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December 28, 2012

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Prompt Proofing Blog Post: Book Review - The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

2012-12-28 | Kate Morton's The Secret Keeper takes you back in time to the early 1960s, where we meet 16-year-old Laurel, who witnesses her mother commit an unspeakable act at her baby brother's birthday party.

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Los Angeles Psychologist Expands Practice to Pacific Palisades

2012-12-28 | Los Angeles clinical psychologist Dr. Sherri Nader is pleased to announce that she has expanded her private practice to Pacific Palisades.

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Casting Director James Levine Launches Action Casting

2012-12-28 | James Levine is pleased to announce the launch of a new company, Action Casting, which is comprised of a team of experienced casting directors.

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Attend World Beer Festival 2013 at Columbia Convention Center and Stay at Nearby Hilton Garden Inn Columbia SC Hotel

2012-12-28 | Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Columbia SC (Northeast) offers affordable accommodations to guests attending the 5th Annual World Beer Festival at Columbia Metro Convention Center.

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Uninsured/Underinsured Drivers and Car Accidents

2012-12-28 | With the exception of New Hampshire, drivers are required by law to carry insurance in every state in the US. Yet the Insurance Research Council estimates that one out of every seven drivers is uninsured or underinsured.

Cosmetic Surgery Medical Malpractice

2012-12-28 | Any kind of physician can be held liable for medical malpractice, including cosmetic surgeons. If your cosmetic surgery has an unwanted or medically dangerous outcome, you may be able to sue your cosmetic surgeon based on:

What is Sleep Apnea?

2012-12-28 | Sleep apnea is a common and potentially deadly sleep disorder in which your breathing may stop for 10 seconds or more multiple times per hour.

Correction of Asymmetry

2012-12-28 | No woman is born with symmetrical breasts. Some amount of asymmetry is not only natural, it's part of what makes you unique.

Scarring and Breast Augmentation

2012-12-28 | However, the placement of your breast augmentation incisions and the care you take of your body following augmentation will play a role in how visible those scars are after your full recovery. Selects Vince Del Monte for Article Of The Year

2012-12-28 | Leading fitness and exercise website,, has selected 10 True Confessions Of A Pro Fitness Model, by WBFF Pro Vince Del Monte, as their article of the year.

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Traffic Ticket Attorney, Mr. Ticket, Now Offers Free Consultation to Commercial Drivers

2012-12-28 | Mr. Ticket is now offering free consultation to commercial drivers for their traffic violation charges.

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Los Angeles Internet Marketing Company, Avital Web, Offers Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo Search Marketing Management

2012-12-28 | Avital Web, internet marketing company in Los Angeles, offers Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo Search Marketing management services for businesses.

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NoHo Dental Group is Offering a Holiday Teeth Whitening Special

2012-12-28 | NoHo Dental Group is now offering a Holiday special promotion on teeth whitening treatments.

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Dr. Mondavi, Torrance Cosmetic Dentist, Offers Invisalign Aligners

2012-12-28 | Dr. Mondavi, Torrance Cosmetic Dentist, is now offering Invisalign Aligners for established patients as well as new patients.

| Attachments Welcomes Holmes & Dunphy's Platters That Matter Podcast On January 8

2012-12-28 | New podcast takes a detailed look at a non-conventional classic record in each episode.

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Organic Cleaner Company iGOZEN Uses Plant Based Enzyme in New Odor Eliminator

2012-12-28 | iGOZEN is preparing to launch a new plant-based enzyme odor eliminator to their lineup of organic products in 2013.

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Holiday Storage Headaches (And What You Can Do to Avoid Them) from Stacks and Stacks Homewares

2012-12-28 | There are four main villains when it comes to the holiday storage wars: Tangles, breakage, water damage and loss. Get your holiday storage under control now to avoid the headache next year.

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Covington Who's Who Selects Yomeka Johnson as a VIP Member of the Executive and Professional Registry

2012-12-28 | The selection recognizes Timber Yomeka Johnson's commitment to excellence in Non-Profit.

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