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October 07, 2012

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Winner of Topman's Trip to Chicago Announced

2012-10-07 | Topman has revealed the winner of a four day trip to Chicago and personal shopping spree.

British Airways Set to Change the Future of Airline Check-In

2012-10-07 | British Airways is trialling a new service to provide its customers with the option to use an automatic check-in service.

TBI in Children

2012-10-07 | Every year, traumatic brain injury (TBI) results in hundreds of thousands of trips to the emergency room for children infants up to 14-years-old.

Veneers Questions to Ask Your Cosmetic Dentist

2012-10-07 | To explore the option of dental veneers, you should ask your cosmetic dentist some questions about what to expect.

Whiplash Injuries Following a Car Accident

2012-10-07 | Whiplash can be the excruciatingly painful outcome of a car accident.

Changes in Behavior (Fearfulness or Withdrawal)

2012-10-07 | Many times, moving your loved one into a nursing home is not their decision, but yours.

First Choice Launches New Wildlife Destination Tool for Young 'Explorers'

2012-10-07 | First Choice has launched a new interactive destination tool aimed at younger travellers and animal enthusiasts, focusing on wildlife around the world.

New Slot Games - Jazz Cat Slot & The Lost Slot of Riches

2012-10-07 | New online slot games available on are already creating a buzz.

Top 5 Tips on How To Sell a House Fast

2012-10-07 | Investing in property or selling property on? To get maximum profit on an investment and sell a house quickly, you need to have a structured plan of action. Sell property fast with these top five tips from Yorkshire Property Deals.

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Prepare for the Holidays with the Fall Appliance Sale at Elite Appliance

2012-10-07 | National luxury home appliance retailer, Elite Appliance, offers widespread discounts in time for the holiday season.

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Hospitalito Atitlan's Indiegogo Campaign to Raise $7,000 for Ambulance Will Save Lives in Guatemala

2012-10-07 | Hospitalito has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $7,000 for an ambulance that will allow it to save lives -- bringing patients to the hospital for treatment and/or transporting them to intensive care. The campaign ends October 15, 2012.

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Save Money with These Six Top Domestic Cleaning Tips from Cleenco

2012-10-07 | If you are planning a big Spring clean or are nearing your rental property end of tenancy, the time and hassle involved, and the costs for all those cleaning products are likely to be playing on your mind.

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Orthodontist Dr. James Stork at Stork Orthodontics in West Des Moines IA Opens New Practice and Unveils New Website and Blog

2012-10-07 | Stork Orthodontics features a state-of-the-art facility and offers leading-edge orthodontic care for all ages both in the office and on the web.

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Hagerstown Dentist Offers Mobile Version Of Practice Website

2012-10-07 | Dr. Jeffrey Rubino is making it easy for his patients to access his website from smartphones and tablets with his mobile website

Dubuque Dentist Offers Online New Patient Services

2012-10-07 | The dentists at Dubuque Dental Associates are pleased to be featuring a new patient page on their practice's dental website

Indiana LASIK Cost Affordable with Flex Plans

2012-10-07 | "Flex plans for LASIK have always been helpful and important for our LASIK patients," explained Kelley Connors of Northwest Indiana Eye & Laser Center.

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Tatiana Hair Extensions Reveal the Secret to Wonderful Winter Hair This October

2012-10-07 | With the winter weather already setting in, the time to begin planning for Christmas parties and festive events is upon us.

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TrackPoint Announces Release of "The TrackPoint AT" Trailer or Asset Tracking Device

2012-10-07 | TrackPoint Systems (TrackPoint), a leading provider in asset management hardware and software solutions, is pleased to announce the release of their new product "The TrackPoint AT".

Happiness and the Highly Sensitive Person Teleconference Class Based on Research Showing That Understanding Sensitivity Levels is as Important as Understanding IQ

2012-10-07 | Authenticity Coaching is now offering research-based teleclasses and evidence-based coaching aimed at increasing happiness in a context of high sensory-processing sensitivity.

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