior Designer brings her elegant style to play in Western Interiors and Design Magazine.

2006-02-16 | Martha Angus is featured in the spring 2006 Western Interiors and Design Magazine.

Our Newest Additions Are Just For The Kids

2006-02-11 | has added ceiling medallions from the Marie Ricci Collection of unique decor for the home, garden, and children's rooms to their online store. Paulette Marie Bourgeois Ricci "creates every design in the collection and hand-finishes every piece, so no two are exactly the same".

[b] [i] EXCITING NEWS [/i] [/b] [b]PICK UP PINE CONES WITH NEW INVENTION [i]Until now there has been no easy way to pickup pine cones. Introducing CONE-I-VORE the amazing lawn tool that allows you to pick up pinecones quickly and easily![/i][/b]

2006-01-23 | Debra saw potential and a need for a tool to pick up pinecones. Pine trees were everywhere. She knew beyond a doubt that her idea must become an invention! She invented the CONEIVORE so she would never again have to bend over to pick up pine cones.

Martha Angus, Interior designer brings her elegant style to play in House Beautiful's Magazine.

2005-12-15 | Martha Angus, Interior designer brings her elegant style to play to a new San Francisco residence in House Beautiful's Magazine.

Certified Chef Bud Selmi of Hot Sauce by Sizzlin Sauces President / Owner - ACF 1999 New Hampshire Chapter Chef of the Year - is Scheduling Live Cooking Demo's

2005-11-06 | Chef Bud Selmi president of Sizzlin Sauces LLC is now making public appearances doing live cooking demo's at [url=]Zeb's General Store[/url] in North Conway, NH on October 22nd. His next scheduled public appearance is also at Zeb's General Store on November 27th.

The First Iron with Legs and a Brain saves time and work

2005-11-01 | New Iron with Legs and a Brain saves time and work. Wonderful for people with arthritis or wrist pain

Martha Angus, one of California's Finest Designers, views holiday decorating as an art in California Home and Design's November 2005 issue.

2005-10-19 | Inspired by Modern art and antiques, Martha transforms her residence into a cheerful, modern winter retreat in November's 2005 California Home and Design issue.

George Toma Endorses All-Natural Lassenite Soil Amendment

2005-10-18 | "Twice the root depth with half the water" is how George Toma has been describing his experience working with the new Lassenite ATS soil amendment.

Martha Angus, Honorary Chair of Dining by Design 2005, brings her creative energy to the 2006 Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids - DIFFA - fundraising gala: Thursday, November 17, 2005 in San Francisco.

2005-09-16 | Martha Angus, volunteers her design talent to create an extraordinary dining environment for Elle Decor's Dining by Design gala evening with this years chairs Margaret Russell, Mary Jo and Dick Kovacevich.

Martha Angus, featured as top 29 designers in California Home and Design.

2005-08-25 | Martha Angus, is distinguished among the top 29 Interior Designers for 2005. California Home and Design Magazine features her as one of the inspired designers for 2005.

Soothing Sounds of Falling Water Make Fountains a Cool OLD Trend

2005-08-14 | Office, home and restaurant designers add fountains for many reasons

New 8 hour LED Emergency Flashlight Doubles as Nightlight

2005-08-14 | With those power outages we all experience from time to time, this product will be important. Conventional flashlights, if they work, last a few hours at best. Sentina goes on when the power goes out!

Enjoy the Dog Days of Summer in Your Poolside Pergola Homeowners choose classical solutions to "fresh-air room dividers"

2005-08-12 | Backyards across the country are being transformed into extra entertaining areas by extending the home past the patio.

Fireplaces Are a Focal Point Indoors and Outside

2005-08-11 | Even though fireplaces have long since been replaced as the main source of heat in today's home, they are still one of the most popular options in existing homes and new construction.

Martha Angus is featured in Better Homes and Garden's Beautiful Baths Summer/Fall 2005 issue.

2005-08-11 | Martha Angus brings a classical and elegant style to a stately Georgian style mansion in San Francisco.

Martha Angus, Designer is featured in Elle Decor's - July/August summer 2005 issue...

2005-06-28 | Designer Martha Angus's crisp and sensible style is featured in ELLE DECOR's July/August 2005 issue.

Celebrities Flip over Pink Taffy Designs Baby Boutique

2005-06-19 | Celebrities are going crazy over Pink Taffy Designs Baby Boutique. With an exquisite collection of premium hand crafted furnishings and designer accessories, Hollywood cannot get enough.