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June 08, 2013

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SoBellas Home Services is Your Solution to the Brutally Hot San Antonio, TX Heat

2013-06-08 | Is your San Antonio Texas home Air Conditioner blowing hot air? Their professional service technicians will be able to come out and diagnose your problem and give you a fair estimate for what it will cost to get your air conditioner running again.

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3's Customers Will Have Access to 4G/LTE in Sweden

2013-06-08 | Now Danish customers of 3 have access to high-speed 4G/LTE connection in Sweden - without letting the bill get out of hand.

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Best Leaders' Consulting: "2013 Bringing Out The Best You Beauty, Health And Wellness Conference/Expo" in Queens, NY

2013-06-08 | Business owners in the beauty, health and wellness industries will have the opportunity to promote their services to consumers for the second year in a row at the "2013 Bringing Out The Best You Beauty, Health and Wellness Conference/Expo".

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Nicaragua Ready to Export its Recycled Material

2013-06-08 | An alliance between environmental groups, private sector companies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have decided to take advantage of the 2,080 tons of daily waste that Nicaragua produces for recycling raw material.

MHN Recommends All Men/Boys and Women/Girls Be Vaccinated for HPV

2013-06-08 | Men's Health Network (MHN) hopes that Michael Douglas' statements about HPV will also get parents, healthcare practitioners, and legislators to recommend that boys and young men get the HPV vaccine.

July is National Ice Cream Month

2013-06-08 | Ohio's Velvet Ice Cream celebrates with deals and events at Ye Olde Mill.

Fantasy Football Rankings Software Launched for 2013 Season

2013-06-08 | Fantasy Football Starters announced that Version 8 of its powerful Analyzer software suite -- which includes the industry's most accurate fantasy football projections based on computer-enhanced statistical analysis -- is now available.

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Then There's 4G/LTE on iPhones and iPad in 3

2013-06-08 | Finally! An iOS update released by Apple to give Danish iPhone and iPad users the opportunity of getting maximum speed with 4G/LTE. Of course this option is available only if the service provider supports that service.

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Mr. Alain Souloumiac Inducted into Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Regulatory Intelligence

2013-06-08 | Mr. Souloumiac helps sharing of best practice in today's world

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Zalando Discount Codes Are Changing Shopping

2013-06-08 | This is a moment that people have been waiting for, but internet shopping is finally making its mark in the areas that the high street was desperately keeping hold of.

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Stratos Jet Charters Joins Air Charter Safety Foundation

2013-06-08 | Stratos Jet Charters is pleased to announce their new membership with the Air Charter Safety Foundation.

Cincinnati Dentist Offers Extended Hours at Mt. Lookout Dentistry

2013-06-08 | Dr. David Croop, dentist in Cincinnati, OH, reaches out to patients with improved practice hours.

Cosmetic Dentist in Syracuse Creates Facebook Page for Enhanced Patient-Dentist Interaction

2013-06-08 | Dr. Karen Lawitts, dentist in Syracuse, NY, announces the recent addition of a Facebook page to maintain open communication with patients.

Boston, MA Dentist Joins The Online Communities of Facebook and Twitter

2013-06-08 | Dr. Basel Badawi, dentist in Boston, MA, announces the launch of CITIDental Boston's social network for improved patient relations.

Dentist in Madison, WI Offers Free Whitening For New Patients

2013-06-08 | Dr. Thomas Aldridge, Madison, WI dentist, improves patients' smiles with free whitening with new patient cleaning, exam and x-rays.

Annapolis, MD Dental Lab Launches New Practice Website For Improved Care

2013-06-08 | Colonial Dental Lab in Annapolis, MD invites dental practices to visit their innovative website for up-to-date information.

Miami Dentist Improves Patient Dental Health Care Knowledge

2013-06-08 | Dr. Jeffrey Nullman, dentist in Miami, FL, invites patients to explore the vast education library for improved dental health care information.

Laura F. Gaggi Named a VIP Member of Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Media Advertising Services

2013-06-08 | Ms. Gaggi's company is a leading provider of media advertising planning, buying and research services in Canada

Research Shows Rental Property Investment Offering Inflation Busting Returns

2013-06-08 | "As an investment, this research shows that rental property continues to give a good return as rents are increasing" - Richard Burgess, Director at Cover4LetProperty.

World Wide Factory Unlock Solution for iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3Gs Any iOS

2013-06-08 | provides an official, permanent, Apple unlock that removes any network restrictions of the iPhone may have by marking the iPhone as unlocked in Apple's IMEI database.

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