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We offer four levels of news release services that contain increasing degrees of distribution, display features, social media functionality and media outreach to meet your goals.
Industry Categories 10 10 8 5
Your news made available for pickup by search engines Google, Bing & Yahoo
Your news is sent to news partners including Financial Content, Digital Journal, and World Now
Your news sent to premium news sites 200+ 200+ 100+ 50+
Your news is made available to journalists and bloggers through our Media Desk
Your news appears through RSS and News Widget feeds
Your news appears on our exclusive industry news sites
Your news is sent to the Associated Press (includes USA Today, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and AP Exchange for 30,000+ journalists access)
Your news is sent to our database of 3000+ US newspapers and 1500+ magazines
Your news is sent to PR Newswire's 4500+ websites, databases and online services, including Yahoo Finance, MSNBC, MarketWatch and Bizjournals
Anchor text and formatting in your press release
Statistics reporting
Pickup report 300+ placement locations 200+ placement locations 100+ placement locations 50+ placement locations
Attach images, logo, or documents
Add 1 hosted video ( 5 mins)
Add 1 YouTube video
Next day turnaround
Enhanced social media sharing tools
Add a Block Quote
Add your Facebook & Twitter feed
Release posted to 24-7 Press Release Twitter