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March 02, 2013

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Why Teeth Darken

2013-03-02 | Each tooth in your mouth three layers and one root, and understanding why teeth darken requires first identifying each of these layers.

About TMJ

2013-03-02 | TMJ is short for temporomandibular joint disorder the name given to any disorder that results in misalignment of the jaw.

Family Dentist In Kalamazoo Offers New Technology For Improved Patient Care

2013-03-02 | Dr. Paul Busch, Kalamazoo, MI dentist, now offers E4d same-day crown technology and laser dentistry.

Lakeview Dentist Introduces Patients To Practice's New Social Network

2013-03-02 | Dr. Scott Emalfarb, Lakeview, Chicago dentist, invites patients to explore his practice's social network-Facebook and Twitter.

Appointment Scheduling Has Never Been Easier For Ventura Dentist

2013-03-02 | Dr. Greg Meier is happy to be providing an easy to use appointment request form on his practice's website

Chattanooga Dentist Launches Appointment Requesting Feature Online

2013-03-02 | Dr. Charles Hooper, Jr., Chattanooga cosmetic dentist, invites patients to request their next appointments online through a new feature.

Vallejo Dentist Celebrates Anniversary In Dentistry

2013-03-02 | Dr. David Gordon, dentist in Vallejo, celebrates 29 years of dentistry and serving the people of Vallejo, California.

North Potomac Pediatrician Offers Prenatal Consulting

2013-03-02 | Dr. Farnoush Jamali is happy to be providing prenatal consulting at her practice

Peoria Dentist Offers Educational Resources For Improved Patient Knowledge

2013-03-02 | Dr. Phuong Nguyen, dentist in Peoria, introduces new online educational resources for improved patient knowledge of dental health care.

Midland Dentist Celebrates Three Decades In Dentistry

2013-03-02 | Dr. David Orr, dentist in Midland, TX, is proud to announce his 30th year in dentistry.

Ansonia, CT Dentist Now Offers Improved Care Through New Technology

2013-03-02 | Dr. Robert Lerman, dentist in Ansonia, CT, is excited to offer his patients new technology that can make a permanent crown in just a matter of hours-E4D.

Dentist In Farmington Hills Offers ADA Patient Education Library

2013-03-02 | Dr. Karson Carpenter, Farmington Hills dentist, invites patients to explore the ADA patient education library for improved information on various dental health care topics.

Podiatrist In San Antonio, TX Announces The Availability Of A Mobile Website

2013-03-02 | Dr. Ed Davis, San Antonio podiatrist, is boldly taking his Texas patients into the 21st century with his brand new mobile website.

Everyone Walks Out of Our Office With a Big Smile!

2013-03-02 | "You owe it to yourself to have the type of smile you've always dreamed of," comments Pembroke, FL orthodontist Dr. Albert Lucas. "Let our state-of-the-art orthodontic technology work for you!"

Don't Put Off Getting the Type of Smile You Really Want!

2013-03-02 | "At Sunshine Orthodontics we provide our patients with the best orthodontic strategy and they make the decision if that strategy works best for them," says Dr. Ahmed Mansour. "It's a win-win situation for all of us."

Many Professionals Offer "Orthodontic Care" But What You Really Need is a "Specialist"

2013-03-02 | "A perfect smile makes you look good and feel good." Says Dr .Fernando Martinez, "Modern orthodontic treatment will not only improve your oral health but a winning smile carries social benefits at all ages and levels of society."

Porter Orthodontics in Baton Rouge and Denham Springs, LA Knows That Excellent Service From Start to Finish is the Key to a Perfect Smile!

2013-03-02 | "You only have one smile," says Dr Joseph Porter of Porter Orthodontics. "So it's in the patient's best interest to ask questions, stay informed and make an educated decision on the best treatment they can receive."

Style Advice from Jane Shilton - How to Wear Ballet Pumps

2013-03-02 | Ballet pumps have come back into fashion making creating a remarkable fashion trend. From super models to the less famous people, everyone's wearing them and for the right reason.

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Advanced Orthodontics is Dedicated to Raising the Bar for Quality Orthodontic Care in Bellevue, WA

2013-03-02 | "You're never too old to enjoy a healthy smile", comments Bellevue, WA orthodontist Dr. Barton Soper. "And we're committed to ensuring that personalized service and modern technology will make it happen!"

Hey Fellows! Did Your Valentines Date Leave You Out In The Cold? "101 Ways to Romance a Pretty Woman" by Preston Hill is Now Available on Kindle and Amazon Books

2013-03-02 | "101 Ways To Romance A Pretty Woman," is a brand new dating guidebook for single men seeking to have lasting relationships with women. The book explores differences in both behavior and attitude, and is a must read for single men.