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July 25, 2013

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CSC ServiceWorks, North America's Largest Laundry Route Operator, Joins Forces With Sparkle Solutions Corp.

2013-07-25 | CSC ServiceWorks, the industry leader for multi-family laundry services in North America, announced today that it is merging its interests with Sparkle Solutions Corp., Canada's third-largest laundry route operator.

From The Fields of Tuscany To Rodeo Drive

2013-07-25 | Since 1989, the extraordinary demand for Mauro Spina's all natural and restorative approach to scalp and hair care products has led to a revolutionary new product line and solution for our furry, four-legged friends.

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Discover How Your Words Can Lead To Your Success or Downfall with WordMapping

2013-07-25 | Executives and leaders now have access to a new powerful leadership tool, "WordMapping," developed by Ph.D. and New York Times best selling author, Dave Logan.

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7 Things Every Patient Should Know Before Going Into Surgery

2013-07-25 | As patients are bracing up for major surgery, they should collect all the information they need to ensure safety and success during surgery and take all the necessary steps to a speedy recovery.

Wide-Base Tires Deliver Fuel Efficiency and More

2013-07-25 | An AmeriQuest blog explains the growing popularity of wide-base tires and explains how they can cut CO2 emissions and reduce greenhouse gases.

Riviera Magazine Celebrates Linda Bilo-Brechtel's Premier Cookbook "my Sicilian kitchen"

2013-07-25 | Author and famed interior designer Linda Bilo-Brechtel is featured in the July 2013 edition of Riviera Magazine's OC restaurant issue.

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Galil Motion Controllers used in 6-Degrees of Freedom Platforms

2013-07-25 | Developed by InMotion Simulation Systems.

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Chi-Town Eatery, a New Fast Casual Restaurant Concept - Now Open in West Loop Downtown Chicago

2013-07-25 | A New Hip/Trendy, Fast Casual Restaurant Concept with Chic/Industrial Decor that encompasses the beautiful City of Chicago with decor, through art, architecture, landmarks, sports. Developed by a trio of individuals, made in Chicago.

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Watch out for Scam Artists When Buying or Selling Old Currency

2013-07-25 | The Atlanta bus charter company, Samson Trailways, would like to remind residents that they have a variety of vehicles available for their customers. No matter how small or large your group is, there is a ride for you.

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Atlanta Bankruptcy Experts, Clark & Washington, Note 3,165 Chapter 7/13 Filings in March

2013-07-25 | The Atlanta bankruptcy law firm, Clark & Washington, would like to take a moment to talk about the number of filing in the city. In March alone, there were more than 3,000 chapter 7 bankruptcy filings in Atlanta and Gainesville.

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Rapper Ludacris Stopped in LifeLine for iPad and iPhone Repair in Atlanta

2013-07-25 | The Atlanta phone repair firm, LifeLine, had a pleasant surprise last month. Famous rapper Ludacris decided to pay a visit in April to have his iPad2 and iPhone 5 screens fixed.

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Dallas Personal Injury Attorneys at David S. Kohm & Associates Launch Redesigned Website

2013-07-25 | The Law Offices of David Kohm debut new website redesign by Advice Interactive Group.

Dingo Asset Wellness Network: Maximizing Machine Productivity

2013-07-25 | Dingo Software, a leader in heavy asset management software and services, is excited to announce the formation of the world's first Global Asset Wellness network.

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State-of-the-Art Somnus Sleep Center Opens in Waldorf, MD

2013-07-25 | Somnus Sleep Center is now welcoming new patients! Open daily for consults & sleep studies. Somnus provides innovative resources for relief of sleep disorders. Patients are invited to call 301 638-5500 to make an appointment.

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James M. Kessler, President Inducted into Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Property Development and Operations

2013-07-25 | Mr. Kessler helps clients manage construction projects on real estate properties

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Yehuda Z. Klitenick Named a Worldwide Who's Who Professional of the Year for Excellence in Antique Seforim & Judaica Sales

2013-07-25 | Mr. Klitenick has been selling Hebrew literature and Judaica for 28 years

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Tammy Hoogstad Inducted into Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Real Estate Services and Nonprofit Management

2013-07-25 | Tammy E. Hoogstad was inducted into the Million Dollar Club with Century 21, and has opened her own youth-oriented nonprofit called CKB Angels

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Michael Washer Named a Worldwide Who's Who Professional of the Year for Excellence in Energy Solutions

2013-07-25 | Mr. Washer is an accomplished consultant and former Canadian diplomat

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Phoenix Crime Victim Attorney, Sara J. Powell, to Speak at The Healing Journey's Women's Empowerment Conference

2013-07-25 | Sara J. Powell to speak at an event created to help those who have suffered from abuse find safety and empowerment through peer support and education.

Strategic Five Marketing Urges Businesses to Keep Their Brand Promise

2013-07-25 | Ben Lambert at Strategic Five Marketing urges businesses to review their values and focus on building trusting and long-lasting relationships with consumers to enhance business growth in the long-run.

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