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December 29, 2013

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Find Love with a Web Cam and a Smile Thanks to

2013-12-29 | Each day millions of people around the world use internet dating sites to find friendship and love but is it possible that the profile is not real and misleading?

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Appleton Dentist Offers An Amazing Zoom Whitening Deal!

2013-12-29 | Dr. Perry Menos is excited to reveal his great deal, and it's a total steal!

Smooth Out Corner Lines With Botox Treatment In Newburgh

2013-12-29 | Dr. Geraldine Petrosino, Newburgh, NY dentist, offers Botox treatment to treat corner lines around the mouth and other dental related issues.

Coolsculpting Is Available In The Chicago Loop At Danda Dermatology

2013-12-29 | Chicago Loop CoolSculpting dermatologist, Dr. Toral Patel, offers patients an alternative to invasive surgeries to get rid of belly fat.

Newport Beach, CA Colonoscopy Doctor Encourages Patients To Prioritize Their Colon Health

2013-12-29 | Patients are encouraged to visit Dr. Glenn D. Madokoro for a colonoscopy in Newport Beach.

Bolingbrook, IL Dentist Provides Family Dentistry

2013-12-29 | Dr. Rani Seeth of Bolingbrook Dental Care is happy to offer full service family dentistry in Bolingbrook.

Bentonville Podiatrist Connects With Patients Through Social Network

2013-12-29 | With the availability of Facebook, Twitter and Google+, Dr. Bryan Sheehan, podiatrist in Bentonville, connects with his patients.

Marijuana and Male Breast Growth - Plastic Surgeon Weighs In

2013-12-29 | Dr. Brian Eichenberg, who practices plastic surgery in Southern California's Temecula Valley, says one doctor's recent claims about marijuana and male breast growth may have some basis in science, but more study is needed.

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Ring in the New Year with iLoveSexy's Unforgettable Dresses

2013-12-29 | Sparkle and shine and make bold statements with show stopping dresses from iLoveSexy.

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