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November 27, 2013

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NASA, Students and Others Building on Past Microgravity Fire Research

2013-11-27 | Students and researchers build on past microgravity experiments to understand fundamentals of combustion, fire sensing and fire suppression as part of NASA's Microgravity University.

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A Guide to Black Friday 2013 - What Customers Need to Know

2013-11-27 | Black Friday - America's biggest and busiest shopping day - is nearly here, bringing with it all the best sales and bargains.

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Award-Winning Birmingham Filmmaker Jason O'Brien Announces New Feature Documentary CUDDLE Now Shooting in Five Locations Around the Country

2013-11-27 | Cuddle parties, snuggle houses, cuddle therapy. New film explores a revolutionary trend in restoring basic human needs. The need for touch in a disconnected world is now greater than ever, and controversial new services are trying to lead the way.

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ValuSoft Introduces MasterCook Ready Recipe

2013-11-27 | Digital subscription intends to satisfy mobile customers' appetites.

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AmeriQuest Business Services Makes List of New Jersey's Top 50 Fastest-Growing Companies for Third Time

2013-11-27 | The company is ranked 31st on the list compiled by a leading state business publication, with 2012 revenues of $509 million and a three-year growth rate of 53 percent.

Niche Company to Offer the Lousiest Cyber Monday Sale Ever

2013-11-27 | The Head Lice Specialist is offering the lousiest Cyber Monday sale ever! Head lice are at epidemic levels and do not take a holiday break. What better gift than the prevention of head lice? This wild gift idea may just be the best gift ever!

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Are You an Alpha Male?

2013-11-27 | Men are Pigs (And That's A Good Thing) author Ron Sturgeon shares how to tell you're an alpha male.

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EcoStim Energy Solutions Further Strengthens its Management Team

2013-11-27 | Miguel Di Vincenzo to lead Global Sales & Technology.

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The Brainchild Group Expands SEO, Social Media Consulting Services

2013-11-27 | Los Angeles Internet marketing company The Brainchild Group has expanded its search engine optimization and social media consulting services to provide guidance to not only established companies, but also start-ups.

How to Measure Wisdom/Emotional-Intelligence

2013-11-27 | Measuring wisdom is determining the self image level of the person. For emotional intelligence it is about measuring the emotional baggage level of the person. Both amount to measuring selflessness/selfishness generating capacity of the individual.

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Sommer C. Horton, Esq., Honored for Excellence in Law

2013-11-27 | Ms. Horton is the founder and owner of Horton Law Group, P.A.

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Arpita Dutt Showcases Professional Accomplishments through Worldwide Branding

2013-11-27 | Ms. Dutt helps secure the rights of her clients

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Birgit Falkenstern's Listening Skills Make her an Excellent Director

2013-11-27 | Ms. Falkenstern is a specialist in regulatory affairs and quality control

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Frances "Fran" Walker Showcases Professional Accomplishments through Worldwide Branding

2013-11-27 | Frances Walker reads all types of Tarot cards, angel cards, and other types of cards, runes and pendulums, and specializes in spirit messages

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Red Ten NYC Improve Customer Experience Through Engagement Marketing

2013-11-27 | Following new research, 70% of buying experiences are based on how consumers feel they are being treated. The secret to increasing customer loyalty, say Red Ten NYC, is to turn customer service into a memorable experience.

Customized Ford and Jeep Vehicles on GT Radial Tires To Appear at Major Consumer Events in 2014

2013-11-27 | Two beautiful, high performing vehicles-- a 2013 Ford Focus ST and 2000 Jeep TJ -- will showcase GT Radial tires at popular automotive enthusiast events in 2014.

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Exlar a New Encompass Partner Within the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork

2013-11-27 | Exlar Corporation, a Curtiss-Wright company, participates as an Encompass Product Partner in the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork.

American Firm Marketing on 6th, INC Claims Indirect Marketing Lacks Return on Investment

2013-11-27 | The American direct sales and marketing firm Marketing on 6th, INC claim indirect marketing methods lack return on investment.

iLoveSexy Features Their Plus Size Lingerie Collection for Curvy Women

2013-11-27 | Online lingerie retailer offers a variety of stylish and feminine lingerie to fit ladies of all shapes and sizes.

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