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August 27, 2011

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A New Team Forms to Fight HPV and Cervical Cancer

2011-08-27 | The Kristen Forbes EVE Foundation, Marion County Public Health Department and the Indiana Fever WNBA basketball team have joined forces to fight HPV and cervical cancer.

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The Dispatch Printing Company Announces Partnership with The Onion

2011-08-27 | The Onion's print edition to appear in Columbus for the first time.

Storm Stoppers Offers Alternative to Plywood for Boarding Up Windows in Hurricane Irene

2011-08-27 | Storm Stoppers provide homeowners hurricane window protection during major hurricanes such as Hurricane Irene.

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Debenhams Reports Boards Which Protected Looted Shop to Become a National Treasure

2011-08-27 | Debenhams has reported that the boards placed to protect its Clapham Junction store during the London riots are set to become a national treasure.

Boots Treat Street Welcomes Banana Republic

2011-08-27 | Boots Treat Street welcomes a new partnership with Banana Republic.

Business Monitor International Releases the Latest Analysis of China's Mining Industry

2011-08-27 | Business Monitor International has released its analysis of China's mining sector and predicts industry-wide consolidation to continue.

Europcar Gives New Level of Flexibility for Corporate Fleets

2011-08-27 | Europcar has launched an innovative new service, 6 Advantage, which fills the gap between short-term rental and long-term leasing.

Northern Rock Adopts QR Technology as it Adds Three New Accounts

2011-08-27 | Northern Rock has adopts QR technology on selected new product adverts as well as launching three new instant access savings accounts.

Europcar Goes Electric and Adds Peugeot iONs to its UK Fleet

2011-08-27 | Europcar has gone electric, becoming the first daily rental provider to add Peugeot iONs to UK Fleet.

TeamLab Mobile: Project Management Goes on Air in Android and iOS Environment

2011-08-27 | Ascensio System SIA releases a mobile version of TeamLab Projects module. Designed for popular Android and iOS devices, the new module enables TeamLab users to manage their projects and control activities fulfillment on the go.

Shod for Success: Parcel2Go Hails Enterprising eBay Couple Whose Footwear Business is Making Great Strides

2011-08-27 | Free delivery has been a key to the success of a new business which has turned from a home-based hobby into a full-time online enterprise for a Norfolk couple. Adds Motor Industry Expert Neill Watson to Blogging Roster

2011-08-27 | Online car hire comparator adds further value to blogs in shape of leading car photographer and writer.

Wrapping Up Those Summer Projects with Thin Brick Installation

2011-08-27 | American Brick Company (Ambrico) reports that more and more builders and contractors are depending on thin brick products for their projects, as the importance of finding economical and environmentally sound solutions has increased.

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Online Retailer of Bathroom Vanities, Home Design Outlet Center Chicago, Joins Skokie Chamber of Commerce to Support and Serve the Community

2011-08-27 | Online retailer of bathroom vanities, Home Design Outlet Center Chicago, IL, is joining Skokie Chamber of Commerce to support and serve the community.

New Department Store Codes and Offers Announced by

2011-08-27 | Online retail deals specialist introduces latest Debenhams and House of Fraser deals for UK shoppers.

The Carlsbad Department of Development Attends NCSL to Promote WIPP and Nuclear Industry

2011-08-27 | CDOD attends National Conference of State Legislators to promote WIPP and nuclear opportunities in Carlsbad and Eddy County, New Mexico.

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TechniTrader's Martha Stokes: New Webinar on September 6, 2011!

2011-08-27 | Bollinger Bands: Beyond the Boundaries.

Protect Yourself from Bad Beats

2011-08-27 | Bad Beat Guard and Cap Tables are new offers on to protect you from bad beats when you are all-in and from losing all your bankroll in one hand.

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Grand Rapids, Mi Dentist Provides Optimal Dental Care By Building Strong Patient Connections

2011-08-27 | Dr. Jonathan Eagle, dentist in Grand Rapids, MI, maintains communication with patients with launch of practice Blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Patients Find Teeth Whitening More Affordable With Dentist in Fayetteville

2011-08-27 | Dr. Rena Brown, Fayetteville dentist, announces upcoming teeth whitening promotion to brighten patients' smiles at discounted rate.