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November 16, 2012

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Prompt Proofing Blog Post: Writing Tips: How to Write an Effective Blog

2012-11-16 | We all know that a blog is essential for content marketing and SEO, yet some people are terrified at the idea and many more are unsure just where to start.

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EYES IN Magazine Takes Home the Eddie and Ozzie Bronze Award for Best Consumer App

2012-11-16 | Magazine featuring the world's most innovative creators and their masterpieces honored to take home Bronze Award for their visually appealing iOS app.

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Am I a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift?

2012-11-16 | Breast ptosis is the medical name for dropping or saggy breasts and the problem addressed with a breast lift. Ptosis can be caused by factors including, age, genetics, pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, and even cigarette smoking.

Car Accidents Involving Motorcycles

2012-11-16 | There is no doubt that motorcycle accidents involving larger passenger vehicles are almost always worse for the biker. However, many factors can go into car accidents involving motorcycles and determining liability is not always simple.

Personal Injury from a Motorcycle Accident

2012-11-16 | If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, the expense of your injuries may be catastrophic. If the accident was not your fault, you may be interested in filing a personal injury claim.

Choosing a Liposuction Surgeon

2012-11-16 | There are a number of cosmetic and plastic surgeons who offer liposuction, a fact that can make choosing one seem a bit overwhelming. Your liposuction surgeon will play a decisive role in the final aesthetics of your procedure.

As the Demand for Weight Loss Surgery Rises So Does the Need for Body Lift Procedures

2012-11-16 | According to the CDC over 30% of Americans are obese. From 2007 to 2009 the CDC states that the number of obese adults increased by 2.4 million.

Advanced Global Trading - Carbon Market Leaders

2012-11-16 | Advanced Global Trading Senior investment expert defends Carbon Credits and stresses investors that they need to avoid carbon credit scam and fraud companies out there.

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Tips to Make the Thanksgiving Kid's Table the Best Seat in the House

2012-11-16 | Setting the "Kids' Table" can be a challenge. Do you set it with nice dishes and cross your fingers? Do you give in and serve on chintzy disposables? Here are ideas sure to please both the stylish holiday hostess and the busiest kids.

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Ceiling Fan Designers Celebrates 6th Anniversary

2012-11-16 | Ceiling Fan Designers celebrates their 6th year in business as a high-quality decorative ceiling fan retailer.

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Westfield Dermatologist Offers Intense Pulse Light Treatment

2012-11-16 | Dr. Alexander Doctoroff is pleased to be providing IPL treatment to help treat a variety of skin conditions.

Metairie Podiatrist Allows Patients to Request Appointments Online

2012-11-16 | Dr. Robert Kadish is happy to be featuring an online appointment request form as a part of his practice's website.

Pompano Beach Dentist Makes Online Appointment Scheduling Easy

2012-11-16 | Dr. Natalia Stadler is happy to be providing an easy to use appointment request form on her practice's website.

Denver Plastic Surgeon Comments on Recent Liposuction Study

2012-11-16 | Board certification and stricter requirements for liposuction in Denver and across the country is key to ensuring patient safety, says liposuction specialist Dr. Frank Campanile.

5000 Year Old Doomsday Calendar Finishes in 30 Days

2012-11-16 | Is Hurricane Sandy, the forecoming USA Fiscal Cliff meltdown crisis and doomsday preppers related to the End of Times Mayan 2012 calendar?

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NexBoom Works With Heroes for Humanity to Inspire

2012-11-16 | NexBoom, in conjunction with Heroes for Humanity, plans to use publications and personal development programs to feature those with extraordinary achievements in life who inspire others through their actions of excellence.

Australia is Cream of the Crop for Staycations

2012-11-16 | A survey conducted by Cheapflights Australia has indicated that Australia is the cream of the crop for staycations.

Greenwich Council Streamlines Workflow and Cost Management with Neopost

2012-11-16 | Neopost Limited, Europe's leading supplier of mailroom solutions, has provided the Royal Borough of Greenwich Council.

Rebuilding with Art: Clarke Auction's November 18th Sale Provides Renewal After Sandy

2012-11-16 | Clarke Auction's Sunday, November 18th Sale features a wide range of important art, furniture, sterling silver, and more.

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SalesPortal Announces Partner Ranking Capability to Control Delivery of Call Transfer Leads to Priority Partners

2012-11-16 | New capability supports established marketing partnerships and co-marketing investments.

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