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September 10, 2012

19 total news stories found. Launches Mobile App for iPhone and Android

2012-09-10 | announces the launch of their new mobile app for iPhone and Android users. The free app, designed to put a wealth of cruise information at the user's fingertips, is now available for download in the iPhone App Store and in Google Play.

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Jose Canseco Bares All While Praising Anabolic Steroids

2012-09-10 | A bare skinned Jose Canseco expresses and shares his views and explains how steroids were just part of the game.

Valarie Gelb Elected President of the Connecticut Chapter of the International Women's Forum

2012-09-10 | IWF has 66 chapters across 5 continents, IWF provides unique programming for women world leaders. CT President Gelb while at Global MasterCard bridging corporate & philanthropic worlds developed Women's Leadership Network in over 200 countries.

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Blue Tax Review - Complaints - Jesus Has No Complaints with His Heavenly Resolution!

2012-09-10 | Divine intervention not needed for the attorneys of Blue Tax.

Atlanta Asset Management Firm Brightworth Announces Its Election, Taxes and Investment Outlook Webinar

2012-09-10 | Atlanta investment management firm Brightworth is pleased to announce its webinar on Election, Taxes, and Investment Outlook.

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Northridge Dental Group Now Accepts Patients Covered by Major Dental Insurance Providers

2012-09-10 | The team of dental specialists from Northridge Dental Group are now working closely with all patients that are covered by some of the most popular and robust dental insurance policies that are available today.

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Sunset Plaza Dental Now Accepts Many Dental Insurance Plans for a Variety of Dental Treatments

2012-09-10 | Patients that are currently covered by any number of the major dental insurance policies can now find the affordable and effective treatments that they need at Sunset Plaza Dental.

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Traffic Lawyers at are Now Assisting Drivers with Low Cost Legal Services for Speeding Tickets

2012-09-10 | The team of legal specialists at is now offering legal representation to all drivers that have been issued speeding tickets.

KBR Capital Markets Announces Distribution Team Growth

2012-09-10 | Cosmo Smith, Dustin Zachmeyer, Ryan Lodes, and Fred Gratz join KBR's expanding distribution team.

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Barbara Boudokhane to Be Profiled in Exclusive Registry

2012-09-10 | Barbara Boudokhane is a single mother and artistic photographer

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Advisor Websites Launches Integration with Marketing Library

2012-09-10 | is pleased to announce an integration with, which will allow financial advisor to send FINRA approved articles to their website.

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BMGI Hosts Workshop on How to Run a Kaizen Event

2012-09-10 | One-day workshop in St. Louis covers the skills and tools needed to make rapid improvements in your organization.

Charlton Volvo Centre to Launch Online Website for Supplying Volvo Parts and Accessories Soon

2012-09-10 | Charlton Volvo Centre, an established supplier of Volvo parts, spares, and accessories will launch an online website for the very first time to meet the growing needs of customers and automobile owners in the UK and in European countries.

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Sell Your Music on iTunes and Amazon for only a $99 Lifetime Membership!

2012-09-10 | Musicians can now distribute their music through Apple iTunes and Amazon for a lifetime membership of just $99.

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Pareto Global Associates 'Becoming a Sustainable Business Leads to Profitability'

2012-09-10 | Bradford based Pareto Global Associates have announced that becoming a sustainable business leads to profitability. The firm are used by companies looking to increase market share and customer acquisitions.

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Market Research Suggests The BBB Conglomerate Network's Outsourced Sales Service is a Growing Trend Throughout America's Largest Cities

2012-09-10 | Online Marketing, In-Person Sales, IT Technology and Environmental Studies are being outsourced by American companies. The BBB Conglomerate Network confirm outsourcing services are set to boom in the US.

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Fairfax Dentist Dr. Riaz Rayek Discusses Sedation Dentistry Options

2012-09-10 | Fairfax dentist, Dr. Riaz Rayek, offers several sedation dentistry options for patients who are fearful or overly anxious.

From Nutrition Breakthroughs - Studies Show Calcium and Magnesium Help Sleep, Bones, the Heart, Stomach, Muscles, Menopause and More

2012-09-10 | Recent research has shown calcium and magnesium to improve virtually all organs and systems of the body.