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Deratany Firm in Chicago Helps New York Mother Fighting Case with Gay Son

2010-02-02 | Attorney, playwright, and human rights advocate Jay Paul Deratany and his Chicago Law firm lend a helping hand to Rhonda Mangus and her son, Michael, after a grueling legal battle in New York State.

thinkAlchemy LLC., Steered by Michael Glock Ph.D. Expands Product Offerings by Adding Reputation Management Services for Businesses Negatively Impacted by False & Defamatory Postings Online

2010-01-30 | think Alchemy has developed methods to mitigate defamatory and libelous content on RippOff report, and and

Arrested for a Crime in Las Vegas? Don't Know Where to Turn? You Need the Experience of Las Vegas Criminal Attorney Pat McDonald

2010-01-30 | Patrick E. McDonald, a well-respected criminal attorney in Las Vegas, can answer your questions and put your mind at ease, so you can get on with your life.

Save Millions While Fighting Crime

2010-01-30 | Dr. Byron Elsey's controversial new book, Angels from Hell, dispels the myths surrounding criminals and their families while providing communities with crime prevention knowledge and tools.

Highly Regarded Attorney Matthew C. Mullhofer Explains the "Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act" and How it Protects You. Protect Your Assets Now!

2010-01-29 | Make sure your assets are protected at every turn! Matthew C. Mullhofer is a respected Asset Protection Attorney and Estate Planning Specialist with valuable information to share.

What are Workers' Compensation and Third Party Workers' Compensation?

2010-01-28 | Workers' Compensation is a program implemented by every state in the U.S. to cover medical treatment, lost wages and other compensation for workers who are injured or become sick while on the job.

New York City Private Investigators, ICORP Investigations Helps Fight Insurance Claim Fraud In NYC

2010-01-28 | Statistics show that New York City business owners suffer great losses from insurance fraud. Icorp Investigations plans to prove it and help local businesses.

Foreign Translations, Inc. Completes Dari Translation of Safety Manual for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

2010-01-27 | Foreign Translations, Inc. (, successfully completed the Dari translation of a safety manual for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on behalf of the Afghanistan Engineering District (AED).

Water Related Accidents on the Horizon for Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

2010-01-24 | As warm weather approaches, so does the potential hazard facing all those planning to enjoy Houston Texas area water related activities involving boats and jet skis.

Attorney Rui P. Alves interviewed by RTP Radio e Televisao de Portugal

2010-01-23 | RTP Radio e Televisao de Portugal will air an interview globally featuring Rhode Island Attorney Rui P. Alves on January 25, 2010 about his political and social contributions to the Portuguese and Rhode Island communities as a native of Portugal.

Keith Schilling Appearing At Cambridge Union To Debate Press Freedom

2010-01-23 | Keith Schilling will appear alongside James Price QC and Max Mosley at the Cambridge Union to debate the motion - 'This house believes the British press has too much freedom'

Attorney Thomas Matvey to Present FindLaw Webcast: The Basics - Marketing Your Firm Online

2010-01-23 | Attorney Thomas Matvey will co-host a FindLaw webcast for lawyers titled The Basics - Marketing Your Firm Online. The free webcast will be held Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010, at 11 a.m. CST and 3 p.m. CST. To register, go to

Queens Lawyer, Gerard Marrone Helps Defend Accident Victims

2010-01-23 | Queens Lawyer, Gerard Marrone helps permanently injured motor vehicle accident victims fight for their rights. According to statistics, motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common injury cases.

Are You Plagued by a Las Vegas DUI Charge? The Law Offices of James Krah Offers a Pricing Structure Unlike Others. And You Won't Get Better Results!

2010-01-22 | The Law Office of James W. Krah, a Las Vegas Criminal and Family Law Attorney, is offering special pricing on DUI/DWI charge.

Yonkers Criminal Law Lawyer, Darren DeUrso is the Hands-on Attorney Serving Yonkers, Harrison and White Plains, NY including Westchester County, Putnam County and the Bronx

2010-01-22 | Darren DeUrso has been an attorney in White Plains for over 24 years. His reputation as a results-driven yet compassionate attorney is unsurpassed.

Schillings Academy Welcomes Professor Gavin Phillipson

2010-01-21 | Schillings has announced that Professor Gavin Phillipson will be joining the Schillings Academy as a tutor, covering the Advanced Privacy module

Breakdown Services, Ltd. Wins $90,000 Judgment For Publication Of Stolen Breakdowns

2010-01-21 | The Los Angeles company triumphs once again.

Career Damage Due To Summary Dismissal

2010-01-20 | In summary dismissal cases it is, to prevent career damage, essential to agree upon a well-considered regulation which includes secrecy as well as a conversion of the summary dismissal to a termination by mutual consent on neutral grounds.

Leading Law Forum Reaches 15,000+ Legal Forum Members

2010-01-20 | Leading free law forum Is It Legal To announces reaching 15,000+ members & 11,000+ posts.

Falsification of Drug Records a Failure of the System Claims Expert

2010-01-19 | The criminal charges filed against a researcher last week for falsifying records on 21 drug studies is a symptom of a much bigger problem in the drug industry.