Press Release Distribution

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24-7PressRelease Submission Guidelines and Restrictions

When submitting to 24-7PressRelease, please ensure that your press release adheres to the guidelines below, or it may be rejected without a refund:

1) We do not accept press releases related to the following: publicly traded companies, casino/gambling, sports betting, e-cigarettes or tobacco, online pharmacies, sex shops, pornographicc or sexually explicit materials, male enhancement, illegal activity, releases containing defamatory comments or statements, intent to harm or any other material we deem unacceptable. This content is defined as anything deemed intended to: incite, advocate or express hatred, bigotry, racism or gratuitous violence; promote personal opinions attacking an individual or group; maliciously affect a company's stock; or stalk, defame, defraud, degrade, shame or victimize an individual or group.

2) We can only publish releases referring to a legal case if the case has been settled and if you provide us with, by email, a copy of the docket and the case number. We will keep this information on file (it won’t be published) in case of follow up by other parties.

3) The headline should be in capitalized case (the first letter of all major words in the headline should be capitalized. Conjunctions, prepositions and other small words should be lowercase).

4) The sub-heading should not be capitalized case – this, and the body of the release, should be in sentence case, where just the first letter of the first word in a sentence (and any proper nouns therein) should be capitalized.

5) The closing details field is optional, but if you choose to complete that box that is where a boiler plate or “About us” or “About the company” section should go.

6) Formatting code (click here for information on how to use formatting code) can only be used in the body and closing details boxes. The headline and sub-heading have their own built-in code already.

7) If the city and state or country that you want displayed in the dateline is not the same as in your contact information, please include that in a note in the Special Instructions box for our editors to see.

8) If you want your press release out the very next day (an option available for the PR Network Plus package and above), check the box under the calendar that says “Next Day News”.

9) If you are submitting a Mass Media Visibility release, please provide the most direct phone number for us to reach you at in the “voice verification number” field. This number will not be published but will be used by our editor to reach you to voice verify your press release. Verification must take place prior to your release being distributed. Consider including a number that you can be reached on after hours too, as we operate on Pacific Time and therefore we may have to reach you when work hours are over if you live on the east coast or elsewhere in the world.

10) No refunds will provided for any press releases containing fraudulent and misleading information or content perceived to be defamatory or with ‘intent to harm’ (see point 1 for more on this). No refunds will be provided for any press releases containing sexual explicit materials or products, including adult movies and sexual merchandise. Our editorial staff has the authority to reject any press release unsuitable for distribution. On an individual case-by-case basis, a refund may be issued subject to a 15% processing fee.

11) Any paid package allows you to upload images or attachments to be displayed alongside your press release (the PR Network Plus package and above also allows videos to be uploaded with your press release). Please note, these will only be distributed on 24-7PressRelease’s website, and cannot be distributed. Only the text of your press release will be sent to our news partners. To include access to your video or attachments for those reading your release from our partners, we recommend including a link to the video on YouTube or your website, and, likewise, including links to your attachments posted on your own site.

12) Once your story has been distributed, we cannot retract it. We can only delete it from the 24-7PressRelease website.

13) If changes to your release are submitted prior to 9pm Pacific Time the day before your release is scheduled to go out, they will be accepted and made. Any changes made after this time will be made to the version on our website but cannot be made to the version on our news partners’ sites.