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August 12, 2013

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PRIVATE WiFi Launches Affiliate Program

2013-08-12 | The PRIVATE WiFi affiliate program has launched on the Commission Junction affiliate network by which website publishers can refer subscribers and earn a continuous revenue stream.

"Love Your Yard" Garden Magazine, Summer Issue Available Online Free

2013-08-12 | "Love Your Yard" is the gardener's favorite online magazine for gardening and outdoor inspiration.

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London Edition and Ace Hotel London Shoreditch Due to Open in September 2013

2013-08-12 | Jason Atherton and Ian Schrager bring glitz to Marriott's new London Edition hotel.

Gateway Classic Car Opening 5th Showroom in Indianapolis

2013-08-12 | The world's largest classic car company is getting even bigger with the opening of its 5th showroom in Indianapolis, IN.

Designer Glasses Superstore Eyeglass World Supports Children's Vision and Learning

2013-08-12 | Children's vision and learning are always on the minds of the eye care professionals at Eyeglass World.

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Eclipse Shutters Notes Advantages of Having Faux Shutters that are Always in the Sun

2013-08-12 | The indoor shutters provider, Eclipse Shutters, discusses the benefits of installing faux shutters on windows that have a lot of exposure to sunlight. Unlike other window treatments, these do not fade, which makes them a cost-effective alternative.

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Experts in Foundation Repair in Tampa, Ram Jack, Note Dangers of Residing on Possible Fracture Line

2013-08-12 | The Florida foundation and sinkhole repair experts, Ram Jack, discuss the concerns that people in the Tampa area have about a fracture line that may be the cause of the sinkholes that have impacted the area this year.

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Specialists in Catering in Atlanta, A Legendary Event, Have Been Honored with Many Allie Awards

2013-08-12 | One of Atlanta's leading catering and event design companies, A Legendary Event, has been honored with dozens of Allie Awards. These awards are given for excellence in event design, planning and production in the Atlanta area.

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Glasses Professionals, America's Best, Promote Patient Education

2013-08-12 | The more people know about their eye health and potential eye diseases, the more likely they are to spot problems before they turn into something serious. That is why America's Best offers a page on their website dedicated to patient education.

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Atlanta Tree Removal Company, Yellow Ribbon, Discusses Importance of Mulching to Preserve Trees

2013-08-12 | The Atlanta tree trimming experts, Yellow Ribbon, would like to take a moment to address the importance of placing mulch around trees. This provides a number of benefits which help maintain tree health.

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Champia Shares Why You Should Test for Radon in Atlanta

2013-08-12 | Atlanta home inspectors, Champia Real Estate Inspections, discuss radon and the importance of having homes and offices tested. Radon is an invisible and odorless gas, yet a potentially dangerous one.

Dr. Patricia M. Dix Featured in the Worldwide Who's Who Spring 2013 Newsletter

2013-08-12 | Dr. Patricia M. Dix received the American Heart Association "Missourian of the Year" Award

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Darryl R. Wilson Recognized by Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Management Consultancy

2013-08-12 | Mr. Wilson has 35 years of professional experience

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Heather Royer Named a VIP Member of Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Apparel Design

2013-08-12 | Heather Royer, design director, is experienced in leading teams in the creation of menswear collections

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Dennis E. McGavis Inducted into Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Green Technology

2013-08-12 | Mr. McGavis ensures that Goodyear's policies are economically and environmentally sustainable

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Kelly McCurry Inducted into Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Organizational Skills

2013-08-12 | Kelly McCurry formed the company with Tim Wilkes in 2001

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Realtor Deborah Lamb Named a Worldwide Who's Who Professional of the Year for Excellence in Residential Real Estate Services

2013-08-12 | Deborah L. Lamb received a Five-Star Real Estate Award from Gulfshore Life for four consecutive years

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Dorothy Gudz Inducted into Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Building Services

2013-08-12 | Ms. Gudz rose to the heights of her industry through hard work and dedication

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Jennifer Kelly Inducted into Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Real Estate

2013-08-12 | Ms. Kelly specializes in selling residential, distressed, investment and luxury homes

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CSU Institute for Palliative Care Offers New Program

2013-08-12 | This September, the CSU Institute for Palliative Care will hold community outreach seminars on the theme "Caring for Those You Care About" in San Marcos.

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